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It’s Time to Update Your Viewer!

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Linden Lab


As we’ve previously blogged about, the next step for Project Sunshine, which will improve avatar loading performance, is a server-side update. Early next week, we will be starting to roll out those changes, which are the “heavy lifting” portion of Sunshine. Once the updates have rolled out, all avatar data will be rendered on Second Life’s servers, rather than on your computer. Because your local machine won’t have to render that data, you should start to see better reliability and improved performance across the grid.

It’s important to remember that you need to be using an up-to-date Viewer to enjoy these improvements. If you’re still using an outdated Viewer, the server-side changes rolling out now will cause you to see some avatars as broken or incomplete. Soon all avatars will be using the new system and will appear broken to you if you don't update.  

What new features are coming with Sunshine? Watch this

to find out.


So don’t be left out in the cold, update your Viewer today, and let the Sunshine in!

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