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Second Life Destinations: Centauria

Linden Lab


This week we are whisked away to the roleplaying community of the Ancient Order of Centaurs.

For those who may not be familiar, Centaurs are half-human and half-horse, found prominently in Ancient Greek mythology. Centauria was created by Julala Demina, a longtime Resident and aficionado of fantasy roleplay. Her fantasy creature brand Jinx has been active in Second Life for over a decade. Julala states that about two years ago, “I taught myself how to make my own Centaur skeleton rig in Blender and how to animate it,” which sparked the beginning of a region dedicated to this community. The enthusiastic response of Jinx customers inspired Julala to design a space to accommodate Residents “who had chosen to spend their Second Life (at least in part) as Centaurs.”

What makes Centauria such a vibrant place is that the passion Julala brings is equally matched by the Residents who visit. She would like to inform us that in addition to roleplaying, there are “social events, classes, and all sorts of different types of entertainment. It’s not only about Centaurs, we welcome everyone to Centauria and even within the formal roleplay we have a wide variety of allowed species.” 

Residents appear in a variety of forms: some Centaurs look more natural, whereas others have angel wings, ornate horns, brightly colored skin, or even magical sparkles. Here, identity is more than just an aesthetic. You will meet Centaurs who are warriors, farmers, chefs, and sorcerers.

While the overwhelmingly positive feedback of Residents can’t be expressed in one post alone, here are just a few impressions. Marilina Antonioni describes herself as a Mertaur, “a type of Centaur whose top human body is that of a Merfolk with the lower body of a Taur/horse… As a Merfolk I love to swim underwater.” Rayven Firebrand, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis IRL, says that “when for the first time I entered into a trot, then a canter, then a gallop... for the first time in years I actually felt alive.” Pearline Sweetwater, longtime Resident who is retired IRL, feels that “in Centauria I found beauty, friendship, acceptance and almost instantly felt like I belonged.” Many more kind and intriguing folks are waiting inworld!

Julala’s Jinx creations are proof that Second Life is a safe space and blank canvas for anybody who wants to bring their imagination to life. On her background, she says, “I am completely self-taught and learned pretty much everything I know about 3D modelling from Youtube tutorials.” 

For those who can’t wait to explore their inner hybrid, the Jinx Bento Centaur comes in four sizes, as shown below.


Visit Centauria today to immerse yourself in this breathtaking world!

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres



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