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  1. No, I can't afford 5 cents to upload and YOU are not anyone to tell me if I'm playing the wrong "game"...especially since it's not a game to me, gamer. And you have no idea when I recieved information about the beta grid. Are you late for your WoW session? Thank you to the nice socials who have responded... I learned about local and Aditi from you and it has helped greatly. I'm off to create now... because I have the right to, whether or not I have 5 cents (which I don't)... and because I can. Note: minimum is 2.50 to buy lindens... omg, more than 5 cents!
  2. Not all up and coming creators have the money to buy Lindens and waste them on uploading mistakes. No one knows anyone else's circumstances without asking them. They have the right to enjoy and create in SL as much as the "upper echelon" (sp).
  3. Thank you, Frawmust... {BIG HUG!} That was a big help *UPDATE: using local did not work for applied clothing... guessing it works great for prims. Will keep testing.... this might just be because it's Tuesday
  4. Before I go postal... thought I would ask this question.... has anyone else noticed the lack of a "temporary" check box on the texture uploads and snapshots? I'm really REALLY hoping that SL and Firestorm did not decide to take that out since it is important to up and coming creators, especially in the clothing field. But like I said, thought I'd ask first because it might be a glitch on my part. Thanks for any answers.
  5. Funny, these are old posts and in it I am hearing all the hype that went out when Phoenix was the "big thing" to move to... even though it wasn't complete and needed updating about every ten seconds. Back then they said Emergence was no longer viable but I used it well for over a year until I got personal word of a stable version of Phoenix. When I tried Firestorm, it played havoc on my and my daughter's computer... and we're not the first or only to have that happen. So this sounds like recycled hype. The safe thing for Phoenix users is to keep using Phoenix until a stable version of Fir
  6. After reading all this (and not even the other posts yet), this transition to DD sounds completely daunting and horrific! Learning the magic box was child's play compared to this so far. There is one thing that is clear... the "land required" statement is phrased in a way that makes people think that they need to buy land to rez objects - that's false advertisement (not on the merchants part). What it SHOULD say is "Can be rezzed in a public sandbox or on your own land." And if converting to DD moves you to the top of search, then how long is that for because when everyone is forced to use
  7. From an SL (partial) tutorial/post: "For each object in the Second Life world, Second Life compares three important performance factors: download weight, physics weight, and server weight. It then chooses the highest of these weights and assigns it to the mesh as the mesh's prim-equivalent value. Normally, only the resulting prim-equivalent value is visible in the Viewer. To view physics weight, set ShowAdvancedBuilderOptions to TRUE in the DEBUG SETTINGS window. Note: The L$10 base cost to upload a mesh model is a temporary rate for the open beta period. This fee may increase after the mes
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