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Fashion Made in SL: Salt & Pepper

Linden Lab


Fashion Made in SL.png


Our  “Made in Second Life” series continues with the first installment focusing on virtual world fashion creators - “Fashion Made in SL.”

Many people who start off in Second Life as Residents find that they enjoy exploring creating virtual goods inworld. Fashion, hair, home decor, accessories, and unique items that allow the community to express itself more freely and for individual Residents to customize their avatar in ways that are not possible anywhere else. 

“If you are able to transport something that others can feel, then you’ve reached the goal,” says creator xxsaltandpepperxx, whose brand Salt & Pepper can be found inworld, at events, and on the marketplace.  

Interactive products and designs are one of the things xxsaltandpepperxx likes to focus on - such as clothing items that interact with default Second Life water or a special “water gun” and change textures to a wet look. While she admits that these are not always the kind of items she would wear, she enjoys creating them, and the flexibility that applying her degree and skills to make a living doing so in Second Life affords. It allows her to balance her work and life in a way that benefits her family.

Find out more in the video below, and visit the Region inworld - there is a main store to peruse as well as horseback riding and beautiful views to explore.

Production Credits:
Video produced by Draxtor Despres
Logo designed by Marianne McCann

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