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  1. I have not had a real life partner since I created my avi, so I honestly dont know. I think the reasons would be many though. I dont believe every case is people looking for someone to run off with and leave their RL partners, though, sometimes it is and sometimes that happens when it wasn't the original intent. I think some thnk of it as a game or maybe even like having a pet or something, I dont know. I think maybe some don't view it on the same level of seriousness despite any emotional connection with the SL person. In the end, they are concealing a truth from their RL partner and I think will likely abandon either the RL partner or the SL one, or both. .
  2. Storm Clarence wrote: ... in the Hollywood blockbuster movie that: "[Heterosexual] men can’t be ‘just friends’ with women." Was he right? If he was correct, does that mean I want to 'bed' all the females on my friends list? While I disagree with Harry, you asked 'If he was correct, does that mean...?', so assuming hypothetically that in some alternate universe, Harry was indeed correct, then the answer to your question is pretty much a 'yes' lol So I guess if you you are joining the congregation of 'Church of Harry', you should probably be prepared to share the blankies.
  3. Wow, this topic actually made me physically ill in my stomach. Not judging. Not splitting hairs over tos issues or anything else. Just saying that is how my body reacted to this in RL
  4. Maybe you could endevor to do a scripted agent like Hal Titanium. I'm not sure how involved that is though.
  5. The funny thing about people you spend a lot of time with online... They spend a lot of time online! hehe It's normal for people who meet here and then in RL to focus on each other in RL more for a while, but realistically, I think both have to expect the other person to remain who they are, which does include their hobbies and interests, including internet ones. I was with a partner I met online for several years. It wasn't SL where we met but an online chatroom. We were quite happy for a long time sharing one computer but I don't think either of us stopped doing what we liked doing online very much at all. We loved each other very much though and still managed to share time together and do family things with both of our children. I didn't mind their adult playtime in SL as it wasn't taking away from ours in RL at all. In fact there were times it may have actually enhanced it,, lol While we did split evendualy, it was not because of SL, though we later found one another here and renewed our friendship in both worlds and still care very much about one another. All I can really suggest is be honest with one another about what you want and what is ok in the relationship. Good luck!
  6. Just make huge floating add board advertising something everyone is totally sick of (like I don't know, meeroos or cows or something). Give it a little thickness and build your skybox inside of it. speaking of security, I have the worst possible thing going on from a neighbor near my mainland lot. They have a structure at 4k meters and are broadcasting a script that says it's scanning avatar script loads and arc, It pops up a notice with a ban warning on a 20 second timer. The owner of the device does not understnd english and responds to all IM's with a group invite (I assume auto generated as well). Naturally I can (and did) just block both the user and the object. It can't actually kick or ban anyone from my property but it's an annoyance to any visitors and also makes them think it's my script. and lol, I would guess this very intrusive script is probably creating more script load on the sim than it claims to be preventing. I think the zombie apocoplypse just started early:catmad:
  7. I think the starter area should be designed like a club. That would put a lot of people right in the middle of the kind of social setting they probably heard about from friends. Instead of coming in to an empty room with scripted objects that may or may not load to direct them around, There would be real people to interact with. I worked hosting my 1st couple years in SL at places that had a lot of new people and spent the majority of my work time teaching new people the basics. If individual sim owners can finance a staff to do this for their business 24/7, why can't Linden Labs?
  8. I would really hope at some point soon a new SL would be created using info gleaned from all the things that have gone wrong in this one to avoid the same pitfalls.
  9. Yes, the starter area is horrendous. When I did it recently, the avatar I chose did not even load (I'm assuming along with a good many other things I should have been seeing) I got impatient waiting and just rebuilt it myself via freebies from MP. The next day I logged in and the items for the default avi I had chosen had finally showed up and were superimposed on top of the changes I had made myself. It was an interesting look! lol But yea, I don't know. it doesn't seem like it should be that hard to design a good intro tutorial. Here is your avatar. Here is ONE button on your task bar. It's blinking. This makes you move... ...about 5 feet straight ahead to a bot or sign that makes you do one simple thing. BAM! Now a new button is added next to the 1st. The pulsating glow effect is now active on the new button instead of the 1st one. You click it and it opens your inventory which contains a single folder with SHOES! etc, etc, etc Not that hard. C'mon you guys. At least act like you are not trying to self destruct your own game here.
