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Marketplace November Updates

Linden Lab


Happy Thursday everyone!  We hope everyone had a great Halloween and had their fill of tricks and treats.

We’re excited to have more marketplace updates to share with everyone - like a pumpkin full of the best candy, it brings you a good mix of fixes and features.

We’ve added three new Categories to Marketplace:

  • Gachas
  • Anthropomorphic
  • Animated Objects

We’ve also added “Anime” to the list of Marketplace communities. 

  • Marketplace order confirmation mail should include a product link and seller data. So it will from now on.
  • "Items per page" kept resetting to 12 in wishlists.  Annoying!
  • Any search field will now display an x on the right side once the user has started typing.  This will allow you to quickly remove/delete all text in the field instead of having to backspace out the information.
  • Merchants can no longer review their own listings.  Obviously, yours are the best. 
  • Store favorites used to say "Sold by [current user]" instead of the store owner.  That’s silly!
  • Merchant dashboard Report pages were missing the store banner
  • Updates to search for more precise results
  • Fixed searching within "manage listings"
  • Marketplace review helpfulness rating buttons were broken, but we unbroke them.
  • We will now notify a marketplace shop owner if items have their rating changed
  • Marketplace profile - some incorrect truncation of Policies box content was going on, so we put a stop to it
  • You could not preview listing with no price, but now - you can. 
  • Buying item for users not in the marketplace would throw an error, but that’s fixed.  
  • New Marketplace wishlist didn’t work in other languages than English.  Wishlist Joy to the world!
  • Added a helpful popup for the keywords field, which describes Boolean search functionality, so more people can discover it. 

Additionally, we’ve started cleaning up some older listings. Only merchants who have not logged in in five years were affected, and only those items which have not sold within two years. If you find that your listings have unlisted, please file a Jira and we’ll look into it presently. 

Thank you all for making Second Life great!  We look forward to hearing from you.

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