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  1. In this particular case it does. Every system that depends on an outside connection is down. LL just hasn't woken up and announced it officially yet
  2. Second Life is having major issues this morning. Caspertech is just going along for the ride.
  3. FFS - I've had a long career in IT and the BASIC rule is that you set up your backup procedure and then you TEST your backup procedure before you make any changes because sh*t happens and LOSS OF DATA = LOSS OF CONFIDENCE. I've lost weeks of effort getting my Place Pages just the way I wanted them and people wearing Shrek Ears really don't seem that cute to me right now. Don't know when/if I'll have the confidence to go back and do it all again. Too bad because I was one of the Place Pages biggest supporters up until now.
  4. The "Created At" date for every place has been set to today (05/10/17) so they wiped all the old content. I'd create a Jira but keep hoping they'll just restore it on their own.
  5. Okey dokey - ALL the content of my place pages has disappeared. Hoping this is temporary and that a restore will soon be forthcoming.
  6. Yep, my content is all gone as well Let's hope it's just temporary and it comes back otherwise it's a lot of work wasted.
  7. It looks like my discussion Show Off Your Place Pages has been merged into this discussion which makes a few of my posts above a bit confusing. I can't go back and edit or delete them (the option has expired) so I'll apologize here for the confusion. Sorry guys
  8. If memory serves me correctly, the Versailles' currency system was custom built and not available for sale.
  9. Just had a really pleasant surprise. I was replying to a topic when my browser died - don't you just hate when that happens Anyway, when I got back to the topic, thinking I would have to start all over again, I found that my reply had been saved in draft for me. Woohoo!! Nothing was lost and away I went. Loving this feature
  10. Whew - finally finished the first swipe at all my places. It was an interesting exercise in organization and I really appreciated seeing all my regions & parcels in one spot. It gave me a chance to better arrange what I had as I found parcels I had totally forgotten and realized that I could better leverage my land with some additions & deletions. I also added a few new parcels to search and I have to say that my traffic has improved (though this could be just a coincidence). I'm really looking forward to seeing this idea evolve! In the meantime, I've added a discussio
  11. REGION: Provence Coeur Est2 PAGE: https://places.secondlife.com/regions/64825/provence-coeur-est2 REGION: Provence Coeur Sud2 PAGE: https://places.secondlife.com/regions/64824/provence-coeur-sud2 Fun fact ~ over in the left hand corner is Rocca Sorrentina. It may look familiar because an image of it is used as the banner for the Place Pages
  12. This is probably going to sound like cold comfort but here goes. Over the years I've seen statements like this related to search (both for the SLM & inworld) many times before. IMHO it's like howling at the wind. Search algorithms change and merchants shouldn't overly rely on them as part of their marketing strategy. My philosophy is to have a clear title and honest keyword list. After that I prefer to spend my time & resources in other areas rather than search. Saves me a lot of angst.
  13. Many thanks for the information, Dakota. I'd love to be able to see the "sales conversion compared to search" statistics for my products
  14. My understanding is that removing and then adding the same item back to the Marketplace is against the TOS, not that that is going to stop some people. Besides that, the item loses its relevance ranking (you have to start at the bottom again) and all of its positive reviews (if any). So though it might not take a long time to do this there are a number of consequences that could make a merchant think twice. I don't understand why LL would remove positive reviews either - it's a curious situation.
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