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  1. Has this been updated to work now? Are the precise instructions how to accomplish the rigging for the Belleza body?
  2. Well, is nice to know SL keeps trying to update things. Now, I only have to wait on some videos how to rig and weight paint things in Blender using this new method. Someone posted about small time creators being run out of business, I am one and I sucked it up and take, have taken and will continue to take classes to learn Blender. Blender is Free, SL classes by tips, invest your Lindens and time to learn is well worth it. Many free videos on Youtube and the web to help as well. Be interesting to see what the Aftermarket FP Mesh Creators come up with. Will they re-rig and re-weight their items and distribute updates to their customers? Will they continue with the standard shape sizing scheme since not all the mesh I have seen deforms well with one size. A couple suggestions were made, LL needs to look into. A excellent suggestion make demos a separate category or a way to exclude them from search. MP is bogged down with demos and is no fun looking through all of them find what you wish to buy. I usually give up pretty quickly. x
  3. Here are a few links that may help your with flexible items. Mermaid Dairies has LOTS of creation information and is a handy link to save for later. http://www.mermaiddiaries.com/2007/07/day-286-creating-flexi-prims-tutorial.html http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Building-and-Texturing-Forum/How-to-make-a-prim-for-a-skirt/td-p/792553 I like this set of layered clothing tutorials.
  4. What program are you working in? Did you us the same UVs for both skirts? Or, did you make new UVs from the new skirt type?
  5. So many interesting posts today on the forums or maybe I have just been absent for awhile. Call me a bit skeptical here. Nothing on MP of the work you have done. An In-World store SLURL was requested by a poster but not forthcoming. As one of the posters stated, you do not provide what you bring to the table. Are you willing to pay $25.00 to $75.00 USD per hour for a graphic designer to create clothing for you? Are you wanting full permission items you can sell exclusively or, semi exclusively? If so, what are you willing to pay for them per item? Are you wanting a partnership? What do you bring to table as a partner? What building/creating skills to the partnership? If a designer has a business, how is that incorporated into the partnership? Many a creator started out slow in SL since a majority of us have to work for a living in RL to support our creative hobby in SL. It's not a race. So many unanswered questions. Few, if any, will ever get rich in SL.
  6. My suggestion, if you wish a steady income in SL, sign up for a premium account (which has a monthly fee attached and charged to your paypal/credit card) to receive a small weekly stipend as part of your perks. Or, buy Lindens using your paypal or credit card.
  7. Interesting concept to follow. My question is, how do you differentiate between virtual world results and those of say gaming worlds, like World of Warcraft for example? While there are some similarities between the two venues, there appear to be more differences than similaries. I would also expect something like SL to be weighted more with females vs. WOW, which would be expected to have a larger population of males. Have you built anything in in relationship to age differences?
  8. Another popular option, create your own if you don't see anything you like out there for sale. If you do not know how to build, check out Builders Brewery. BB has beginner building classes as well as more advanced classes like jewelry making.
  9. Personally, I like my mesh boobs they look more realistic to me but. I am naturally well endowed in RL so would look realistic to me. For me, I despise those icky prim tippy toe type feet, which I find totally repugnant. I am also not a fan of the petites either nor hands, the fingernails, the bellys, etc. ..mesh butts...well surely they have to look better than the ones on the current SL AV. Until the SL AV is updated, which will probably break all the clothes and accessories we own now, we will have to depend on mesh attachments.
  10. Good post, Sassy. I liked the "heavy dose of sarcasm"! The debate always rages on doing what is technically correct or serve customers and their money. It's one of those questions everyone has to answer for themselves and may not set well with everyone else. I mean look at the texture size debate...been going on for years and still raging. I have always created for the love of learning new things/skills and benig creative. Some of what I create I offer for sale...if folks chose to buy, cool...if not, that's cool too. Me, I try to do it technially right (LOL and fail more often than not)...but with mesh am still learning all the technical aspects. I work with low poly, which looks like crap if you zoom out but sheesh you if you are zoomed out what does it matter what it looks like from a distance? Boogles my mind sometimes. I know there are creators that depend on the RL bucks their items generate so they may have very different motives in creating and pleasing customers. I can't fault them to be honest. Keep up the does of scarcasm...we need them to keep us honest!
  11. For me, good quality mesh is not the same old stuff done over and over again. It has good weight painting so when my AO moves my AV my skin is not sticking out. The inclusion of a the alpha texture I can export and easily tweak it to my AV. I don't mind buying off the rack so to speak if it is creatively done and uniquely accessorized and at a low cost because IT IS off the rack. But, so many After Market Creators don't seem to test the Alphas they receive in their kits on AVs other than the standard shapes. Of course the Alphas will fit the standard AV sizing, but let's be practical here, how many of us really are those standard sizes? Also, it would be since if more offsets were used so layered clothing could be incorporated under shirts and such. The biggest trouble I have is wearing separate pieces from different makers for example pants and tops. Or, long shirts and flexi skirts. Just very difficult to coordinate and look right. Would be nice of a mesh maker made their products that could fit with one another.
