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  1. Making land cheaper won't neccesarily add to a better user-experience IMHO. Personally I think there is too much land. I wouldn't be surprised if half of the mainland is abondoned or for sale. Maybe it's time for a massive exodus and taking all abondonned land of the grid. To make it even better LL could buy up all the cheap (let's say up 2L$/sqm) land and abondone it. That way land will become a scarcity again and people will be willing to pay for it. I'm afraid that making land too cheap will result in a messy cluttered unattractive mainland (like it already is in a lot of places).
  2. Did I miss the Q2 2011 economic report or is it not out yet?
  3. Does this also mean next quarter we'll get a usefull economy report? Last economy report left out a lot of data that was usually in there. Many of us think that LL held back the some (bad) numbers on purpose. There's no shame in showing graphs that show a decline once in a while.
  4. Thats like a credit card company asking their customers to pay their credit card bill with paypal.
  5. Actually there is an app for the iPhone to log in SL. Its very very basic but if you are on the way and need to make a payment or or send a (group) IM you can do that. It allows a few other things to like checking map or change clothes. No 3D rendering whatsoever though. For those who are interrested; its called pocket MV and available in the appstore.
  6. The comments on this and previous posts are certainly helping us determine where to focus. Keep commenting! What I would really love to see come back is the Positive Monthly Linden Flow. Esspecially if it was broken down in: <10 USD 10 - 50 USD 50 - 100 USD 100 - 200 USD 200 - 500 USD 500 - 1000 USD 1000 - 2000 USD 2000 - 5000 USD 5000 >
  7. Wow, now thats a report! Maybe a specific number by itself doesnt say much but all the numbers together give a basic idea how it's going in SL. I would love to see a report like that for Q4 2010. Not only compare the reports but also the replies. Everybody was happy and cheerful then, now most of us (apart from Edward) are upset. Sure the numbers were better then but I cant help to feel that the majority is upset because we know they left out the numbers that were bad. So we feel like LL is pushing their false propoganda on to us. Common Nelson, why not make a new complete Q4 2010 report?
  8. Many of the interresting stats on Gridsurvey are last being updated sept or oct last year. So I think LL stopped providing them then all together.
  9. Although all stats above are positive I cant help to feel I did a good thing reducing my land holding from 70+k sqm to less than 3k sqm. Its pretty obvious LL decided to go with the "If you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say nothing at all" motto. Which is a nice motto, however when it comes to economy stats I rather see LL use "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth (so help me god)" motto. These stats are an insult to our intellect. Most of us would understand you had to break some bad news and would appreciate the honesty, esspecially if you would follow
  10. Welcome to our slowly dying virtual world. Although I wish you the best, SL has had it best times. SL is beyond saving at this point. However for LL there are plenty of oppurtunities. Think mobile devices, think augmented reality. Dont think 2011, think 2016. Dont pay dividend to share holders or invest in SL projects, instead invest it all in R&D for new cutting edge ideas and technology like SL once used to be, or that thing LL was working on back in the days that looks a lot like Kinect from Microsoft now. LL can still be a pioneer, however I dont see a role for SL. SL had a nice run
  11. Nuesha.India wrote: Secondly, Negotium Quan, if you are going to criticise me, atleast learn to spell advice and passport. My eight year old sister can spell both of those words. Funny you should say that. I have a 14 year old sister who knows better than to log on to the main grid.
  12. English is not my first language. My english is probably a lot better than your dutch. If you tried to imply that you are smart and I am dumb, may I remind you that I'm the one who still have access to his SL account.
  13. Well in all honesty it seems like you are trying to solve this without getting your parents involved. In a post you wrote: "I don't think my parents would allow me to send my actual passport." If you had told them, you probably would have phrased it differently (or not asked at all) and that post is just a few hours old. Anyhoo,...I'm not telling you how to deal with your personal life. I believe you wanted advise on how to get unbanned? Well you got my advise. My advise is let your parents deal with it since they are unfairly banned (not you). With the apology (preferably with flowers b
  14. /me applauds LL for this. Now, go to your parents and tell them what you did and appologise to your fellow household members who cant use SL anymore. If your parents and/or fellow household members will think it's worth the hassle they will take care of it.
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