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  1. I can't give time frames for specific issues but I can tell you that our plans are to release a set of fixes and possibly even feature improvements every couple to few weeks. We've gotten a lot of great feedback from everyone so keep them coming!
  2. For all those who have been inquiring about access to the Place Pages Beta, we're happy to announce that we just deployed "all access" to landowners! Thank you for your patience! Check out the latest blog for more details: Can't wait to check out your Place Page!
  3. Thanks Whirly and Jo! Keep them coming! We're a glutton for punishment :smileylol: :smileylol: :smileylol:
  4. Thanks for the feedback and comments! Please make sure all Feature Requests and Bugs are filed. We'd like for your feedback to be captured the proper way and filing a JIRA is the only way to ensure it's logged. A couple things I do want to address are: 1) For those trying to cllick on a Place Page link (such as https://places.secondlife.com/parcels/46643/winter-wonderland) try logging in first. We're working on a better solution to gate content based on the visitors and hope to have a better solution soon. 2) The "Maturity discalimer page" looping is a bug and we hope to have a fix for that soon, if not already resolved. Again, thank you for the feedback and please keep them coming! Don't forget to share your pages, we'd love to see them! Best, TL
  5. Hi YT, This has been captured and is in our backlog for consideration. Like all new feature requests we will need to evaluate the scope and compare with others on the list. FWIW, this is a favorite amogst the internal staff and I sure hope we can do it!
  6. Hi Dora. Feel free to file a JIRA for this and we can triage it. This could be something we may have overlooked. Thanks.
  7. Hi Lucian. The beta period is over and we have released phase 1 to all Premium members. We will treat all Premium perks the same in that if your membership expires or gets suspended your key will go into a suspended status. What this means is your key along with the experience will be disabled but can be re-enabled once your account is back in good standing.
  8. HI Loki. For phase 1, we're trying to gauge the popularity of this feature. I'd suggest you, and others, create a feature request in JIRA so we can add to our backlog. I think there has been more than a few requests for more keys and we're considering it. But, like all things, it requires proper vetting and evaluation before we can commit to it. In the meantime, you are able create more than one experience under one key (as you mentioned). Rebranding your experience to something more universal to you is a good way to go for the time being. As always, thanks for your input!
  9. Hello all! Now that Experience Keys is just about ready to go live, we will be changing the access level of this forum from Private to Public. By making this available to the new creators we feel it can really help them get answers to their questions, not to mention get a chance to ask our resident experts (you! :matte-motes-sunglasses-1:) about common roadblocks and work arounds by posting here. If you have any issues with this, please edit your posts to avoid exposure of any sensitive materials. We plan on changing over Tuesday June 30th. Thanks again for all your questions, input and suggestions during our beta period!
  10. We’ll announce this publicly on Tuesday, June 30, and we’d appreciate it if you would please keep the news confidential until then.
  11. Hello all! As you may know from a previous post, we discovered that our backend needed some attention and would have likely experienced issues under heavy load. It was important that we resolve this before grid-wide launch and unfortunately doing so resulted in a delay. Today, we're happy to share the news with you all that Experience Keys is finally ready to ship! We’ll announce this publicly on Tuesday, June 30, and we’d appreciate it if you would please keep the news confidential until then. We plan on shipping on the morning of June 29th, and the upgrade process will take roughly 1 hour. During this time, we anticipate some KVP communication errors to occur. I just wanted to give you all a heads-up so everyone is aware that we could experience some disruptions during that time. We're doing everything we can to post updates about this planned outage via Grid Status Reports, Blogs, and tweets! Once we've successfully shipped the Viewer and simulator, and upgraded the backend, I will post a follow-up on this thread. Thank you again for your participation and most of all your patience! Without you, this could not have been possible!
  12. Thanks for the request Loki! I apologize for the delay, we've been heads down with trying to get Exp Keys ready to ship. I will add this to the list of things we will consider for phase 2.
  13. Hello all. This is a quick update on the status of Experience Keys and the Grid Scope variant. As most of you know we are working on making the backend KVP store more robust so it can scale accordingly when we launch this product. We encountered some possible scaling issues during some more thorough load tests. So we decided to delay the launch while we investigate things further. We've made some pretty significant upgrades to the system and are nearing the end of the testing. What this means is we're going to need to put Grid Scope keys on hold for the time being. At least until we launch Land Scope keys and ensure our backend is able to handle the demands. Those who are testing Grid Scope keys can continue as planned. We are not shutting them off but will keep the issued GS keys active to help with further testing. We want to thank everyone for participating in this beta and most of all for all your patience!
  14. Just for clarifications sake: A regular Experience Key requires a region to have the ExpKey as a Trusted Experience? For Land Scope keys they need to either be added to the Key (formerly Trusted) or Allowed experiences list. For Grid Scope they just can't be in the Blocked list. And a Grid Scope Key does not? It can work on Mainland? Yes, they work on Mainland
  15. Please use this thread as your Q and A round table for this type of key. We will try our best to answer questions promptly. Thank you!
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