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  1. pfff for that price all questions should get redirected to the creator
  2. rl age and we won't enforce anything. it's more like a guide line .. i don't really wanna get in a discussion about whats normal. other people using the term as well will know what it means i guess, i don't know... and your spell check is doing it wrong
  3. hm no lol we need some control over the place
  4. hello ! cade and i are talking in world right now, pitching ideas. would you like to join us?
  5. hello, anyone interested in doing that with me? i was thinking opening a hangout spot with mayyybe housing (not sure, maybe to expensive) for normal people in their 20's and 30's. no ideas written in stone yet. i'm bored and up for a project. IM me if you like
  6. So neu, ich find dich noch gar nicht in der Suche! Such du mich ma wenn du magst, OliviaJean Resident
  7. hello :) i need a custom alpha, see pic if anyone could help me out please
  8. hello :) is that gacha arcade closed? i couldn't get in for days!
  9. hi! i am trying to get the rgb from my skin, apparently the rgb tool used to be under advanced-ui- show color under cursor. where is it now in off. viewer? Thank you charolotte :) very much!
  10. heya :) we are a small group and are looking for another roomie. we live on a big winter themed parcel and your share would be 1000L/week for 750 prims. you can set up your own house, the sunset 2 waterside corner is available. let me describe what we are looking for .. well gender and your rl doesn't matter, a human avatar would be great but whatever floats your boat. well wait lol, kid avatars and family roleplay is a no-go. well and no vampires or so pls! human would really do! ;p you should be online a lot and not always too busy! someone that loves to hang out with others and laughs a lot. humour is very important, you shouldn't be too serious and not take sl too serious. it's important to find romantic and sexual relations outside the home! well you can bring your partner over and so, but roomies are friends only. much more relaxed that way ;p IM me in world to visit us, let's hang out for a bit to see if we click :)
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