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SLShare Now Supports Flickr and Twitter

Linden Lab


In late 2013, we released a new way to share photos, status updates, and check-ins from Second Life to Facebook: SLShare. That project is now receiving an awesome update: SLShare will include Twitter and Flickr support!

This SLShare update will allow you to share your Second Life experiences beyond Facebook. Twitter and Flickr sharing is just as quick and easy, complete with specific options relevant to each social network.

For Flickr, you will be able to name and add a description to your image. We have tagging capabilities so you can ensure other users can find the images you want to share. Maturity settings are a requirement for Flickr, so we’ve made it easy for you to set this right from the Viewer.

The Twitter integration is also designed to be very intuitive, so it will be easy share what’s happening in Second Life with your Twitter followers. You’ll also be able to add photos and your location when you share to Twitter, and by default, SLShare tweets include the hashtag #secondlife, so it will be easy to see what others are sharing with this feature.

This update will also introduce a set of post-processing filters that you can run your pictures through to create cool one-of-a-kind images! The new filters were inspired by the images posted to Flickr by Second Life Residents. With more than a million uploads, most of them enhanced by some post-processing, we thought it would be great to include this feature right in SLShare. These filters will work regardless of which social network you choose to share your Second Life pictures to.

But it doesn’t stop there. For those more technically savvy, we designed this feature to be modifiable by our users. If you’d like to create your own filters, check out the wiki page on this for more information.

Check out

below, then go try out the new Project Viewer here. We can’t wait to see more of your SL experiences online so share today and share often!



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