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  1. Caledon estate's three Magnums just rolled, we didn't reboot last week since they were on list by Linden. So--- why rebooted today?
  2. 2 50 pm Saturday, hunt is what 5 days on? on bridge in region 5 , box there, doesn't give when clicked. This is not positive. Also, sending people to Portal Park first without saying they really need to go somewhere else isn't positive either. So two hours wasted. Nothing 1300 m in sky either.
  3. SSP = Super Size Parcel, YES you get fries with it!!
  4. I get the same message when I click HELP-SUPPORT-CONTACT SUPPORT
  5. Are we doing rolling restarts today Tuesday 5/30 or is the place broken? Seeing a lot of regions in a row down
  6. I've used the web photo update a lot in the past-- has been broken for me for a week, more than one acct
  7. I own land near the old WARR in region Juanita. Paid for on the open market. I did not enjoy the trestle looming 2 stories over my country lake place. My guests were always asking , "what is THAT" ? It was like Madison Garden . Linden sold off a lot of the right of way. Prok and the SL Public Land Preserve have bought a lot of this area - some at a premium and turned it into a lovely place with reasonable rentals -price and rule wise. Slapping a new out-of theme train in the middle of this area is just wrong IMO. And to consider the taking of privately paid land for it double wrong. If you think trains make new people stay and pay tier-- start in an empty region and build it- see if they come. I'll bring the popcorn . P.S. Lag is better with the train gone.
  8. There are some very old RR track stubs left from years and years ago. There are some stray ***unconnected *** pieces of Linden's own right-of-way [ROW]. There are fairly ***recently*** auctioned off pieces of the ROW. Linden obviously decided to take the tier and abandon the RR plan. Unless LL decides to take and pay for the whole line SLRR near Grote ain't gonna happen. And why would they want a RR now ? I was and am near the old WARR-- some track ran over untiered land . And private land without permission. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher , railroads run great until you run out of other people's land and tier. There seems to be a never ending collection of people who want to get a RR on someone else's dime. Make a RR of your own here [buy ALL the land] ; or plan a Sansar experience . But that LL tiered SLcaboose is over the horizon in my opinion. Back to the dining car now for a sassparilla.
  9. So if an account is blockedfrozen for a credit card issue or governance suspension -- will their sales be stopped? If there is a service issue --say a script needs to be redone-- who will service the item? I am sad that older mainly free items that are historic and sometimes with scripts, very useful, will be removed from sale if the owner has passed away or left SL. Or did I miss something?
  10. I enjoy being "IN" Second Life --it is a PLACE for me--not a application -- So, sorry but I don't use Facebook , Twitter , etc...... And how does LL make money if the RL people behind the SL avatars are OUT of SL ? Don't you make more money if people stay inworld ? We all only have so much time in a day...
  11. Am on Phoenix 818--can add myself to groups up to 42 -----BUT-----if I have more than 25 and I am invited into a group--I get the error message too many groups and have to drop to 24 to be able to accept a new group. (And yes, I dropped to the 30's when I tried to accept the invitation) This is a bug ? Footnote--when group owner opened group--was able to self join making it group 38--it is invites to closed groups over 25 that bork.
  12. For deposting money into SL --will Lindex still be limited to credit cards and *verified * Paypal accounts? What about gift cards -that PayPal acccepted? WIll Lindex accept them now? If the answers to these questions are "no"--how can we SAFELY add money to our accounts so that we can stay in SL --buying items and paying tier? Thank you !
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