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  1. I reckon the correct option is E. The person who asks moron-level questions in Tech Discussions that should be directed at the ANSWERS section of the forums which is for n00bs and the like who don't have the first idea and are too lazy to look for solutions themselves.
  2. This is probably why the forums login is currrently screwed. Someone messed with it to accomodate access to the Place Pages and, as with most things SL do, never got it tested by real users.
  3. I have heard that Club Soho is the unfriendliest club in SL, playing the worst music, with so many bots hanging around that there is terrible lag, The rumours say that management rip off the workers and their communication skills are non-existent.
  4. It is difficult to test for something when obfuscating euphemisms have to be circumnavigated. There is actually no such thing as "race" - other than the human race - but political correctness demands that references to skin colour, religion, sex, shape or size of ass, nose or eyelids and other differentiating factors that have become stereotypically associated with cultural (or otherwise) groups are aggregated in a nonsensical taxonomical classification. I will stick to being stupidist, even if it means being called racist, sexist or discriminatory, the last of which used to be a good thing.
  5. VanillaSunsets wrote: I am very sorry but my mom thought me to never accept any characters from strangers. Thank you for continuing to reaffirm my opinion.
  6. Cerise Sorbet wrote: This forum is Lithium's own implementation of Lithium's own software and hosted by Lithium. LL is just a customer. There are limits to how much LL can do to work around its problems. Hence the continuing sagas of corruption of user identity files replicated across only semi-compatible systems
  7. UnchadFroyd wrote: ChadUnfroyd wrote: ... I know I was naughty doing this, but I just wanted to say, OMG - you're still alive! Stay, er, effervescent! As Botgirl Questi, William Shakespeare and the Department of Homeland Security would probably confirm, names are an irrelevance; identities are much more interesting.
  8. Devriv wrote: I’m certain that Amethyst meant to say the first one. How dare you suggest that Amethyst might type something incorrect!
  9. ChinRey wrote: ChadUnfroyd wrote: There is no problem. LL has already sorted it out. LL owns ALL intellectual property in their domains. Professional content creators have no choice but to accept LL's ToS. That's SL's ToS. Sansar's will be different. I think LL has already stated that but it goes without saying. They want design studios and architect bureaus to use Sansar as a virtual showroom for their products. Freelancers can choose whether they trust LL not to abuse those extensive rights or not, big companies can't. Bait and switch. (Like Trump)
  10. Parhelion Palou wrote: A couple comments: LL wants companies for customers (who will want to get in on the VR goggle hype). Companies rent, hire creators to build the game or whatever, then the company advertises it on their own website and provides a link to the experience. As you said, they'll have full control over registration. I suspect they'll also be able to control the avatar appearance as well, since it would be problematic for a company with an experience for kids to have inappropriate avatars popping in. I haven't heard that experiences/worlds can be connected in a way that al
  11. SL Safe Spaces? So the SJWs have definitely arrived in SL! What next, automatic correction of all amorous exclamations from "Oh God" to "Insh'Allah"?
  12. Serenity30250 wrote: If so, how do I find that? Thanks! You might want to try asking this question in the obviously confusingly named (to you) "ANSWERS" part of these forums. I believe the regulars there find much apparently nicer and self-aggrandising ways to tell you "no", and if you are lucky they may even copy and paste something from an outdated and unmaintained official information source to substantiate their advice.
  13. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: I thought geek was the new sexy. :smileyvery-happy: Only geeks think that. It is a self-unfulfilling prophecy derided by non-geeks.
  14. ChinRey wrote: But if your interpretation is correct, there are two probelsm LL needs to sort out. One is IP protection. That is one of the biggest letdowns for professional content creators who consider working in SL. There is no problem. LL has already sorted it out. LL owns ALL intellectual property in their domains. Professional content creators have no choice but to accept LL's ToS.
  15. ChinRey wrote: The moderators have been notified about this thread and if it was something as simple as that, they should have responded. The incompetence of moderators should never be underestimated.
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