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Is there a distance finder?

Lola Longully
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Thanks PeeWee and Ishtara. If I were a scripter, which I'm not, I would take that information and put it in a gadget that would give me the measurement just by focusing and clicking on a distant point, just like I can do with a RL rangefinder :)


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You can also take landmarks to get the coordinates, or look at the coordinates in the menu bar of your viewer (I'm not sure if viewer 2 displays this information, but most third party viewers do).

The third coordinate measures your height, so you can ignore that. The first two show your position within the sim in meters. Every sim or region is 256 by 256 meters, so the corner points would be 0,0; 256,0; 0,256 and 256,256.

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Lola Longully wrote:

That sounds like a job for a mathematician, which I'm not. I'd rather have something to point and shoot. But if I can't, how do I do the coordinate calculation?


Ok how about this one...Say you want the distance from you to a tree and you don`t know the coords of the tree.

1. Get the coords of where you are standing - either from the top of your screen or the map.

2. Walk to the tree.

3. Open the map & click on the pic of the sim so you get a red beacon switched on & then type  the coords you took earlier into the location boxes.

4. Close the map.

You should now see a red beacon that shows the distance from where you are standing now to where you were standing before.

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On 9/18/2017 at 8:30 AM, Greywolf Tsunenaga said:

Don't you have to have rez-rights to use it?

We have a function labeled llCastRay in the LSL scripting language. I would think someone would make a measuring device if there was a general need. Without a demand, one would have to write their own.

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