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Second Life Destinations: The Looking Glass

Linden Lab


Explore a more cryptic envisioning of fantasy at The Looking Glass, where enchantment and dark secrets abound.

Creators Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee have been selling a wide range of items related to fantasy under The Looking Glass brand since 2011. Marcus tells us they were brought together by a mutual passion, saying “We were both into the darker Alice in Wonderland type whimsical fantasy stuff and we've been exploring that ever since.”

The Looking Glass is a large region that could take hours to explore. From the long bridge leading to a mysterious castle to the beautiful floating islands, the amount of detail in every component is reminiscent of many iconic works of fantasy that have been uniquely interpreted by Marcus and Sharni. Sharni says, “We have tried to make a region that is entwined with many genres so that everybody can find their ‘special spot’ there. {It’s} especially wonderful to see when people take the time to find the little hidden areas in the region.

If you are feeling a little stressed out, The Looking Glass is the perfect place to let your worries float away. Sharni tells us “SL for me is an escape from the pressures of r/l. I have a very stressful r/l job, so to be able to log into SL and relax and get lost in a creative bubble is a perfect balance. The friends I have met here from all over the world give me a wonderful reason to keep coming back.”

In addition to photogenic exploration, Marcus tells us that The Looking Glass hosts “regular events with live music, DJs and particle shows. Everything you could ask for! Sharni and I have also been involved in all of the Fantasy Faires since the beginning and we are looking forward to it every year.”

Come visit The Looking Glass today to experience a different side of fantasy in the virtual world.

Note: There is an art exhibit of Marcus' r/l alter ego J Matthew Root at http://jmrart.com, as well as a store of select merchandise in the basement that is also available on the Second Life Marketplace.

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres



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