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The Drax Files Episode 8: MadPea Games

Linden Lab


Machimina artist Draxtor Despres continues to showcase his explorations within Second Life this week as he discovers the deliciously demented minds behind MadPea Games.

Founded by Second Life resident Kiana Writer, MadPea brings together a collective of talented designers, storytellers, and game creators from around the world to create some of the best immersive storytelling experiences on the grid. Scripters from Holland manipulate the game mechanics with 3D modelers from the United States in real-time, while designers from Germany, France, and the U.K. help test gameplay. It is truly a global collaboration!

MadPea has built a strong reputation in the community for intellectually stimulating games that combine clever puzzles, cool graphics, and unexpected surprises.

Watch the video interview and meet the MadPea crew



Next up is Mad City, a grid-wide scavenger hunt game full of dark secrets, eerie builds, and many mysteries debuting July 7. Later this year, MadPea will debut its most ambitious game yet

(as previewed in the video above).

DF_WM_E8_from_Berry-Kianna.jpgMadpea’s Kiana Writer explores Second Life.

For more info on The Drax Files: World Makers, be sure to check out Drax’s website at draxtor.com. If you haven’t yet watched the rest of the series, check out the past episodes at the links below:


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