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  1. In the present I have not any land but I paying bill, why?

    You're welcome But sorry, there are no refunds: (see 3.3)
  2. In the present I have not any land but I paying bill, why?

    In addition to perfect Echo's anser, have you updated your tier? See
  3. Where I may Download Viewer 1.23 version?

    There is no any offcial download of 1.23. But AT YOUR OWN RISK (inadvisable in my opinion) see
  4. Smoke gets in your eyes

    There are many grave yards (it's an example) with smog on the ground. What about that smog in the ceiling?
  5. Log in

    1) Follow the perfect Valerie's answer. 2) In any case, you can fin some usual issues about login failure in the Knowledge Base: (in Italian: ).
  6. I bought a product, but the product did not have paid.

    You have answers in your previous thread:
  7. Tengo duda sobre como cambiar el color de HUD de mis zapatos?

    Es difícil responder sin ver exactamente el asuinto, pero lo primero que me viene a la cabeza es que tu piel (skin) no sea modificable. Si tu piel no tiene permisos de modificación, el HUD de los zapatos no puede actuar sobre ella.
  8. subasta de terrenos

    Coincido con la pregunta inicial de Valerie. Si dices que no te lo han cobrado, que no te lo han asignado, que no figura como tuyo... ¿cómo vas a devolverlo y cómo sbes que lo has ganado? Si no aparece como tuyo es que no has ganado la subasta. Si no aparece como tuyo, no tienes forma de devolverlo (y aunque figurara como tuyo, no puedes devolverlo, puedes abandonarlo o venderlo). Pero, como digo, lo que podrías explicar mejor es eso, cómo sabes que lo has adquirido, la primera parte de tu pregunta
  9. I´m premium but I can not enter premium zones

    In addition to great Lindal's answer (impossioble help without know the exaxt problem, message ...) remember you can find help using Live Chat:
  10. parcelle de terrain abandonnées
  11. ¿No puedes cambiar la URL de la caché pulsando el botón "Establecer"?
  12. I get an error message about the home control panel

    While you wait another answers, see this from the KB ( ): Getting help As a premium account holder, you're eligible for live chat and ticket support from the Support Portal. If you need support for your Linden Home: Go to the Support Portal and choose Submit a Support Case. Select Land and Region from the first dropdown menu. Select Linden Home Issues from the second dropdown menu. Fill out the required fields; make sure to include as much relevant information as possible when describing your issue. Click Submit to submit your ticket.
  13. Cannot post to Merchant Outbox, still no solution yet

    [[[ only for info to the helpers: the thread comes from and ]]]
  14. The thread continues here: ETA and here:
  15. Then see if the great Rolig's answer helps you.