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Springtime in Second Life: New Swaginator Hunt & Premium Gifts

Linden Lab




Pictured: the latest gift set available exclusively to Premium Members.

Just in time for spring! Premium members can now claim the latest Premium-only Gift - a springtime gazebo with accompanying table, chairs, and stools. But, that’s not all!  This gift is jam-packed with over 50 items in total!

Enjoy a peaceful day outdoors in your own beautiful gazebo with matching table accessories including a tea and cake set, small candle lanterns, flowers, balloons and more.

To claim your Premium Gift, head over to one of the many Premium-only gift kiosks. Not Premium yet? Upgrade now to get several Premium-only benefits including a weekly L$300 stipend, increased group membership limits, expanded live-chat support, tier allotment for use with a Linden Home or a parcel on the Mainland, and much more! 


The arrival of spring also means that it is time for an all-new Swaginator Hunt! Several flower-shaped kiosks have blossomed across the grid - and each kiosk holds a special surprise! Seek and find the kiosks to claim a total of five free gifts. 

Are you new to the Swaginator Hunt? Here’s how to play:

How to Begin the Hunt

Grab your free Swaginator HUD to get started. Look for the flower-shaped kiosk and touch it to add it to your inventory. You should be able to find it in your Recent inventory. 


Next, select “Wear” to add the HUD to your Viewer screen. You will see a flower-shaped HUD appear on the upper left corner. Click the HUD to teleport to your first location to begin the hunt!


As you travel from location to location, keep an eye out for the Swaginator gift kiosk. To claim your free gift, click the kiosk! Then, click “Keep” in the pop-up window to accept the free item. It will be waiting for you in your inventory.


Use your HUD to keep track of all of the free items you collect. Don’t forget to click the HUD again after you collect each prize so that you can teleport to the next location in the hunt!

SPOILER ALERT! (Scroll down only if you want to learn about all gifts - revealed in the images below!)













Shimmy, Paranormal, Spiffy, Quartz and Garden Gnome are waiting! Can you collect ‘em all?


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