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  1. Direct Delivery: Do I transition my magic box listings or wait? Is it very buggy and troublesome still, or is it working fairly smoothly? I've been gone for a long time and just heard of the new system today. Thanks so much! <3
  2. Thank you so much for your replies. I am going to read them, try again, and take pictures of my before and after models. I really appreciate all the kindness and help.
  3. Hello! I made a jack-o-lantern in mesh and textured it in PS, but it does not render correctly. The front "face" shows fine, but the back looks invisible. This changes as I move the camera so that I can see whatever face is closest to me and not the back. I'm currently starting a series of mesh tutorials, as I made this baby just as an experiment. However, can anyone pinpoint something I did wrong with this specific mesh? I also uploaded a very simple astronaut helmet and had the same issue. My theory is that my problem has come from cutting holes in a mesh sphere, so that the i
  4. Hello! Does anyone know if depth of field is a controllable option in Firestorm? I can't figure it out, and while I have high-end computer.. it doesn't work well with the other available viewers. Firestorm seems to have the most potential for my system, but I can't find the DoF controls. Thanks!
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