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  1. everytime I change my outfit or put on new clothes, this pink layer keeps appearing on my avi's torso. I tried rebaking and cleaning my cache and it won't work! it keeps appearing and I have to use character test everytime I want to change my outfit. please help. http://i47.tinypic.com/ubgnr.png
  2. True, But I admit that this is an intresting topic, but the clothing Idea doesn't sound like a bad idea.
  3. What if I change the topology without the inetention of reselling or redistrubiting the mesh avi I created? It would be highly unlikely that Daz would find out I traced there mesh, unless I used it in a machima or advertise a product on sl using it.
  4. So it's alright if I modeled on top of the original model, and create a lower poly version of the mesh as long as I don't use any parts of the orginal? I would probably use a different face than the orginal model has, by finding a photo reference with similar features as her or I would draw my own references by hand and scan them into my pc. But thanks for the info hopefully it works.
  5. I'm new as well, my old account got hacked since I took a break from sl. I lost most of my old friends because I haven't signed over a year and a half. I do admit It's really hard to make friends on here. It's very clicky especially, if your not a least a month old. because most jobs and certain groups require to be at least a month old before apply for one. Lot of things on here that I like, require me to be a month old even though, I have an alternate account. If you still want a friend you can message me and we can hangout .
  6. True but some people don't want to be IMed or bothered with, they usually ignore my IMs or they say that there too busy to talk.
  7. I k now right! I went to about 7 clubs and nobody IMed me. I tried everything I could think of , I'm starting to think it's because I'm ugly
  8. yeah I see, I played alot rps not in sl, I acctually started rping in Imvu wich was probably even worst than sl rp. Maybe I'll rp as a school teacher or something. Maybe a ninja lol
  9. ok Just message me if you still need any dancers
  10. Well, most Rps will work with you. Willowdale high also offers a class on Roleplay 101.
  11. What kind of rp do you do, I would some information, but alot of rp groups I try to join and are very clicky especially if your kinda new.
  12. sad but true V.v I lost contact with most of old friends, and usually the clubs i go to are so silent you can here crickets.
  13. I'm a returning player to sl and alot of the places I used to go to are gone and I can't really find a good place where I can meet new ppl. alot places I go to are either really quiet or the people their really don't want to talk.
  14. I kinda am new and I want to learn how to roleplay. I took a break about a year and I never really experienced the roleplaying side of sl. I can emote decently but I never emoted outside clubs before, so I don't now the rp format sl roleplayers use.
  15. Actually I didn't want to resell them, I wanted to use them for personal use, like having a unique new shape for myself. and by the way thank you for the links.
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