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  1. Hi there, Welcome aboard to SL. I would like to give a suggestion really quick. A lot of clubs, venues, etc will not hire a newly created avatar right away. Some require you be about 30 days or even 90 days old before you will even be able to apply. Other than that, I'd also suggest checking the employment forum. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld-Employment/bd-p/InworldEmployment
  2. I'm 22, but have not been on SL in forever.
  3. I found some pretty good hair for my avatar at a marketplace shop called . sWEET FACEs . . sWEET HAIRs . https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/12217 is where you can find them.
  4. I am planning on designing basic clothes on SL(at first). I will make a new avi and she'll be the designer and one to contact for questions. I also plan to make a blog for it too. The thing is..I do not have money to 'buy' photoshop, and heard GIMP is good in designing. Is there a guide on here that's up to date about GIMP and making clothes for FEMALE and MALE avatars? Thanks! P.S - I found a guide.. but it maybe...dated? http://www.mermaiddiaries.com/2007/03/day-181-creating-clothes-with-gimp.html
  5. LuciaRiley


    Go here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/ It loaded fine for me. Be sure you're logged in if ya wanna buy from the marketplace. Are you like..trying to go to a region or land on SL itself?
  6. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Phil Deakins wrote: Leia36 wrote: When I started SL I had my RL pic up in my profile under "1st life". I was advised to drop it by one of my mentors and share my RL pic with those close to me and not make it open to everyone, which makes sense to me. To others, they might have their own reasons to post their RL pic, its a completely personal choice. That was bad advice. Why would anyone advise anyone to not have their RL pic there? If you are a female in RL and put your pic there, you are going to be hit on a lot more and get more IM's you may find offensive
  7. The club owner gives me a uniform/outfit, and it's a 'work outfit'. The thing is, it is not in my inventory as an object now. (they never stated that you had to keep the object) Can you really get in 'trouble' for this, or is it all just a scare tactic? I have it as a folder, and could delete the folder.
  8. Hi, My name is LuciaRiley Resident on Second Life. I have wrote for many a blogs not related to Second Life per say, but for video gaming. I wish to expand my 'niche' writing skills further to second life writing on other 'fan blogs'. This could be like a shop blog, club blog, etc. I am willing to offer my services to those who do not have time to exactly write about their events on a blog. Yes, there's groups, IM chats, etc.. but those do not out reach to anyone besides the SL resident(s). If you were to make a blog, then you could get prospective VIPs and more accounts for SL. :) If you wish
  9. You can try submitting this to the events page here too - https://secondlife.com/my/community/events/?lang=en-US
  10. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Frick-Alice-in-Violet-Outfit/2784906 -- I contacted the store owner, and I kinda need a response now as I have a 'second life halloween' event tonight. It doesn't need to be spot on, so any suggestion is fine.
  11. Sorry, when I looked here it was about 1AM or so my time. I didn't look at those images properly. But yeah, you're best off just buying the linden dollars instead of working for clubs on SL.
  12. About the jobs. Ask yourself ; why do you need a job in SL? Is it ONLY for money? If the answer is yes, think carefully about buying L$ and enjoy SL without a job... Most of the clubs won't hire under 30 days, if not 90 days. It's kind of something a lot of them do so you can get used to SL. For the other issues.. try and clear cache?
  13. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Above all else, Don't fall for someone. you will only end up with a broken heart. Have fun! This pretty much sums it up right there for me.
  14. Hi, Do you guys know of any professional photographers who do profile pics for a fee, or even for free? Thanks
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