  10. Jo Yardley wrote: For instance, you are an avatar on an small island and need to get off. I think I happened upon that guy one time traveling around SL
  11. Pussycat, your people are the only true Americans (hugs) The rest of us are mudbloods and certainly not fit to claim supremecy over a lump of dirt, let alone your people. I'm about 1/4 and proud of it though I never claimed any rights. People that think this isn't about race either have their head in the sand or they are lying about it not being about race, Oh yea, and there is the one percent who is so fixated on money they can't see past the dollar sgns and only care about who will work for peanuts (but they will still b!tch about immigrants if they can tell by your skin you are -if not you are off the hook...for now). I'm just so relieved at the election results. Thank god for the minority votes. We all are Americans. Not just the vulture capitalists. The hispanics had a stake in the formation of our country. I'm not sure many realize that. I was wondering recently why exactly we have a state called New Mexico if it wasn't an invitation. I looked it up and turns out Mexican people had already migrated here and agreed to join the states when they became 48 states of the union (before Alaska and Hawaii) So people complaining about hispanics can please stop now ok? They helped found our nation and have as much right to be here as anyone. Though not as much right as Pussycat's people do. Hugs again dear and congratulations. Make sure to vote up Hillary in 16 k? Muah! Edit: Yea Peggy but any supressor when confronted is going to think themselves superior and try to put you down. BS I say. Fight back. A;ways. And keep up the fight untill the ugly sow of racism and prejudice has been put dwn for good and cannot get to it's feet any longer. It is not their freedom of speech, choice or religion. It is simply hate. Fight it . Kil it. Pemanently. That and that only. and It needs to be driven from our world and our nation once and for all and for good!
  12. Celestiall Nightfire wrote: Dillon Levenque wrote: First, I don't think someone not wishing to involve RL gender in a Second Life only situation necessarily defines them as being "afraid to reveal" that gender. Oh? What would you call it then? The true expression of one's self. And actually, for the many whose gender doesn't happen to match their physical form in RL, to not express it fully is to be hiding even more than you claim having a different gender avi is. Many do it a long time before they find the courage to express it. Then, when they do, they have to put up with people accusing them of 'hiding' for finally expressing what they truly are. But you call it 'playing' and that says a lot.
  13. Ok you do realize this supposed 'god' of yours plans to not only anhialate the entire population of the earth's inhabitants in a horrific cataclism of fire and brimstone, and not stopping there, intends to torment the souls of everyone who ever existed save a few thousand they choose at the time and deem worthy of salvation, for all of eternity? This according to the very book your belief is based on, lol. If Aliens from space sent a message with that intent, we'd be stockpiling nukes for their arrival. This is 'just' to you? Hrmm, ok. Well that just nulified any credibility you might have to me if you would claim an action such as that is 'just' when carried out by any creature in existance. Sorry. That's just beyond my personal boundaries. Your nose problems have nothing to do with any church. As wonderful as science is, we still don't understand all the ways in which the body responds to adversity. You wanted to live. Your body found a way *shrug. Life *does find a way. That's how we went from cells in a pool of goop to bipedal creatures that think and plan and have built an entire civilization. I'm all fine and dandy with the 'Jesus loves me' stuff but when people go driving it into the heads of little kids 5 years old or less that they are going to burn in a lake of fire for eternity if they make a mistake and that they need to go force-feed this ideal to everyone they see or surely that fate will be theirs, I'm sorry, that's not only incorrect, it is wrong, cruel, abusive and quite honestly needs to be stopped at this point by any means mecessary. Good day.
  14. Freya Mokusei wrote: A character differs in that they're 'generated'. They have a point, a focus, a reason to exist. They can live lives as richly as people, but only for so long. Eventually their two-dimensional personality falls short of being able to satisfy reality (or even virtual reality), in that the typist is unable to put themselves behind their avatar and say "This is who I am". Yea. Like for me I have had alts I would call 'characters'. Some made for some RP thing, or just being creative, or for work or building in peace and quiet. With some I have mingled a little but it's shallow. Some avatars I wanted to literally tear the skin from to get out of it. This is me and I always come back. And it can be painful when someone I like turns away for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with who I am inside.
  15. Not knocking anyone else but I would like to meet more people with that base attitude Drake. And I guess maybe that is the clincher, when for whatever reason you know nothing is going real life. For me, it's a variety of things, but it just isn't going to happen.
