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Introducing Anaglyph 3D Mode

Linden Lab



As we’ve previously blogged, we recently integrated the Oculus Rift with the Second Life Viewer; users with the development headset can try out the beta now and experience Second Life in a uniquely immersive way. Today, we’re happy to announce another exciting new way to experience Second Life: anaglyph 3D mode.

We think this will appeal to literally dozens of Second Life users nostalgic for the kind of 3D experiences provided by comic books, cereal boxes, and B-movies.


As with the Oculus Rift integration, you will need a specialty headset to take advantage of this new Viewer mode. Fortunately, the consumer edition of the hardware has been in production for many years and is readily available around the world. Though not quite as immersive as using the Oculus Rift with Second Life, the hardware required to use this mode is certainly cheaper, very comfortable even with prolonged use, and less prone to inducing nausea for first-time users.

A key immersion feature of the Oculus Rift is the ability to look around the world by moving your head. This works with the anaglyph 3D mode as well. Simply attach the monitor to your head and coordinate your camera controls with your head movements.


Anaglyph Glasses by Snaily is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States license.

To start using anaglyph 3D mode today, download the project Viewer, then from the ‘Me’ menu, toggle Anaglyph Mode or press CTRL+3+D.

While we look forward to bringing Second Life into the future with exciting new technologies like VR headsets, we also think it’s important to balance cutting-edge innovation with tried-and-true last-century technology - at least on April 1st.



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