  12. I thought CG already had a TOS in place that usage of their property was not allowed for upload or derivative form for Second Life regardless if for commercial/non-commercial usage. I think the the old TOS was in place for a year or more by CG, which was one of the reason I stop using the site. LL's new TOS may or may not hold water in a court of law. We all know how up to date the laws are on virtual commerce ans such.
  13. Maybe this guide on torturing prims will help you http://ayumicassini.blogspot.com/2009/07/ultimate-guide-to-prim-twisting.htmlhttp:// And, as others have posted, it really is better to create primmy items in blender where you have a lot more control over how the final product will look. If you are not ready yet for Blender but still want to dabble with mesh check out Mesh Studio https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Mesh-Studio/2993083 or some of Cel Edman products https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/13486 Market Place.
  14. Anything I review on my blog, I have purchased and used myself. I try to be as objective as possible when reviewing a product, whether it is my blog or on MP; however, we all have our limitations. Reviews are only as good as the reviewer is willing to be objective; thus, I usually only post reviews on products that deserve review. Nothing is ever perfect but some products are much better than others. I do these review on my dime and my time. If the product is good, I want to extoll its' virtues but still point out its' bad points as well. I don't want to have to waste my time on a product that is just shabby and doesn't deserve any more time spent on it or precious blog space than necessary. LOL...I would be just a critical if the item were given to me to test and review but if it is on my own dime, I don't feel guilty about writing the truth as I see it.
  15. Without seeing the original mesh it is difficult to say...looks she may have to add in some manual wrinkles and shading to the texture. Same if the mesh has built in wrinkles. She might want to contact the original creator to see if they have a psd they sell for making textures. Or, give some hints how the texture was made.
  16. When I first started, I think the fad was wings...buttlerfly wings...demon wings...angel wings....fae wings...wings....wings...wings were every where. Was even best wings contests. Everything was wings and everyone wore them. Thanks for posting this pic...had not seen these types AVs yet but I don't get out much. Sad, so very very sad...is right up there with those big hipped lopsided pear shaped AVs with the frowny faces and teeth...or the poop filled droopy pants.
  17. I really wish that Skin Creators would offer a textures to their customers for mesh feet...sort of like the Lola/Lush Appliers. We would have less ugly gray feet in SL.
  18. Yes, I believe it was announced some time back temporary textures would no longer be possible. You can alway use the beta grid to test your texture...is no cost there to check it out. When texture is how you want it, upload the good texture to the normal grid. Up and coming creators can do what so many of us had to do before the tempory textures function was available. Buy some Lindens from LL and spend the penny or two it costs for uploads.
  19. Interesing, I thought at one time their was a private forum or even a public one for educators and educational institutions? I am almost positive there was one set aside. The times I looked at them (yes, the distant past when my employer was looking into teaching via SL) they were rarely used. To be honest, after the hype a few years ago, I have heard little to nothing from LL or other educational institutions still using SL. I think the last I heard the educational groups were being charged full price for sims due to some mismanagement and misrepresentation.
  20. Try to remain cordial with your neighbor even though they are annoying the hell out of you. I know it is very hard but be the better person if you can. I have seen stuff like this escalate to full blown griefing wars spilling over from a couple of neighbors to the entire sim and ruins everyones SL. In the meantime, turn off/down some of your sound effects, which can always be restored later or away from the issue. Me, I normally have all mine turned off since I find most all sounds in SL annoying. You can always box your property in temporarily with something tasteful if you cannot derender. Or, consider moving to another sim. It is one of the reason I saved up and bought a mainland sim...no more annoying neighbor problems for the most part. Keep filing your AR reports quoting the appropriate parts of the TOS. Also, look at the community standards and quote as well. Send photos of the issue to and any additional items of interest with the AR report. Be patient with LL. They have many many requests and issues to resolve and might take some time to resolve this.
  21. Uuummm...you mean women in SL are suppose to wear bras? Hey you guys didn't send me the memo I was suppose to wear one. I just don't wear them so cannot say:matte-motes-big-grin-squint:. Does it really matter either way?
  22. Are we speaking mesh? Or, layered clothing? Do you have an example?
  23. I too am learning so may not be able to help much. Are you using the Avastar addon? I know some things in Avastar make life easier, but I am too new to tell you what. If you do not receive a lot of replies, run a search for Blender Groups in SL, some are pretty active and might be able to answer you better than I can.
  24. Agrees with Rolig....hundreds and hundreds out on the web, both written and video tutorials. SL creation wiki has links as well. Search SL forums...has lots of info in the forums and archives. Google is a creator's best friends.
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