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  1. wow this little thought got to page 2 on it's own hehe. I was feeling down about a certain type of gender bias. Got that far and stopped, realizing it covers a lot of different things. Fashion wasn't on my mind but it's a very good point. Men's things have always seemed to cost more and were at least 30% less appealing (IMO) than stuff for women across the board. I'm glad to see that changing some recently. Actually now a guy can put together a pretty good look for free, and a key is not always necessary. Sometimes it's a combination and just takes the right kind of touch with the fingers. What I was talking about is people's propensity to anchor others to RL gender even when things are clearly stated as SL only.
  2. Tamara Artis wrote: I know that beauty is in the eye of beholder, or whatever you say it in english... And I know that we all want our avatars to be pretty, to look the best possible! But when I see female avatars with breasts size 100 and no gravity, when i see those squared boxes on their chests, I am wondering do they see it different? Do you see it same as me? Like there are more and more creatures that look way too ugly even for a cartoon. Maybe it looks amazing on their screen? Or they wanted to look like that? Its not only that, they make their backs huge too!, and tiny waists. If they looked like that RL, I'm wondering would they want to go out in public at all? That kind of a look demands waaay to much liquifying!! But its not that what concernes me, it is the fact that females whos avatars look like that act like everyone wants them and the rest of female population is envy. I mean, like I want my avatar to look like that, but I can't make it so I am jelaous And if by any chance I feel free to suggest a tiny change to the look, I am a hater! Jelaous b**ch who can't stand a real woman in front of me. If anyone makes just a tiny comment, there is a storm of ugly words coming out of their huge pouty lips (sad looking of course) and that storm closes with a famous sentence - I wan't no drama! And am not interested to have any discussions with you! Smart move actually, they said all the bad words and closed any further discussion, so I am just there to stay quiet. So, is it some new lifestyle? How would you call it? How do you deal with them if you can't avoid them? Hi Tamara I am normaly pretty polite and gracious to people in public. I've hosted, danced and DJ'd and helped out in general with a few places. One personal rule of thumb I have for myself and I don't care if anyone thinks it's rude or not is this... You make your avi all weird on purpose or pick a name for yourself that begs for a joke, then you asked for it..and you WILL recieve it, BY me, IN the local chat, in front of everyone! lol And I have yet to be fired from anywhere for that. Reason why is the things I say about them is nothing different than anyone in the room is thinking. Size 100 breasts are floatation devices lol, Is there beer in there? Where did you park the pontoon boat? But, no, you are not the only one who notices, lol. In fact I bet more people notice than ever would say out loud. But see that's the game these people play. To see what kind of crap they can run on everyone then play the pouty hurt feeling thing if anyone says anything. And I am not talking about actual new people trying to put themself together or the person who had the misfortune of having LL put an extra shoe on one foot and attachments from 2 days ago all up and down their back. That type of thing I would be discrete about for sure
  3. I actually have had to cut ties and ignore over this type of thing. Really only once but the person was just spastic non-stop whenever they saw me on and also continued to try to get me to divulge RL info like location and phone even though I made it very clear that was something I will not do ever upon request. (I reserve the right to make exceptions if I really do trust someone, but that's my call, not anyone else's) Not really what OP was on about though. That's the extreme I guess. I have had the opposite too which is just as irksome. I have a friend whom I love dearly but like they will IM and I will reposnd then they might say the next thing 20 minutes later. I try to be patient because I know from our connection on FB they are often mobile, so maybe that's how they are IMing, I don't know. But it's pretty exasperating when someone IM's YOU then you answer and have to wait so long for the next reply. Usually if I'm doing something or have a lot of IM's I will tell people to expect a slow response. For most, that's sufficient
  4. I thought you said flipping broads. Was getting excited for a minute.
  5. Well so far in 4+ years I have had exactly one guy show enough commitment to actually show up for the 1st date. Then he blew it by trying to bring in 'extras' with us at the end of the night. 2 nights ago I again decided to give men a chance and bleh, stood up again. F' it lol Anyhow, I'm bi so it hasn't been an entirely lonely 4 years, thankfully
  6. Why was this moved because of the title? It's the clinical term for it, isn't it? By context, it belongs exactly where the poster put it. Put it back please. Thanks
  7. Skylar Meridoc wrote: I know theres some people playing the opposite sex in SL. But does it normally matter to most people if they are playing the same sex as they are in RL? I mean, i could imagine dating someone of the opposite sex in SL even if they are same sex in SL... as long as they play their "Role" right. I normally keep SL and RL seperate, so shouldn't be a problem, right? Aside from the predictable reaction to your use of the word 'playing', I think you have a great attitutude. For me, no. It doesn't matter in the least if RL gender matches SL gender. Your question though asks if it matters to most people. In my observation, the answer to that is sadly yes. Just from what I've seen, it seems like most have some gender specifics about who they want at the other keyboard.
