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  1. Noctis shops in Babbage estate has lots of Victorian era items, owner Yelena Istmal not in much but items arewell made , some funny.
  2. At some point will inactive account balances escheat to the state? Which one?
  3. Just not getting it---if I go to https://id.secondlife.com and look at my dashboard where the USD I uploaded from my credit card into SL to buy Lindens, pay premium, tier ---does that count as "checking my Tilia account"? What confuses me is the same/different thing - you have to make a Tilia account but if you aren't going to use it for cashing out it seems abnormal to tell us to monitor "it." And as Gertrude Stein said "there's no there there" unless her dashboard WAS her Tilia account TOO. Is Tilia like Brisbane (suburb of SF, rather a myth in local lore )? You know its there,
  4. https://www.coindesk.com/fincen-says-some-dapps-are-subject-to-u-s-money-transmitter-rules If you REALLY want to know the laws, click the links and google the terms in above article. Not saying Linden is a dapp but this article had good terms and links.
  5. https://www.theinfatuation.com/minneapolis/reviews/tilia sing to the Beatles song Rocky Racoon: Now somewhere in the Linden Hills of Lake Calhoun There lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon And one day his cash balance ran off with another guy Hit young Rocky in the eye Rocky didn't like that He said, "I'm gonna get that boy" So one day he walked into town Booked himself a room in the local saloon Rocky Raccoon checked into his room Only to find Money transmitters’s bible Rocky had come, equipped with a gun To shoot off the legs of his rival His rival it s
  6. I hope7seas makes a 'Tilia the Tilapia' -then they can try to cash out the new income and tell us how it went...... They'd better make some trailers no owner , no security for squatters ---TiliaTown
  7. Drusilla- I think USD is USD -- no separate pot of cash so an inactivity fee applies. BUT I never cash out so won't open Tilia to look at balance OR does opening my account on the dashboard where the balance shows enough? Does this mean no activity= a fee BUT at some point will the USD balance escheat to the state? Which state --California? Linden- I get the money rules you MUST follow but we need a board game workflow chart to figure out how check balance - my deposited from outside USD appears in 2 places right- dashboard and the Tilia -- or is Tilia nes
  8. So to keep "playing" SL I need to accept Tilia terms and the account they set up for me and I will be charged an inactivity fee--when I've never cashed out but usually have cash from deposits to my account from credit cards. Of course my account will be inactive I didn't ask for it. How much will THIS feature cost me on top of higher premium? Is Grumpity filling her thermos, will she be answering comments 24/7 and then Friday we'll get the final scoop? WHY wasn't this covered during SLB16? NOW I know why the next Linden home motif is trailers.
  9. Something weird is going on, was in an event location, 6 avatars total in region, platform at 2500m, 90+ pc scripts running, 10 spare script time, got 30 FPS, my ARC 12k, had 32 m draw, 20,000 and 1 for others complexity. BUT it was a rubberbanding lag pit. Would freeze , rubber band etc. My router had been refreshed day before. So best region numbers I've seen in over a year, terrible performance.Did they recalibrate the region numbers?
  10. Stopping Group Notices from going to email Oz says not sure where on priority list. TPV group 5/31 at 10:50 on the Youtube clock. They will be working on improving group behavior "soon", which is wonderful, but not getting off line group notices is still not getting offline notices.
  11. Last time they let people buy stand alone homesteads some people overloaded them HORRIBLY and since homesteads are berthed -what 16 -to a server a lot of owners complained their new dream home/store was a mud pit. Many dreams died and great creators/builders left because of this when they had to close up because the tier was raised. It was heartbreaking. The new homestead owners were 99% existing tier paying residents so it impacted private estate owners-losing large parcel renters. Standalone homesteads berthed at , say 8 to a server, for a higher tier, would be great, but wou
  12. I just want to know if the regions(and which) will roll, so that if not we can roll them to help with the script issues. Keeping things as crisp as possible for the private estate residents. hums "It could happen soon I heard them say It could happen soon"
  13. May we get notice of the plans weekly again? Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6BN0B0Rks8 It could happen soon I heard them say It could happen soon But just like yesterday The ships have come and gone And we were not along Oh Tomorrow never came I've been here dark till dawn And still end up the same
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