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Premium Prepay is Now Available!

Linden Lab


12.10.2019 UPDATE:

Premium Prepay is now available for anyone whose billing date is up to 2 years out.  To take advantage of this, you will need to 

1) Change your membership type to Annual if it isn't already

2) Select the option to pay $89 and have your next billing date be current_date + 1 year

3) pay the cashier

We're sorry that the limitations on Prepay had not been initially communicated. To make up for it, we've now removed the limitations.  

12.06.2019 UPDATE: 

1) If your membership is currently Monthly or Quarterly, you will first need to change it to Annual and click "Change Membership" (you will not be charged at this point).  Then you can chose the Prepay option and confirm the $89 charge and pay that to extend your membership by another year. 

2) If your membership was prepaid at the last promotion and the current review date is more than a year out, you will not currently see the promotional offer.  However, since we didn't make this obvious from the start, we're going to extend this offer window to make it possible for our most loyal members to take advantage of the promotion.  That change will go out next week and this thread will be updated, as well as this blog post.  



Are you feeling sad that only new Premium signups can take advantage of the 10% off Annual Promo? It was making us sad too. Now you are able to take advantage of this promotion with an existing account with Premium Prepay.  For the duration of the promotion (until January 2, 2020) Premium Members will find the option to prepay for an additional year at a discounted price under their account settings on Secondlife.com. 

image (2).png

If you are currently on a Quarterly or Monthly plan, you will need to change your plan to Annual to take advantage of this promo.  If you’re also curious to find out more about Premium Plus, you will be able to upgrade from Premium once Premium Plus is available.

Not a Premium Member yet? Save 10% Now!

Now is the perfect time to upgrade and save 10% off your first year of a new annual Premium Membership subscription. New premium members get a one-time L$1000 sign-up bonus, a weekly L$ stipend, their own home, priority access to full events inworld, and exclusive gifts. Subscribers also have special access to Premium Sandboxes inworld, where you can build objects, unpack your purchased items, and meet other Premium members. Upgrade to Premium and start enjoying all the benefits now!

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