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  1. HiFranc wrote: I only uncommented one at a time. Interresing. In your screenshot I see four of the respective lines uncommented at the same time. J.
  2. You have noticed the Audio Driver Version: (none) entry? You might find this article useful: http://www.thelinuxrain.com/articles/installing-firestorm-second-life-viewer-for-linux There's a sound troubleshooting section at the end. J.
  3. Prokofy Neva wrote: Laptops of any sort often aren't compatible with SL at all -- full stop. So there's that. Look on the specs page under HELP on this site to see what is required or Google it with the term "Second Life" to see if there are any forums or comments anywhere about trouble. I don't recall that particular one. "Laptops of any sort often aren't compatible with SL at all -- full stop" That*s utter nonsense, you don't have the slightest idea what you are talking about. I have been using SL with an Intel i7 2nd gen laptop equipped with a non optimus Nvidia GTX 770m for severa
  4. Cool VL, worst supported viewer of them all . Singularity uses the old style V1 UI too and has much more features than Cool. J.
  5. Linden Lab Official:Teens in Second Life Seems you're violating the LL TOS. J.
  6. Anthony Hollow wrote: Hello everyone! My current PC parts are: * AMD 4100 Quad-Core processor *Asus m5a78l-m plus Motherboard *8 Gigs of Corsair ram ddr3 (4x2) * Strix gtx 970 graphics card *650w Power supply * Windows 10 64 Bit OS I was going to upgrade all my parts besides the gtx 970 graphics card and 650w power supply to: *Intel core i5 6600k processor *gigabyte GA-Z170MX-GAMING M5 motherboard *Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16GB (8x2) sticks of ram Now my question is, should that make second life run faster / render quicker/ less lag? Also can I run second life betwee
  7. Laurent Vesta wrote: Jean Horten wrote: Having to reformat your expensive MAC and downgrade the whole OS to an older version to get back your gpu performance definitively proves the supremacy of OSX. J. Don't you have something better to do than trolling those lame forums? No, actually not, it's fun to get insulted by fanatic irrrational apple disciples. J.
  8. Jelli Kohime wrote: I tried Kokua and no it does not. It's an ooold Second Life 1.0 thing and yeah, Imprudence is basically Second Life 1.0 with all of the features and lack of features it had since it is impossible to log in with ACTUAL Second Life 1.0 Anyway, Whirly, thanks a TON for the tip! I'll see if I can get my Avatar to rez at all and let you know but yeah it doesn't support a LOT of things. The latest Kokua Viewer released on March 1st 2016 is based on LL V4 code and no "oooold 1.0 thing". J.
  9. The problem is that you don't have a graphics card at all, just an underpowered on-board graphics chip which was not made for 3d gaming. As you are using a MAC mini there is nothing you can do to get a better graphics chip for your machine, so either live with the restrictions of your on board graphics or get a computer which suits the demands of running a graphics intense 3d application like second life better than your actual MAC. LL's hardware recommendations are completey out of date by the way, and there is much more than just the gpu's memory which makes a gpu or an on-board graphic
  10. I had forced driver replacement problems on 6 win 10 systems. I downgraded 4 of them to win7, one to win8 , driver problems solved, friends/partents happy again. Just because something is shiny, new , " free" and from Microsoft it does not mean it is "good". hardware-maker-support-reps-diss-windows-10-and-recommend-to-downgrade J.
  11. Welcome to the wonderful world of the spyware botnet os windows 10 and it's broken "universal" graphics drivers . My advice: Downgrade to win 7 J.
  12. When buying a Nvidia GPU, make sure not to buy one with a reference design single fan cooler, these coolers tend to sound like a vacuum cleaner under load. J.
  13. Which are your hardware specs? If your machine crashes under Win 7 due to insufficient performance or a poor network connection, it will do the same under Win 10. J.
  14. Viewer 2 wird von LL seit Jahren geblockt. Dasselbe gilt fúr eine Menge alter Firestorm Versionen. J.
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