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Second Life Destinations: Ethereal Realms

Linden Lab


Experience the magic and tranquility of Ethereal Realms, where you can float through an enchanted forest or visit the colorful cyber city above.

Creator Rapa Tone, who lives in Japan IRL, tells us “I started to design Ethereal Forest to be a place for elves, pixies, a place for all mythical creatures to relax and be at peace. As the place matured and more people came to visit, it started to become a place for all people, even regular humans, to find a place of solace in these dark times…”

A great degree of thought and preparation went into even the smallest of this region’s details. According to Rapa, “Ethereal Forest features many objects by many different SL creators, all placed together. When I started designing my {region}, I was thinking how can I make a hidden forest that is occupied by three people and still, no one can really see it?”

When it came time to bring this idea to life, Rapa “spent one month building everything with no design or thinking, just an intuitive, creative stream of consciousness.” This was deeply informed by Rapa’s many walks in Kyoto, Gifu, Hyogo, and the beauty of the Chūbu region. Ethereal Realms seamlessly blends the tranquility of a Japanese garden with the otherworldliness central to the aesthetic of the fantasy genre.

Make your own adventure at Ethereal Realms today.

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres



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