  8. Love13Life wrote: I am wondering how you know I thought I was once when my scripted fridge suddenly had pickles and ice cream in there. Was a false alarm. They were my roomate's.
  9. Thank all of you that have posted. I haven't replied back but I want you all to know I've read every post and truly appreciate the time you've taken to share. These are some wonderful thoughts
  10. LOLWUT? Sounds like it was something like this... They were on a BREAK! yea, that's it
  11. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: I have a challenge to all of those that say they can keep SL and RL 100% separate. Picture your best SL friend, the one you have known forever in SL. The person that lights up you day when you see them log in. Now picture yourself logging in one day to a notecard from that person stating that "I am sending you this notecard to inform you that my {mother/father/uncle/whatever (your bestie)} has passed away in RL. They wished me to inform all of their SL friends of their passing" tell me you would have no feelings. Right on the money Drake. Big hugs for pointing that out
  12. A lot of people have alts. Some have many. Not all use them for cheating, trickery or mischief. A quick scan over the comments, some don't even feel it's mischief to have many SL lives in progress at once, more than one with supposedly meaningful relationships. I'm with you OP in that that don't work for me. There's a thing called intuation, and after a while, the time (or lack there-of) just doesn't add up, nor do flimsy alibies. When I'm with a person, they get my alts too. I make sure alts and how they effect the relationship is one of the 1st things that is discussed
  13. I'm probably asking for it to ask this on here, especially right now with some of the other topics that are floating around, but anyway.. ..to have a real, meaningful relationship with someone that remains just here in SL. One you could call real love, though it's understood that it's not going to real life? I'm not talking about RP. I've seen people post that they RP a relationship in SL. I do nothing of the kind. If someone stands me up on Saturday night, I did NOT roll 2 D6 and come up with snake eyes to end up with that glare they find themself looking into when they login <@><@> And maybe the above isn't the best personal add to be placing, lol. But yes, I do have feelings directly related to this existance we call second life. I don't want to come before a person's 1st life, but I do want to matter somewhere above the clickety click of 'likes' to earn facebook points. To me, SL a life of it's own, emotionally and intelectually connected to the one out there, yet still seperate. I want someone to share the time with here and enjoy what there is to see and do together without any pressure to go meet them in vegas or what-have-ya.
  14. lol, if the people really are missing the online romance and pixel poking SL (or just the internet in gerneral) has to offer Just keep the computers in seperate rooms. That way you can still spend half the day twittering all over each other's facebooks. I can only see disaster on the horizon though if someone is double dippin
  15. Ottiwotti Beattie wrote: Well I have been reading the forums for years rarely ( or have i ever *shrugs*) posted anything but after reading this thread here goes: The real question is how does each individual see SL......is it a game ?.....is it a social network.....is it something you should take seriously ?...is it a porn site ? *laughs* this last idea is probably nearer the truth all things considered. My spin on things, after being here nearly 5 years......don't take it seriously and it is really just a social network with **bleep**ty graphics (my dig at sl coding).......you can't walk around sl without treading in all the bull**bleep** out there. If people want to share rl pics in their profile....share rl info, why shouldn't they. In my opinion they are being half way honest, okay there are the wierdos who use fake pics (mostly some naked crap).....**bleep** they really do need to get a life not just a second life....but hey thats how the world works we all just have to live with it. It's simple if you don't like don't look.....freedom of choice I'll be honest I look at profiles .......just to have a laugh to myself, over time I think i can pick the bull**bleep** from the reality. The only thing that really does annoy me is the stupid quote 80% of people in sl have in their profile....."SL = SL RL = RL".....what a dum statement.....how can SL exsist if there wasn't a rl !!!....let's face it, you can.... (this will probably offend some people)......hide behind some glorified avatar but your personailty, complexes, etc etc will become apparent at some time, and even if you are a gender bender anyone with half a brain will realise they are dealing with something that isn't what it seems to be. Now is this a bad thing? thats for each person to decide for themselves. I have my opinion so let everyone have theirs, whether it agrees with yours or not. Finally let me put this point out there.......millions of facebook users in the world means (by the law of probabilty) a good majority of sl users will have a facebook account so..........."Why have a facebook account and hide in sl ? ". just for the record, I do have rl photo in my profile.....what you see is what you get in real as in SL "Secondlife...where WoW meets the Sims and goes badly wrong" I don't think it's a dumb thing to spell out in a profile myself, but I don't mind if you think that Personally I think they should add an optional checkbox at the top for it. 5 years? I been here over 4. Surely you are aware how common it is for people to just assume that everyone's avatar mathces RL perfectly (usually comes from the guy with the plastic hair claiming 'I made my avi to look just like me!) I like to say this is SL, not ASL. Of course I avoided handing out that info to strangers from the very 1st day I was online with my 1st pc and found myself in AO-hell chatrooms. I find it curious that some call it 'hiding behind an avatar, while many of us see it as a means of expression I personally think it's a reason to celebrate when a person can begin to openly express there inner selves, espeicially in cases