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  1. Thank you everyone for you kind help. I was able to make my swear robot work better than ever
  2. ok so im trying to add an empty space after each word in the Badword list. do i add that as the badword list is being read or during the comparison of the badword list to the just said message list? Becasue i have two lists, the list of bad words and two the list or words being heard in chat
  3. thank you for your replies but i don't understand either of you 😛
  4. Hi, I've made a robot that listens to conversations and checks them with a list of bad words. I know listeners are laggy but it's fun.... The issue i have is when it compares words with it's list, it is finding words within words... so for example it's finding the word ASS in GLASS. How can i prevent this from happening? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Here is my current script..... integer gLsn; key notecardQueryId; string notecardName = "Badwords"; list Badwords = []; integer notecardLine; say(string inputString) { llOwnerSay(inputString); } default { state_entry() { if (llGetInventoryKey(notecardName) == NULL_KEY) { llOwnerSay( "Notecard '" + notecardName + "' missing or unwritten"); return; } notecardQueryId = llGetNotecardLine(notecardName, notecardLine); llSay(0, "Loading Words, Please Wait untill confirmation notcard has been read..."); } dataserver(key query_id, string data) { if (query_id == notecardQueryId) { if (data == EOF) { say("Done reading notecard, read " + (string) notecardLine + " notecard lines."); state ready; } else { ++notecardLine; Badwords = Badwords + [llToLower(data)]; notecardQueryId = llGetNotecardLine(notecardName, notecardLine); } } } } state ready { state_entry() { gLsn = llListen(0,"",llDetectedKey(0),""); } listen(integer channel,string name, key id, string msg) { integer i; while(i < llGetListLength(Badwords)) { if (~llSubStringIndex(llToLower(msg),llList2String(Badwords,i))) { llSay(0, (string)llKey2Name(id)+ " has said a BAD WORD"); } ++i; } } }
  5. It's been 8 yeas now. Just want to say thank you to everyone who gave me tips and encouragement at the start
  6. Will you guys ever consider looking into improving Groups features? And have any of you heard of Place Pages?
  7. My love for SL will quickly diminish if i'm forced to use the windows operating system for one application after 25 years of using MacOS. As much as i love SL and the community i don't think i could change my computing habits to Windows just to keep in it. After all SL is 15 years old, it's not cutting edge technology anymore, maybe the OpenGL Apocalypse will push me towards newer things. In Second Life over the years I've learnt a lot about creating 3D content and scripting and creating stories and fun experiences. Instead of struggling to stay connected to SL, maybe i should look to new horizons when the time eventually comes.
  8. Not true, i’m a Mac user and have a Vive headset and have created VR experiences natively for MacOS using Unity which supports metal along with SteamVR for MacOS. There just is’nt much content yet to consume for macVR since being a Mac VR enthusiast is being a minority of a minority in a minority. If i remember right, back during Lab Chats on Sansar, LL said Sansar would use OpenGL and that a mac version was ‘down the road’. I’d assume then that an openGL port of sansar to mac is definitly off the cards now. The most common response i hear from others about creating a native Mac Viewer for second life is ‘Mac users are like only 5%, there is no point waisting resources’. But it’s not like resources hav’nt been waisted before and im pretty sure that 5% will use that new viewer longer than users of Project Skylight, the SL Basic Viewer, SLchat App, Patterns or Creatorverse.
  9. Yeahy i was waiting for someone to post this response... now we can move on.
  10. I'm not going to panic just yet but you are not helping Fizzle :-p They're having similar discussions over at Blender https://blenderartists.org/t/macos-is-deprecating-opengl/1113803/8
  11. Apple has declared that they are deprecating OpenGL in this years MacOS update. This means they will not be actively supporting OpenGL anymore and will probably remove support all together after a couple of years. Will this mean the end of the MacOS viewer in SecondLife? OpenGL, OpenCL deprecated in favor of Metal 2 in macOS 10.14 Mojave - APPLE INSIDER
  12. The whole idea of wearing system clothes in order to pop on a tattoo is a great idea, but in practice may be limiting. By switching the mesh face to 'Bake Mode' the Texture/diffuse is ignored in preference to the bakes texture thats created by the combination of system clothes currently worn. This includes the original texture that was on mesh to start with. When i wore a system shirt with a dirt tattoo, i discovered that the baked texture applied to my arms was combined with the System Skin and not the texture already on my mesh avatar. So I had to create a new system skin but with the textures of my mesh avatar so they would bake. This throws up a problem in that my mesh avatar uses 4 textures, Head, Arms, Torso and Legs, which is one texture more than Base Skin files allow so i'll never be able to bake the whole mesh body due to how i made it. Unless i'm still missing something in the process?
  13. Here for your enjoyment is the highlights from this years New Babbage Burning Barrel Race, and event almost as old as Second Life itself. At the event contestants must push physical barrels through he steampunk streets of New Babbage.
