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Second Life Destinations: Auld Lang Syne

Linden Lab


This week we are visiting the Scottish Highlands of Auld Lang Syne.

Creator Elo put enormous effort into this realistic portrayal of the Scottish Isles, where you can get lost on the rolling hills covered in wildflowers and daydream by the stones adorned with moss. Regarding the inspiration behind this region, Elo tells us "I've always adored secluded, rural, hidden places and look at old buildings {and} ruins as a million untold stories of the past, ready to be imagined again with fresh minds. I find a sense of romance in a building once loved, now home to nature and wanted to try and bring that same romance into Second Life."

This region is ripe for storytelling, with ruins that have been reclaimed by nature and time. There are also small cottages and flocks of sheep, connecting the past to the present. Who lives here? Come and find out!

Elo is completely self-taught, making this ornate landscape even more impressive. It is informed by their genuine interest in "great charm in the small details, those wee scenes {and} stories that can often be overlooked or missed by visitors..."

Auld Lang Syne is incredibly detailed and realistic, making visitors feel completely transported. Elo says “I've always been conscious that travel for many is difficult, and now with Covid, for some {it is} impossible. Yet the beauty of SL is that you can visit so many beautiful parts of the world and many not of this realm too. If I can make one explorer smile when they visit, then I feel I have succeeded."

Let this dreamy landscape whisk you away so you can discover the mystery of the past or write your own story. Visit Auld Lang Syne today!

Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres



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