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Music Mondays: An Interview With Gabryel Nyoki

Tara Linden


Gabriel da Silva 2 (1).jpg

(photo courtesy of Gabriel Nyoki)


Bringing us hard rock from Porto, Portugal, this week's featured artist is Gabryel Nyoki, who comes from generations of musicians. His foray into playing music started with playing covers until he amassed a loyal following, who then asked to hear more of his original songs. He is now creating and recording music as part of a power-trio and has gone on RL tours in the UK and Europe!

He has an abundance of online sources to hear his music:

Official website: www.gabrieldasilvamusic.com




Q: When and how did you hear about Second Life?
A: A magazine around 2007. I only joined later when I bought a faster computer.

Q: Your bio on your website says that you come from a family of musicians. Are there any similarities between your musical style and theirs?
A: My father's father built and played almost all instruments all by himself. Most of my family, my uncles, aunts, and cousins play and sing a variety of genres, but not rock.
My father was dedicated to electric guitar so eventually I dedicated myself to hard rock, my favorite, although I have over 3,000 gigs in different genres and instruments.

Q: Your music is incredibly polished and well-produced. It's clear that you've been honing your craft for a while. Could you tell us about the brands/models of instruments you use and why you prefer them?
A: What I use is humble, I am an electronics and IT engineer and experienced a long curve of courses both in music theory and music production, bringing the best I can out of each to my own flavor.
I have two electric guitars, a steel acoustic, a nylon acoustic, one rock bass guitar, two Yamaha keyboards, a vintage drum set, and I invest a lot in the digital audio world inside Apple products.
My main guitar and the one heard in my latest album is actually a PRS made of paper!

Q: You've signed with an agency and have toured in the UK and Europe. Did you have to cancel any real world shows due to COVID? And has the pandemic affected your ability to practice with your band members?
A: Yes and yes. All plans were canceled.
Q: You hail from Porto, Portugal. Do you feel that Portuguese rock has any characteristics that differ from rock music in other cultures?
A: In some genres yes, not in rock, no. And my music is 99% in English as we tour in different continents and not specifically for Portuguese people. Portuguese people enjoy international rock a lot!

Q: What is the most meaningful aspect of the SL music community to you?
A: Being able to connect directly with different people around the globe so fast.
I share and learn so much, and that is priceless. Everyday I extend my fan base through rock fans around the globe with Second Life, and I love delivering them good vibes and entertainment. We have over 10k fans in SL.

Please take a look at his calendar for upcoming Second Life concerts. He suggests the Solarwinds Music Concert as it is moderate.

More of his content can be found here:

Facebook SL

Facebook RL

Music video

Flickr SL

Twitter: @gabrieldamusic

Instagram: gabrieldasilvamusic

Thank you, Gabryel! 


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