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Meet the Lindens & Moles This Week at SL17B in Second Life

Linden Lab


Second Life’s 17th Birthday celebrations continue this week with more fun and events, including an opportunity to meet the people behind Second Life. Here’s your chance to learn more about future plans for Second Life and other behind-the-scenes information via a series of special Town Hall Q&A events at SL17B hosted by beloved community member and Prim Perfect owner Saffia Widdershins. For each event, you can join inworld or watch via live video on many of our social channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, or Persicope.  Do you have a question that you would like to submit in advance? Please submit your questions via the submission form on Saffia's blog.

It all begins today at 2 p.m. with an opportunity to meet Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg, who will be discussing a variety of topics including the impact of the pandemic on operations and what to expect in the future for Second Life.

CEO, Linden Lab

Ebbe Altberg came to Linden Lab with more than 25 years of experience leading teams and creating software used by hundreds of millions of users. After graduating from Middlebury College he went on to work at Microsoft, where he spent most of his 12 years leading teams that created the world’s most popular productivity products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Office. 

On Tuesday, don’t miss a Q&A with VP of Product Operations Patch Linden. Here’s your chance to learn more about the future of Linden Homes and other timely topics.

VP, Product Operations

A Resident since 2004, Patch was born into Second Life in September of 2007. As the VP of Product Operations, he works to bring the best of product and support based decisions on a daily operational basis to the virtual world platform for Second Life, while maintaining oversight on how all of the various teams within Linden Lab can best work together for the highest good of the Residents and the business.

On Wednesday, our Town Hall spotlight focuses on VP of SL Engineering Oz Linden. Oz will discuss a variety of topics about Second Life including a progress report on the migration to the cloud, the development of a new mobile companion application, and much more.

VP, Second Life Engineering

Prior to joining Second Life, Oz spent many years developing all sorts of networking code -- eventually including contributions to the development of HTTP and from there to open source SIP (voice over IP). Internet Telephony turned into something of a corporate nightmare, so he looked around for something more fun. A friend who was working at the Lab recruited Oz to help with the open-source program. Since he had already played a little with Second Life, he thought that it certainly met the "fun" criteria but he had no idea just how much fun. Nine years later, Oz is responsible for Second Life Engineering and having the time of his life. He is proud to be working on a product that means so much to so many people.

On Thursday, you won’t want to miss your chance to hear directly from the entire Marketing team, including Brett, Strawberry, Darcy, Maveric, and Tara Linden. The team will be discussing everything from recent campaigns to future acquisition and branding initiatives.


The Second Life Marketing team consists of Brett, Darcy, Strawberry, Maveric, and Tara Linden. Together they focus on both the acquisition of new users and the retention of existing users for Second Life. The team uses both paid and non-paid tactics to promote Linden Lab and its products across both traditional and digital media outlets. The team includes industry veterans and experts in advertising, public relations, editorial, e-commerce, web analytics, SEO/SMM/SEM, and social media community management.

On Friday, Patch Linden returns with the Moles!


The Moles are builders, scripters, and content creators employed by Linden Lab to work in the Linden Department of Public Works.

These events are among the many happenings this week on the SL17B regions. Check out the Destination Guide and our full events calendar on our SL17B landing page to see what else is happening!

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