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  1. I'm wondering, does anyone know any good shoe stores for women? Like 300L or less would be good. I have a friend who is looking for stores, and I can't help her out that much because I don't know a lot about women's fashion.
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    At that point, I would have started cursing at them if it was a moderate sim. That's the thing that pisses me off about roleplayers, though. Unless I'm in your sim, then don't expect me to play by your rules. You can't just create a captive audience and expect everyone to play along. Especially with the money thing, that's going into borderline scam territory.
  3. I tried UW and it wasn't there. I highly doubt it's a Dura hairstyle, but I'll give that a shot. To SephoraMoonlight, if you get a response on that NC, please let me know! D:
  4. So basically, my internet connection is fine. Please understand that. Though it should be pretty obvious because I'm posting this right now, and that requires an internet connection. That being said, I keep getting an error message when I try to log into SL. I've tried both the official viewer and firestorm and neither is working right. So...what's up? It gets to the region handshake and quits working, and tells me to check my internet connection or that there might be a problem with the grid. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there some way to fix it? This is the second time this has h
  5. There are loads of freebie blogs out there, but my advice is to start checking out shops. Many, many stores have things called Lucky Boards, where you can get a prize just from waiting until the first letter of your username is called, and some have Midnight Madness boards. A lot of stores also have freebies, and things like group gifts, where you can get something for free just for being a part of a group. (And a good chunk of the groups have absolutely no requirements to join!) There are also blogs that keep up with group gifts, lucky boards, and so on. I'll link some of my favorites: h
  6. http://www.flickr.com/photos/veromodero/6929018588/in/pool-433382@N23/ Does anyone recognize it?
  7. Why would it be against the TOS to ask somebody their age? o-o That just seems silly to me. I know that age-based discrimination is against the TOS, but I hardly see how asking somebody how old they are would be offensive.
  8. I would probably advise somebody who is 13-14 to stick with teens, just because of safety issues. But I don't think that older teens should really have this problem, just because you know how to be sensible and fairly mature. (And I'm assuming it'd be a non issue anyways, since people 13-15 have to stay within specific sims.) But somebody who is 16-17, I don't think that's a problem. For the most part, a 17 year old is as mature as an 18 year old, and a 16 year old isn't that far off. And, from personal experience, I've only been 18 for a little over a month and I've had no problem getting
  9. I'm more of a fan of straight leg pants, personally. Baggy pants make people look goofy.
  10. Just adding this in...being a better person means not shoving your silly religion down other people's throats. :matte-motes-wink:
  11. I guess I should say, I've considered making things on Second Life, but I don't really know where to start. You see, for a long time I was developing clothing on IMVU, but I did texturing. The way it works there is that there are 3D meshers and texturers (and people who do both) and some of the meshers allow texturers to derive off of their products and add in their own textures. So, as you can guess, I'm at a loss for Second Life. Is there a market for people who do that kind of thing? How do I know what meshs I can make clothes off of, so to speak? Is it the same way here? I guess I feel
  12. Regarding bisexuality, the same could be said about straight people. There are a lot of people who are straight, in straight relationships, but either have fantasies of being with the same sex or are sexually attracted to the same sex. It takes a lot of experimenting to understand sexuality, I think. I know I started out trying to be attracted to girls, and I had to give an effort to pretend to be interested...before realizing that I'm not interested in women on a sexual level. It takes a lot of introspection to do it, to really understand. I think that's maybe why a lot of people are in deni
  13. I think that the "humans are designed to be homosexual" was a misinterpretation of things. All animals who are not asexual beings (Humans included) are designed to be heterosexual as per evolution. If a species wishes to exist, then it must procreate. Otherwise, it will die out. However, I would say that some humans are designed to be homosexual, for whatever reason. For some reason, some people are born that way. One, two, and three. Homosexuality does exist within nature, but obviously not everyone is gay. Regarding the population, I would argue that the numbers aren't exactly fair simply b
  14. Does anyone have a list of stores like these? I only know male stores like Narcissus' Closet and The Men's Dept, so I'm at a loss when helping out a friend of mine. Does anyone know? I mean stores where good designers sell their stuff for cheap, like 70L or something. Like the stores I listed.
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