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  1. Following the server deployment / uplift of November 11th, all of my 13 Calas Galadhon Park regions (connected) are split between LL AGNI simhosts and AWS, and are now experiencing significant access issues for non Estate Manager users since last night. Some teleports to my regions are being diverted to two other region near my estate on the map. Some tp's are simply getting are getting an 'no valid parcel'. One has no problem crossing the sim lines either flying or walking. I submitted a ticket last night with more details. A pretty serious issue. I submitted a ticket explaining all of thi
  2. I regularly sell Lindens recieved from donations to my regions, which are then kept in my account as USD which then are ONLY used to apply to my LL land fees for my regions. When on occasion there are not enough USD in my account then LL bills my Paypal as usual. I never submit a credit request. Do I need to do anything other than accept Tilia's term when asked?
  3. my custom windlights have always been such a major part of the environments i've created on my Calas Galadhon Park regions over the years... I'm all for improving the SL experience, but right now I'm grumbling as there appears no easy way to convert my existing windllights in the current EEP viewer .. or am i just too old to catch the solution? I think i would have preferred waiting until all could have been incorporated into the official SL & Firestorm viewers with a smooth transition and conversion of ones existing custom windlights.
  4. I like to think it was just more of a surprise gift this morning ... the prims upgrade. Many thanks to Patch, Caleb and the crew!
  5. Hi Caleb ... I just completed filing one on the issue..thanks..
  6. I've noticed on several of my sims that were restarted on the Main server ... and after it was announced that the rollovers were complete ...the performance is down ... both on homesteads, openspace and full region. The Frame & Sim FPS ..usually at 44.5 to 45.1 on these sims..with no one else on them...drop to as low as 2..for both.
  7. Hi Maestro ... I went to both region on the beta grid wearing mesh, but did not see a difference. Both were rezzing correctly. Last night , it seemed to affect some avatars and not others. I was rezzing fine, but saw this type of distortion on some others...i.e., 'duplicates' of ladies mesh dresses or mens jackets sticking out horizontally (as in the photo below ) ... or upside down. In another case the mesh dress was oversized on the avatar. With several avatars the mesh was not rezzing at all. All you could see were the alpha layers. I am using the latest Firestorm but have n
  8. After the server rollover yesterday on Main Channel we have been seeing difficulty in the rezzing of mesh clothing. Distortions in the placement of actual mesh clothing attachment (sticking out to the side, etc) .also very slow rezzing generally. This is happening on all my 13 region (all connected) Estate.
  9. Hi Ayesha.... I see their names on Firestorm's Radar as well ... although when I cam in they do appear to be underwater in the corner of the sim with other avatars (that's been happening for ages.. :matte-motes-oh-rly:) but not with this latest twist. Yesterday I ended up rezzing a donation kiosk on a couple dancing. He donated then IM'd me asking if I could move it a bit ... lol I have found that the only solution for me is to relog when I crossing into another region . Thanks for letting me know I'm still not alone in this
  10. For a month at least I sometimes will tp or fly into one of my regions (all on the Second Life Main Server channel) ... have an Avatar standing next to me trying to contact me in local chat and they are not visible nor can I hear them in local chat (they can reach me via IM) :matte-motes-agape: If I relog, I can then see and 'hear' them fine. Others have mentioned that they have experienced this as well, yet in searching the forums/blogs, I've been unable to find anything on it. Has anyone else experienced this lately? I do use the latest Firestorm viewer, but I'm guessing this is somethi
  11. Many thanks as well, Maestro, for fixing the link for the posting of this weeks updates The only thing I've noticed on my estate with yesterdays deploy is that some of the servers (SL Server (main channel) may be having issues communicating with each other once again. This happens when flying from region to another. Until this last deploy they were almost flawless for the last few weeks.. I've gotten spoiled ..lol.. Thanks again.
  12. This week when hosting a regular music event on one of my regions, ALL money transactions made from that region were not going through.... via a tip jar, or directly to the performer (profile or pie menu) or venue .. Money was not taken out of the account of the giver nor deposited to the recipients account. Scripts were turned on. I had restarted the region before the event.. In order to pay the performer I had to go to another region and pay via their profile. I have never experienced or heard of this before in my 5 years. After I restarted the sim ... after the event ... all was back t
  13. Hi Maestro ..do you know if anything is planned to fix the problems that have arisen from yesterdays Second Life Main Channel rollovers..it appears that now most all of my 12 regions are experiencing these sim crossing issues, Physics FPS dropping to nothing, some scripts not working since, navmesh not being able to be rebaked without restarting the region .. I was even logged out when trying to restart one of them myself. This is not a client side, nor a simple performance issue. I see that the RC channel regions are being rolled over without the developement team dealing with the Second Li
  14. Since this mornings rollovers...money transactions dont seem to be working on one of my full SL Server regions
  15. I believe I've heard of this being discussed before, but has anyone heard of it being a problem again ... I have an estate of 12 sims all connected together .. on all sides ....all on the Second Life Main Servers ... made up of full, open space & homesteads. In the past i was able to see the sims diagonal to the one I was on.... but recently, the diagonal sim will be visible for a few seconds then disappear. I remember this happening once before. ... then a rollover seemed to correct it ...but the problem seems to be back. Anyone know what Im talking about ? lol i know it can sound co
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