  16. Freya Mokusei wrote: Eileen Fellstein wrote: So all the jokes is people are too yuncomfortable to talk about this? I'm not uncomfortable (I don't read many people in this thread as sounding uncomfortable either, but don't want to speak for them), but I am kind of bored of this discussion. Some people date across a single world, others mix and match. I, too, wish that people could be honest about which type of relationship they're looking for, but I'm just not sure that's how it works. Even the best intentions can end up leaving raw nerves when someone decides that the avatar they fell in-lust with, personifies a magnificent soul. Not everyone has the ability to compartmentalise like that, and I'm inclined to think that's mostly a good thing. I, personally, think that all SL romance will always be a 'both worlds' thing (at least on some level), just because without a typist behind it, even the prettiest little doll will be hollow and boring. I kind of wish people could just figure out what it is they're looking for it and stick to it; if you're a 'character' look for other characters (as in, people who aren't looking to connect to you through their avatar), if you're a 'person' (mind, body and soul), look for people! (Disclaimer: Personal opinion, YMMV, etc. This post will probably contains definitions people don't like or generalisations. I dunno, I've had to figure a lot of 'my way' through this. The labelling doesn't matter much, so long as people are thinking about making steps towards communicating their needs, their wants, and their levels of commitment to each other) Thank you for the response and Meh, was grumped about a situation with my land and having to AR a neighbor when I made that comment. Also late and tired. I know opinions vary. I know it's been brought up countless times from one angle or another. I think it only gets better when people still talk about it, or at least while people are still having issues with it. And I guess we generalize based on what know and have learned. I know one person around here tends to generalize that we are all hiding. I think some of us are expressing rather than hiding. What if a person were to go around telling every neko peson 'Hey, you arent really a cat!' ? I know some or maybe even most dress the fashion because they like the style. But for others, to varying degrees, the feline thing is a part of them, or at least they believe so. To some people the later may be a little over the top. Others may understand it perfectly. I have stated in many posts that I am a person born in this cyber world. (and yes, that is no more impossible than the spark of life happening in the tangable world) I know that varries a bit from one of your points of view. Yes there is connection in emotion and thought to RL, but it's to the spirit of the person in RL, not the body. Or are all the glamour models running around SL really escapees from camp nVictoria secret? lol.
  17. So all the jokes is people are too yuncomfortable to talk about this?
  18. I can give you the weird if you can give me what I need emotionally *watches Quinn run for his life I like that name. It was the name of a Character in one of my fave movies; Reign of Fire.
  19. I have had to AR my neighbors on mainland. They have a bot that spams group invites. (it's a group that charges for admission so I can't even join and shut down the stuff that way either). Even though I blocked the bot it still hits me and everyone that comes on my parcel as soon as we land or rez in. I've not seen a response on the AR yet. Not even a confirm they got it (strange). I wil be sending more but I would like to know if there is a certain object I can scan for. It has to be running through some sort of rezzed object. And yea, I have sent messages to both the land owner and the group creator asking for them to adjust the bot. After several days, I have still had no response.
  20. Leia, I have seen a few things done that are nice on the clothing layer for a package buldge. Kind of the same way breasts are accentuated on a skin with use of shading. It gives a good illusion that there is actually some shape. The one's I saw were designed for transgender people. Fairly popular spandex brand. I would think they woud be fine for guys if they were after a certain look (like a rock star). There are other things around. Mostly the problem is that they are outfit specific. Not like a shape adjustent you can do and be done with it.
  21. Leia36 wrote: Let me flip that around, would it matter to you if the man you want to partner is in fact a woman RL? I think its all relative to how far you want to go with your partner. Not in the least. None. ZERO. In fact I don't care what gender they are here either.
  22. Charolotte Caxton wrote: For real. I get so tired of being asked, so, are you really a girl? I am thinking, Wtf? What part of how I act or portray myself makes you doubt my gender? Then I console myself by thinking, it's not me, it is the internet fear that all girls are really guys. Then sometimes I think I will make a video of me and post it in my rl and then I think, is that really what I want? For someone to see me on the internet proving that I am a real life girl in a webgame known for sex? So I'm like, never mind, if people can't accept me for who I am, I understand. Sometimes I wonder if the girls I know are really guys... Kinda weird, huh? What matters to me is the person inside that is being expressed, Not the rotting lump of flesh they are chained to out in the real world (heh, sorry to sound so glib but that's where we are all headed eventually. give or take 10-50 years depending on current age). But it seems to me like if people like each other, that's all that should matter when keeping things in SL. The whole webcam/skype thing to me is a 'one thing leads to another' track people try to lead you down to get for free what they would normally have to pay for on an offical site. Do the working girls of the world a favor and just pay for it What I am talking about is a meaningful relationship with someone here. One with a sense of partnership, equality, fidelity etc. All I can figure is some just can't give up that seed of hope that somehow some way, down the line, through love and manipulation and greyhound, they will actually get to meet Mrs. Pixel Sweetheart. And that's all fine but don't tell me you're fine with something just here if that is really your game. (BTW, my 'you's are proverbial you's. Not directed at you Chartlotte, but the wondering about friends and the web cam idea promted my response to you)
  23. Leia36 wrote: One thing that occurs to me is the silence from the men. What about their packages? Any of you guys brave enough to answer? real or huge? I have played with shapes of males and females as well as some transitional ones. The bigges prob with the package in the shape editor is it's just a smooth lump. There is no definition. Also for transgender shapees, you can't do it at all on a female based shape. (usually not that big a deal. Most of the people I have talked to prefer the taped and tucked look anyway on those kind of avatars) There are attachments available to buy that show some definition but the problem there is the same as with the little prim on skirts. It looks fine until you move, then it's sliding all over/leaving visible gaps. To do anything realistic that don't do that would probably require a way to actually add bulk to the shape itself, or allow for the creation of uploadable shapes that can actually been seen by other residents. The problem isnt making the lumps realistic. It's making them look like they are inside the clothing. Hopefully mesh can help some.
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