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  1. Guilliaume wrote: You do not make very much money, do you, or perhaps you are bad at managing money? I am only saying this because, no, even $295 a month is not expensive. My free spending money for the month is somehwere around $400 and my combined household income is almost $50,000, which is like the lowest tier of middle class for the U.S.A. Considering you were blissfully unaware how much a private island costs and now you're suggesting that using 75% of your disposable income on Second Life makes it cheap, I'll take your response with a very large pinch of salt.
  2. A private island, costs USD$295 a month and then some users have to pay tax on top of that, yes it is expensive especially for people who want to create environments for people to do something, rather than places that sell wares. That's a monthly fee, you can get a car for less than that. It is what it is, but Second Life is most certainly an expensive pastime.
  3. Yet the very same arguments you use are used by those who want to create games, roleplaying, art and places for people to do something inworld, the costs are prohibitive. At least merchants do have The Marketplace, which isn't going away. However it would be nice if there were moves to allow people to create things that provide people with something to do to get a boost too.
  4. Close The Marketplace? Have you got a sideline in selling pitchforks and torches? The commercial/non commercial idea is a good one indeed. I also think there's potential for pay as you go solutions whereby a sim isn't open 24/7 and therefore pays a pro-rata tier but that could get complicated in terms of billing.
  5. I will second Thinkerer and suggest you take a look at alternatives, especially Kitely which offers flat fee and time based usage models. The tier in Second Life is too damn high, but there's no easy solution there. LL aren't going to dramatically reduce their main source of income by slashing tier and gambling on that generating a rush in land purchases.
  6. Linden Lab announce changes to the openspace product five years ago today: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Features/Announcing-changes-to-the-Openspace-product/ba-p/613606 It didn't end well!
  7. Nice perks but I hope you're including all concierge level customers in this too being as you don't need to be premium to be an estate owner it would be a tad churlish to exclude them.
  8. There are a couple of problems with the calls for anyone to own a homestead, the first one being that it was LL lowering the price and requirements (you used to have to buy four at a time) of homesteads that was at the heart of the great Open space fiasco. They sold like hot cakes and the system couldn't handle the overheads. Then there is the issue of Land Barons, whom, love them or loathe them, do pay a hell of a lot of tier to Linden Lab, they also save Linden Lab support and billing calls because they handle them as their customers need to speak directly with them, rather than going to Li
  9. If the estate owner has the name they should be able to find it via world. region options, get top scripts and then sort in alphabetical order.
  10. That's really disappointing to hear Phil, although not really that surprising, yes some folk will take their status too far, I've seen this on the Jira too for quite a few years.
  11. Dilbert Dilweg wrote: Eh I guess I dont really see too much with ranks It is good to see people who have reached Acheivment and ranking I Answered a question in Answers the other day to help a resident, And the solution was good.. Several Minutes later a "contributer" came and answered the Question with my exact same solution lol.. He/she got the "Solution Points" and I didn't lol. Maybe that should change a bit lol Pretty funny That's part of the potential problem with ranks Dilbert, someone with a higher rank being deemed to be the best answer to bother to read.
  12. When I left there was a queue to hug Courtney!
  13. When something doesn't fit your agenda, even from the CEO, it's BS. This really sums up your trolling.
  14. So why do business have no problem having a website when there's loads of adult content on the web? Why do they advertise in x, r or 18 rated movies and publications? Why do they not mind that there are pubs and clubs next to their stores? Business cares about what sells and if they thought they could sell their wares here, they'd be here. There are businesses here who use the platform for communication, IBM, SUN and Adobe spring immediately to mind, these are big business. Then we have the educators, who are still here and still using the platform. Those who aren't here aren't put off by th
  15. Gavin, I know for sure it would make some people very angry if I pointed out that some of what is being created and sold in Second Life probably drives away other types of potential business. If that is the case, it might make sense to ease out business that has limited or maxed out value to make way for other business that is believed to have greater value. I'm willing to wait and see how it goes. This is a tired argument, business doesn't really give two hoots as long as they can sell their wares, they wouldn't have a web presence otherwise. Business gets driven away because they can't fi
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