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Second Life’s 10th Anniversary - The Celebrations Continue

Linden Lab


The Second Life 10th Birthday celebrations kicked off with a bang last week - and there is plenty more to come.

To highlight just a few things that have been going on - here is your guide to ensure you get the maximum benefit of everything SL10B.

On the Marketplace we launched some SL10B exclusive items to commemorate the occasion. If you haven’t yet had a chance to get in on the fun, here are some things you may want to check out:


Already, nearly 7,500 Bear Avatars have been claimed on the Marketplace, and we’ve started to see some great snapshots being shared. Here are just a few that have been featured as Second Life Pics of the Day this week. Keep ‘em coming! We love it!

original (1).jpeg

“SL10 Bear Coffee" , photo by Roudoudou Hirons original (2).jpeg

"This year linden bear, tell me I am a cutie!" , photo by Isanelli Anatineoriginal (3).jpeg

"Teddy Bear Picnic" , photo by Serena Snowfield.

Take your own Bear Avatar or other celebration snapshots and submit them the SL10B Snapshot Contest for a chance to win a homestead prize!

Submission have started to come in for the SL10B Category of the Destination Guide - for example check out SL10B By Us - an intersim event celebrating Second Life’s 10th Birthday.


SL10B By Us

SL10B by Us is an intersim event for the 10th birthday of Second Life. Each day brings new ways to party: DJ's, live performances, shows, readings and much more. You'll also find loads of freebies, a hunt, even information for newbees. It opens June 9th, visit http://potpourrimarkets.wix.com/sl10b for more information.

Visit in Second Life

You can submit your events for consideration to this category and look out for more community events.


There is more in store for the rest of the month - including the upcoming Premium members grid hunt, more limited special items, and the SL10B Community Celebration event that kicks off later this month, so continue to watch this space for the latest!



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