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  1. I just moved from my AVI made in 2005 to a mesh avi, which is so problematic. The one issue I'm focused on now is that I am wanting to make this new mesh avi look 50-something. I'm clueless about all of this, a friend who is really good at all this put a new mesh avi together for me. But it still looks 20-something. I want it to look 50-something. I'm almost believing that mesh avi's can't look older than 30 now. Can't find a skin that is realistic 50-something. Can't find a shape that is right. Is SL really anit-older men? Any help appreciated.
  2. The latest Linden Labs viewer update (get it via SL web site) works just fine in Mojave. I'm running it now, works great.
  3. Apple announced some time back the these legacy technologies would be replaced with Metal (not Metal 2). To say there is no VR in macOS is ignorant, Mojave is full of resources. Apple has established a "professional users" group of industry leaders to lay the roadmap for future pro app development. So that argument is ignorant of the facts, also. Linden Labs has known about Metal for a long time, and can choose to move to it, or not. If they do, they'll be able to easily build a SecondLife viewer for iOS, also. It would be very short sighted of them n
  4. I got this, way easy to use. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Laser-Tape-Measure/404972?
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