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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 12/19/2014

Linden Lab



It’s the second-to-last-weekend of 2014, how do you plan on enjoying it? Why not make time to see all the new places in the Second Life Destination Guide? ‘Tis the season to be dazzled and inspired, after all.

While winter white and Gothic black provide a rather stark color palette, Gothmas by Gaslight pulls it off with style, panache and an Aurora Borealis. Now through January 5th, do your winter shopping through darkly looming buildings, bright lights and swirling colors. Velvet and lace isn’t required, just recommended.



Gothmas by Gaslight

Gothmas by Gaslight follows a darker, more beautiful holiday season. The night air is cold and crystal, it is a time of velvet and lace, of jewels and silver. Gothmas runs through January 5th, for more information be sure to visit https://gothmasbygaslight.wordpress.com/.

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Have you ever driven through a neighborhood, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all the lights, giant inflatable Santas and silly Christmas decorations? This holiday season, come see as your Second Life neighbors open their homes and show off how they dress their domiciles in the Tour of Lights.


Tour of Lights

Celebrate the holiday season with a grid-wide community event: the first annual Second Life Tour of Lights, December 18th through the 21st! Over 30 Second Life residents came together to open their homes for this free, self-guided tour through a wide variety of holiday-themed houses and winter wonderland landscapes. Bundle up and experience the magic of the season!

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Not everyone is blessed with the perfect winter climate. Some people are forced to shovel snow in eight layers of clothing. Some stare at warm sandy beaches all year. At Scribbled Hearts, you don’t have to worry about the weather, season or time of day. Just rez in and bask in everything the perfect winter has to offer.


Scribbled Hearts

Home of tarte. and Plethora, Scribbled Hearts is winterized and the perfect place to visit. Grab a friend, a book, or a spot near the water and cozy up to the beautiful landscape and scenery. Whether you're looking to shop, take pictures, or just explore, Scribbled Hearts has it all!

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Are you good at puzzles? Are your favorite challenges described using words like “fiendishly” and “difficult?” The Bushido Challenge is a maze-like treasure hunt that requires a whole host of skills to complete. And what reward would make this task worth your while, you ask? A full suit of customized armor, of course.


The Bushido Challenge

Enter the Bushido Challenge, a treasure hunt and maze that requires planned movements, logic, sequencing, matching, interaction, cooperation and more. Solve them all for a full set of kanji armor. Get your bushido on as the at the Bushido Challenge.

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A yearly tradition over at Jasmine’s Hollow, Hollow Days offers all the trappings of good winter fun. With art and music for sale, ice skating and events through the new year, come spend winter with one of the friendliest communities around.


Hollow Days at Jasmine's Hollow

Welcome to the fourth annual Hollow Days winter celebration! Skate, stroll, cuddle, play games and more at this Adirondack steampunk artist community. Shop for gifts at the galleries and listening booths. Or hang out at the live shows and New Years Eve party at the Dirty Grind.

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Nothing heats up winter like seeing your new creations, so join the fun and share something great. Or send a picture over to the official Second Life Flickr page and see what your Second Life neighbors are up to.



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