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  1. Many thanks for sll that info, Tari, I'll check into it
  2. I have been out of SL for some months and there is a 20,000+ inventory going begging ... I know most of it is non=transfer, but if I can find a way to separate out the transferable items (suggestions welcome), does anyone know a good way of offering them cheaply to make a few lindens for a good charity? ( I'm thinking Relay for Life)
  3. Is there a setting for that I'm missing somewhere? And why do I have to call up each comment separately? Why can't I just read them in sequence like I used to be able to do? It really is a disaster for communication. I suppose that's what LL doesn't want us to do.
  4. Here's another annoying thing I just discovered when checking back to see the comments on this thread: they are not in chronological order, or apparently in any order, but all jumbled up so that you really have to look hard to find the newer postings. So it is really difficult to follow any exchange of ideas an d information.
  5. well, I've waited a while since these forums were reorganized, and I still can't figure out where to find anything. I miss the days when my dashboard showed the topics of the day . I know a there were a lot of trolls and creeps in there, but there were some interesting discussions too. I feel out of touch and fading away. What's the answer?
  6. Did you turn your AO off before using your freebie swimmer?
  7. Thanks PeeWee and Ishtara. If I were a scripter, which I'm not, I would take that information and put it in a gadget that would give me the measurement just by focusing and clicking on a distant point, just like I can do with a RL rangefinder
  8. That sounds like a job for a mathematician, which I'm not. I'd rather have something to point and shoot. But if I can't, how do I do the coordinate calculation?
  9. I'm looking for a method or gadget that will measure the distance from my avatar to an object (tree, building, whatever) or simply a point on the landscape where there are no other avatars whose distance I can get from the radar. Anyone know of something?
  10. It doesn't have the sense of immediacy that you used to get with the Recent Posts. Now if you want a fight you have to go looking for it instead of just stumbling into it. I just know it's wasting a lot less of my time now
  11. Is there a way of renaming a dormant group or do I have to start a new one?
  12. Thanks Irene. As you point out in the JIRA a request to make UTC/GMT the standard is three years old and the obvious time to change it is March 13 when North America (or most of it) goes to daylight time. Let's have everybody rally around and vote for it and maybe the new CEO will see it. (Well, perhaps maybe.)
  13. I can see why SL operates on Pacific Time, because that's where LL lives. So why are the blue notices I receive invariably timed off GMT? Let's have one or the other so I don't get confused all the time.
  14. Thanks Unkle, a roundabout way of doing it, but it worked. Usually I go directly there with my password manager.
  15. I just get a page that says "failed" when I try to get my dashboard page. Don't see anything about it on  the status reports. Anyone?
  16. Is it the same skin you are wearing all the time? If so it could be a corruption problem with the skin. I had that happen once (the head kept changing to a revolting shade different from the body) and the seller told me how to fix it. I don't think I have the instructions any more but if that's the problem the shop should correct it or replace it. PS I assume you've tried usual remedies like cleaning out your cache files.
  17. As long as they change the sheets before they leave, why would you care?
  18. Also, if you (or others on your screen) continue to be a cloud after logging in, try Advanced -> debug settings -> renderunloadedavatar and set to true
  19. Check today's NY Times story ... text messages of any sort are today's "digital lipstick on the collar". The moral is, never put anything in writing unless you are prepared to deal with its possible consequences.
  20. of course, there had to be a creep #3 ... and more to come I'm sure
  21. lots of valuable advice there, Meggie, and I think we all jknow which TWO creeps we need to mute and put on our banned lists
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