where they were not blessed with those physical wears to begin with. I have some friends on here with some pretty severe physical disabilities. This is a place where they can dance and have a great time. I'd never in a million years dream of telling them that for honesty sake they should have their avatar in a wheel chair or on crutches. Yes, SL wouldn't exist without RL. RL technology is what made it possible. That it no way devalues the lives that are created here and grow here. Life is life. One place is biological, the other technical. *shrug. Both grow from the individual experiences we have and share Myself, I was just fitted with a computerized implant (talking in RL here) that may be able to automatically recessitate me if my heart just stops some day. It has other amazing functions as well. It can be monitored by my doc online, even by his cell phone. who knows, maybe some hacker could actually kill me by setting off a bunch of electric shocks in the defibrillator in it, lol On the other hand, I can accurately say that my heart is indeed online (not that it hasn't been already these past few years)
  16. LOL @ peeps telling me to lighten up when the post was meant in humor to begin with. Back at ya babes But thanks everyone who pointed out the how to turn that off to other people's view. As I said I do try to avoid having to do that. I've found swapping bald base as effective as edit mode for fixing a no rez problem and I save all my outfits ahead of time at home including attachments so there's really no reason for me to ever have to go into edit in public. I have been known to change entire avis or outfits on the fly from time to time, but having them pre-saved makes it as fast as a rebake. Myself though I do think the oddities like this or people building with disjointed arms, default avatars waddling like ducks with something up their bumm detract from the experience for everyone. well along with lag, slow rez times and a few other things that just in general make things seem klunky.
  17. What ya building? Hotel California?
  18. Hehe, I just watched a video on how it's all very scientific.. 450psi on average to take a heater to the cup. But some guy has invented a new one that knocks it down to about 110. Look up nutty buddy on sport science on you tube, lol. It actually should be one of the one's on the side bar of the one I just posted on page 3
  19. Welcome to SL Get ready to have all your preconceived notions challenged! and no, you don't need any money. I know cheapska...erm...thrifty indiviuduals that have been around for years and years and still spend little or no real money here. In fact for many, the money they do spend here was earned here to begin with and they may even be taking a little out to RL. BTW, lol you do realize the situation you decribed of your RL situation sounds just as far fetched as the little scene you did a parody of (which I did enjoy btw, especially the wolf bit) Just enjoy. And probably the places you can't get to is because you have not verified as an adult yet on the site. The instructions will be different depending on geography but login to the main site where you created your avi and look along the left hand side for adult verification. Just takes a couple minutes.
  20. Ceka Cianci wrote lets look at this game for a second..a man walks up to another man that is bent over..then puts his hands between his butt and pulls out something big and brown and then throws it at other people.. who thinks of these games? \o/ hehehehe LOL! yup. tight ends and end zones and wide recievers, oh my! yea, not ust baseball I guess, hehe *looks around >.> <.< Toys for Boys embedding was disabled, but lol, all this stuff did happen in the wide open public and a lot of it on TV Enjoy
  21. Perrie Juran wrote: Whom are you replying to and to whom are you asking these questions? They are probably replying to me Perrie, since I was the OP. lol, the thread was posted tongue in cheek anyhow cuz well...I been away and missed ya all, even grumpy gusses like Funk-o-rama or w/e and yea, I aint the SL police but damn, it's like when you're at the baseball game and the pitcher fondles the ball, plays with the little sack, and then um...adjusts something he shouldn't be touching at all and 30 thousand people pretend they didn't just see that. Then spits on the ground just for good measure
  22. ah ok, I see it now. tired me, lol. But again, not for myself cuz I try to avoid that if at all possible
  23. Innula Zenovka wrote: The " funky arms out - legs flailing away pose that makes you look like a doofus" is easily remedied: erm... Not sure what I am missing here. You sure you read my post right? I don't see an option for 'eject avatar' in that screenshot. Seriously I don't see anything relavent in that shot. And my post wasn't a question asking for help anyway. Moreover it was just to implore people to have a little manners when possible and think about how daffy it looks in the middle of a gathering for them to go into the edit appearance menu and float there treading invisible water for several minutes (as far as anyone around them sees) while they decide if their nose looks chiseled enough or if one ear is larger than the other.
  24. I'm surprised this thread is still going I guess in the end, it don't matter a whole lot what others think, though I do take it into consideration in terms of being respectful. I haven't taken the baby to any of the public places I frequent. Partly because I know some are uncomfortable and partly because I'd never take a real baby to a place like that, lol. I know what you mean about the attention seekers Mila. I have found though that those type of people tend to do that without any valid reason at all. The baby I adopted doesn't have many features but is adorable as all get up. I don't have a partner and my regular babysitter fizzled, so now the baby is pretty much part of the house and atmosphere. I just really like how the house feels with my little girl playing on the mat on the floor in front of the TV with cartoons on. I'm just glad there are no north facing windows so she isn't exposed to my neighbor's naked alt that has been hanging inside a giant birdcage for months.
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