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Second Life Destinations: The Apartments

Linden Lab


Come take a stroll on a rainy cyberpunk night at The Apartments, a cryptic region that invites you to explore its dark urban corners. See if you can count all the mischievous cats lurking around!

Creator Paradox Ivory describes The Apartments as “a love letter to some of my favourite movies that just so happen to fall into the sci-fi & cyberpunk genres. I have always wanted to immerse myself in those places and get lost in the environment. So from Blade Runner to the Doctor and Han Solo, if you look for their names on the mailboxes, you can wander to their apartments and see decor specific to them.”

The Apartments is both ominous and dreamy, with flying cars, sirens off in the distance, and the sense that someone could be waiting for you right around the corner. The aesthetic bears the cyberpunk hallmarks of neon signs and garbage strewn about the dystopian landscape but there is also a feeling when one wanders the stairwell that this could very well be a place that is not too far off in the future. That is, the ambience is so immersive that it feels wholly possible that this place exists in both the virtual and physical world.

Of course, we have to address what inspired the addition of so many kitties. Having been a lifelong cat lover, Paradox explains that “they have become somewhat of a signature in my sim designs. If you have visited any of my past builds then you know they all have cats, and this one is no different. However, Maru Kado had just created these amazing, expressive kitties as I was doing this build and so I just had to fill The Apartments with them.” At times curious, at others aloof, cats fit right in with the mood, and their smooth fur provides a pleasant contrast to the harsh greys of concrete and metal.

We implore you to put on your boots and see The Apartments for yourself. Whether you want to be the protagonist in a sci-fi noir or a silent observer, the pitter patter of the rain is waiting to whisk you away.

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres






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