  14. A lot of the time with Avastar problems arrive because something i did and then UNDID causing future problems. I started my animation again a fresh and the problem did not occur so i'm assuming i must have made keys for every joint then removed them but they somehow still registered in the animation. Avastar is a fickle monster, but so helpful. :-P
  15. From what i understand the MacOS version of the SL viewer is stuck because the viewer code is so complex and old that to re-write it for the modern MacOS would simply be to much. So while the windows Viewers progress up with the latest OpenGL the MacOS viewer is stuck on a Legacy 'Compatibility' profile of OpenGL2.1 never to improve. I could be wrong as i am neither a coder or developer. In the end i accept that no matter how powerful and up to speed my Mac is, it'll struggle to run Second Life with bells and whistles. As for current compatibility, i do find the current official Mac viewer has a terrible UI pause when opening windows and logging in that i have moaned about for half a year. I changed to firestorms 64bit viewer as that seems to work very well on MacOS, and now the Official Project viewer Alex Ivy 64bit also fixes the awful performance of the default viewer.
  16. Yes i came here because i had the same issue, thanks to Whirly i found you have to set 'loop settings' OUT from zero to 1. If you want it to loop, i had to set OUT to the same frame length as the animation for the whole animation to play. I have not yet been able to stop the ANIM from forcing my avatar into a T pose. It is not ignoring the other bones, makes me wonder if Avastar is exporting all bone positions, very confusing. Need to find more documentation.
  17. We won't have to weight every single bone? i can see myself just using the tail bones for a tentacle or sumfin. It's not like you have to worry about all the facial bones when rigging bento wing attachments. It should be way simpler rig a mesh object if you don't have to worry about Fitted mesh and facial bones. Rigging a bento avatar still wakes me up with knightmares but i don't think a simple animated object using the bento skeleton has to be as frightening. Im not sure it'll be as good as a flexi physics prim, you'd get a kinda constant blowing in the hair. I can see it ow people stood in a room with their hair constantly moving as if there are 100 industrial fans blowing in multiple directions. :-p
  18. Isn't automated avatar a Bot? and we already have those. I'm very excited about having animated mesh objects. I have a tonne of scenarios that this could be used for, from smoothly animated goblins that you have to bash, to monsters that climb out of the ground. Complex mechanical machines that could smoothly clunk and clank into motion, magical doorways that could appear as tree roots uncurl, Static characters that greet you can be given life to beckon you in. If used with the Experience Tools Force sit feature, creatures good smoothly reach out and grab you. All those horror regions at halloween could have zombies that reach out at you and move smoothly not in a jerky stop motion way. If easily implemented this feature could end up being my most used feature in future. My hope is that instead of having to code complex scripts of moving a bazillion separate objects every second that put strain on server side, i'll be able put a simple animation in a mesh object and script it to play that animation in a greatly more efficient manner while also looking super smooth and modern. The amount of work that i have to do just to make an animated creature is mind numbing. Animating a rigged object would greatly reduce the work and anything that makes things quicker to build in SL needs cake & hugs thrown at it!
  19. I thought perhaps a poll feature widget might be usefull on some Place Pages https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-41284
  20. I have another question.. Will Place Pages replace the old In Viewer Places? it feels like it could get terribly confusing in future if we have Place Pages and also old Viewer Places that seem to be a different set of information entirely?
  21. Maybe there is'nt enough pages yet to link them all up properly. You'll notice LLs winter Wonderland has issues with connecting links also.
  22. Likes • The 360 Snapshot Spherical upload option. A good use for the upcoming 360 feature. • Listing of places within the region is also good to see and makes me aware of whats on show and whats not, will lead to tidying up of listings and descriptions. • Dynamic web page, works well on mobile! • The potentual. I really like these pages and agree with others that its long over due. I'm excited at the prospect of these pages becoming a source for up to date information on events and places within a region that can be shared with ease to twitter, Facebork and Plurkers. Like not so much • The Colour customising is limited to the point of pointless due to the adherence to the Linden Lab corporate visual guidelines. If i choose a dark background some of the un-customisable text is lost. Anything that is grey colour is always a pain to see against anything that is not a black or white background. Suggest either add a third ‘highlights’ colour or make all the text one customisable colour or remove the custom options completely. The font used for SHARE IT is almost impossible to read on anything. • The video option is limited to Youtube whcih i stopped using years ago. There are other video publishing sites to consider supporting, like Vimeo and daily motion. • Description is less space than on the destination guide. What was the thought behind limiting to 250 characters? I would love to be able to ad a lot more info about recent changes to the island , up coming events, new prizes added to quests. Perhaps you are considering a ‘latest news’ feature in future? Questions • What are the settings that determine i have ownership to these places?? in my Places List are places i have no idea how they could be mine? • Where are the Place Pages/Profiles getting the Teleport Co-Ordinates from? My Escapades Page says my region no longer exists when i click teleport, and for Parcel Pages it just drops me in the centre of the parcel ignoring the landing points set in About Land. • Are the ‘Places in this Region’ links to anything? i get ‘failed to open’ message in safari browser. I assumed it was listing Place Pages for places within the region, but after creating a new Page for one of these parcels on my region, the title did not update nor did the link lead to the Parcels Place Page. Is this some thing thats still in the works? • If i upload more than one 360 Spherical to be linked with the Page, does it randomly select one to be displayed, as ive noticed that happen with my Escapades Page. If so, how do i remove unwanted 360 Sphericals, say if i uploaded one and decided it was crap, how can i stop that crap one from being chosen at random to be displayed? Here is Escapades Island: https://places.secondlife.com/regions/47435/escapades Here is T H E W E L L which is a parcel on Escapades: https://places.secondlife.com/parcels/47417/t-h-e-w-e-l-l-infirmos And here is Bababge Chronicles: https://places.secondlife.com/parcels/47421/new-babbage-chronicles-urchin-shop-factory
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