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Feel the Love on Valentine’s Day

Courtney Linden


Calling all romantics! Mark your calendars for the annual Kiss-a-Linden/Kiss-a-Volunteer event, taking place from 7:00 a.m. PST to 7:00 p.m. PST on Monday, February 14. That’s right—an entire day to hug, kiss, and cuddle your fellow Residents and Lindens!

We big-red-heart our community volunteers and hope you do too! We invite volunteers to sign up here (or just show up spontaneously) to take a turn in our volunteer kissing booths, too. Show them your love for all they do all year long to make Second Life special.

Lindens will be puckered up and ready for smooching throughout the day, so check back to see who’s available for a hug and kiss. Cupid Linden will also be making her annual appearance—so be sure to stop by, and perhaps you’ll catch her flying around, taking pictures, bestowing a seasonal kiss, or giving away some special Valentine’s Day gifts.

Speaking of gifts, four free, special-edition Valentine's Day Bears await you on the Marketplace! The bears are yours to keep or give as a gift—enjoy! Or, maybe you have something else in mind for your Valentine’s Day shopping. Need a new smooching AO? Got some cuddle poseballs for sale? The Valentine’s Day category is the place for you. Merchants with Valentine’s Day-themed content are welcome to post their wares for easy gift-giving and romantic retail therapy.

If you’re wondering what other romantic rendezvous are out there in Second Life for the Valentine’s Day season, then take a look on the Destination Guide. There’s a list of some idyllic hunts, holiday events, dreamy hot spots, and other passionate pursuits.


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Well, I wouldn't recommed kissing a Linden on Valentine (Is this allowed for our new teen residents anyway?).

Kiss someone you love instead.

A lovely Valentine to all and Spread the Love

Villain Baroque

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Hi, Luciasosa1990! You might want to post this question in the forums or in SL Answers: http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/answers. That way, Residents who may have had similar experiences can respond and give you advice. You might also want to check to ensure your computer configuration is optimal for Second Life: https://secondlife.com/my/support/system-requirements/. Otherwise, you might want to submit a ticket through the Support Portal here: https://secondlife.com/my/support/. Thanks!

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I try and teach you the ways of the force young padawan and you repay me with this!

I'm waiting for you to volunteer. There's a distinct lack of male volunteers and I'm sure you have lots to teach about kissing Obi Wan!

Don't make me make chicken noises!

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Hmmmm... Will there be any Linden at all? Or will it end in a fiasco like last year, where no Linden showed up on the second day of Kiss a Linden?

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Whenever I have that problem it tends to be an issue with my virus software.  My virus software does not allow anything to connect to the internet unless I verify that it should be doing so... you may want to check this out and sometimes there is even a section where you can "verified programs".  This often resets after I get an update for SecondLife so just remember!!!

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Um ... thanks for the teddy bear, I guess ... but ...

A plaid bear?  not fuzzy?  and with teeth like a shark?

My toddler would run shrieking.

Designed by Linden Labs, perhaps?

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As ANZ said, check your firewall program.  Especially if you've updated Second Life recently, as most firewalls will see v2.3 and 2.4 as being different programs and if you've not given permission for the new version to access the internet AND act as a server, you won't be able to do anything.  Are you running ZoneAlarm by any chance?  Open ZA up and look at your Program List, and be sure to put checkmarks beside every version of Second Life (or whatever viewer you are using.)

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i miss my fiance .

i really want to spend valentine with him ,,& sure kiss him instead linden

happy valentine to allllllllll

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