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SL17B is Open! Let’s Celebrate Second Life’s 17th Birthday!

Linden Lab


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SL17B is now officially open! Second Life is celebrating its 17th birthday with our biggest celebration ever -- this year we have over 20 regions filled with parties, live music, deejay performances, and special events.

We'll be live streaming the opening ceremony today at 11 a.m. (SLT) and many community members are already starting to share their SL17B explorations on YouTube. We also encourage you to share snapshots of your favorite spots on our official SL17B Second Life Birthday Celebration group on Flickr. There's also a great pocket guide to the celebrations recently published on Inara Pey’s informative Living in A Modem World blog.

Here’s the rundown of some highlights from this year’s celebration, which runs through July 12:

SL17B Destination Guide & Over 170 Community Exhibits!

At the heart of SL17B are over 170 exhibits that showcase a wide range of creativity across the many diverse communities in Second Life. Expect the unexpected as you explore and discover how each exhibit offers its own interpretation of this year’s theme “vacations and road trips.” 

To get started, check out the Community Experiences category in our dedicated SL17B Destination Guide.

In addition to the community builds, there are several birthday events happening all over Second Life. Our Destination Guide also features an SL17B Featured Events category chock-full of places that are celebrating with us - make a point to join your fellow Residents in the festivities.  

Shop & Hop - 200 Merchants Across 10 Regions


This year’s Shop & Hop event is our biggest ever -- with more merchants, more regions, and more gifts than in any previous year!  The event features a record-breaking 200 participating merchants across 10 regions. In addition to deep discounts and deals, there are also exclusive and completely new gifts available for free at many shops. 

There’s something for everyone this year -- you’ll find a broader range of items than in the past including home and garden, breedable pets, and many miscellaneous items and toys that range from fun to obscure. Whether you are into fashion or roleplaying, you’ll find items across a variety of themes including fantasy, cyberpunk, historic and more.

A full list of participating Merchants is available on the blog.

Music Fest - Two Days of Live Performances By Top SL Musicians

Many of the top performers in Second Life have come together to perform live at the SL17B Music Fest, a special two-day music event held June 19-20 at the SL17B Live Stage. Here’s your chance to celebrate Second Life’s 17th Birthday while experiencing some fantastic talent that you won’t want to miss.

The full line up is available on our blog.

Meet the Lindens

Learn more about the people behind Second Life at our annual series of Meet the Lindens Town Hall events, held daily at 2 p.m. SLT on June 22-26. Participants this year include Ebbe Linden (June 22), Patch Linden (June 23), Oz Linden (June 24), and the Linden Lab Marketing Team (June 25). You also get the chance to meet the Moles (June 26).

Free SL17B Gifts & Swaginator Hunt

Who doesn’t want free swag? Pick up your free Swaginator HUD to seek and find unique gifts scattered across the SL17B regions. There’s also a bunch of goodies to grab at the SL17B Gifting Area -- and don’t forget to explore the many shops in the Shop & Hop event as many also are giving away free items.

Full Event Calendar

You’ll also want to catch the many DJ performances and other special events. To keep on top of what is happening each day, visit the full SL17B event calendar or our SL17B Landing Page.

We are so excited about celebrating with you - and look forward to more great Second Life Birthdays!

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