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Spring Break in Second Life - Show Us Your Look!

Brett Linden


sexy islands.jpg

No matter where you are in the world, it’s always sunny somewhere in Second Life. The SL editorial team is getting ready for “Spring Break” with a search for the hottest beaches and outdoor club spots to spotlight in the Destination Guide, as well as the March edition of The Sandbox newsletter.

Where do you go to find hot fun under the SL sun? Share your favorites with us here or on our Facebook page no later than Feb. 6.  We’ll be reviewing all suggestions, so it’s important to also include the SLurl link so that we can find your spot!

For the next edition of The Sandbox, we’re also casting beachwear models for a March “Look of the Month.” If you’ve got it, then flaunt it! This is your chance to show off your best beach-bound look for the entire Second Life virtual world to see!

Show off your freshest “Spring Break” look (deadline: Feb. 6) by submitting your head-to-toe avatar shots to our Facebook page, where you’ll also find complete entry and image guidelines.


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So I have to join Facebook, and compromise my privacy?

No thanks, guys.

Besides, you think I'm going to tell you where Freya and I will be, having fun? There's a beach us Landing Force veterans know, which is a bit tricky to reach by land. A bit of a sun-trap too.  I just hope Antoinette can keep her daughter from taking the outboard to pieces. At least the two of 'em could put it back together.

Smallwolf might be bringing a girl along this year, somebody he knows from school. I wonder if she realises what she's getting into with this family...

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I'll let you know where I will not be having fun -- in your Facebook page.  I'm in Second Life, not in Fakebook.  If you want me to share my Spring Break with you here in the forums or even Flikr, I'll be happy to.  But I'm not going to have one thing to do with Facebook.

If I wanted to play in Facebook, I would have no use for Second Life.  Then again, at least Facebook hasn't sold me property, given me a reciept, and then said I don't really own it.  Hmm.  Maybe I should reconsider where I'm spending my time and my money...

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I enjoy being "IN" Second Life --it is a PLACE for me--not a application --


So, sorry but I don't use Facebook , Twitter , etc......


And how does LL make money if the RL people behind the SL avatars are OUT of SL ?


Don't you make more money if people stay inworld ? We all only have so much time in a day...

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So their spring break maybe spent more on facebook you have to go slow on all this facebook linking its a new area that you guys are getting ads out on but i do think you may be over cooking this a bit take a step back dont link everything to facebook,

Facebook users have a really strong opinion when it comes to Paying fees you may endup with far more basic accounts than you expected also only a handfull of freinds will be able to spend their time in sl.

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/me wonders why Second Life has got own forums and blogs and even an in-world comm system...., Why use Facebook and Twitter then?


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How interesting

Free marketing is very simple. Create a product that everyone actually enjoys. Without even asking, the users will post positive things about the product on various platforms.

First you just smack everything on Facebook without consulting anyone and now you also do a cheap attempt to make us actually advertise ('sunny pictures') for SL on Facebook also? We know LL likes to make money on this Facebook deal. Wrong approach (again).

Everyone interested in this, just post your links on this blog or anywhere *inside* SL so *everyone* can actually enjoy it.

(Spring Break at Feb 6? It is still freezing here...)

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Dear The Second Life,


Please try new marketing campaigns other than facebook.


You are just making yourself look bad.


I feel sorry for you.



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  • Community Manager

Looks like we have a huge pro-Facebook crowd here

As mentioned in the original blog post:

"Share your favorites with us here OR on our Facebook page"

To all the Facebook haters: Message heard loud and clear! From an editorial perspective, I'll take submissions any way you feel comfortable sharing. You definitely have a choice, as the editors are reviewing all Spring Break venue locations posted on this blog and, of course, Facebook. You can avoid Facebook altogether, if you prefer -- just post your favorite spot(s) here or e-mail editors directly using editor -at- lindenlab.com.  The same applies for your Look of the Month submissions...just post the URL to your hosted image and we'll take a look.

To Lisa Lowe: Yes, Feb. 6 is definitely early!! However, many of the promotional media elements are prepared about a month or so before they actually go live so we're trying to give everyone an early notice so that they can be considered for inclusion for when the newsletter is distributed in the spring. It's very cold (and, in fact, snowing) where I'm at, too!

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Brett Linden said:

Looks like we have a huge pro-Facebook crowd here

To all the Facebook haters:

There is something called "knowing your audience". Facebook is first life, SecondLife is second life and they don't mix up very good most of the time.

What (it looks like) you are trying to do is to create an image on Facebook of how vibrant SecondLife is, but you do so at the expense of your own customers. Besides, it is very risky business as Facebook is a venue that will compete both for your customers time and energy. You risk loosing more current customers than you gain new. Also Facebook users are typically in the non-spending-on-internet crowd as they rather spend in RL on things they can show off on Facebook.

There are other venues you as a company can get more active, and this in a space where people are used to subscription based access, and are high consumers of digital content; the mobile area. This is where the real battle for attention will unfold – also for SecondLife.


I wish everyone a nice spring break when it comes. Looks like the northern hemisphere will be in for some rough winter weather still in weeks to come.

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Thanks for the info, Brett.

I'm not that familar with Facebook so decided to just use the regular submission form.

I went to the Destination Guide submission form but didnt see Spring Break listed as one of the venue 'categories' yet.  We were in the "Spring Fling" category of last year and have a new spring build we'd like to share ...


As a strictly a park destination spot without a 'beach' or 'outdoor club spot' ...lol...should I expect another Spring category later? ..or just wait to see what new submissions are called for this summer...

Thanks ;)

Tymus Tenk, Calas Galadhon owner

the new Spring Glass Pavillion @ Calas Galadhon:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Calas%20Galadhon/21/211/2523

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  • Community Manager

Hi Tymus,

We are reviewing all suggestions in the comments here and on Facebook...so we'll take a look at the SLurl link you provided as we start to curate our Spring Break promotions. We're still undecided on whether there will be a temporary "Spring Break" category for March/April or if we'll beef up our existing Beaches and some Music categories. If you want to submit using the existing form, then just classify it with whatever category you feel is most appropriate and we'll take a look. (You can even use the Editor's Notes field if you want to add more context...).


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Looks like we have a huge pro-Facebook crowd here

As mentioned in the original blog post:

"Share your favorites with us here OR on our Facebook page"


Brett, stop being disingenuous!

You're giving people the either /or option only with the destinations. You're still pushing people at FB for the "Look of the Month".

And why, for heaven's sake - other than for the reasons Gavin has outlined?

You have what should be a "vibrant" forum community here in SL why not use it? Set-up a thread (or indeed, blog post) and have people post their images to it. People will be much more willing to participate, both in submitting images and in viewing them. 

Stop with the blatant FB pushing. It's distasteful and smacks of a cynicism towards the user base LL could well do without. 

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Looks like we have a huge pro-Facebook crowd here

As mentioned in the original blog post:

"Share your favorites with us here OR on our Facebook page"

To all the Facebook haters: Message heard loud and clear!

Why don't you promote Second Life to Facebook users, on Facebook? I have no idea why you want to bring Facebook promotion here when they don't allow Second Life avatars to have accounts in their Second Life names, but if you do have to dance with Facebook, it's better to do it there.

That way, those of us who object to Facebook can clearly appreciate that you mean there's a choice, because the only reason we'd have found out about said promotions is because a Facebook user mentioned it.

You could even do exclusive promotions there and whereas some folk would moan about that, you would genuninely be promoting Second Life on Facebook, rather than promoting Facebook on Second Life.

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