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  1. Well....no, this is at specific times...usually about 30 seconds after arriving on a sim, after which everything is usually fine. It must have something to do with downloading textures.
  2. Hmm....a new issue for me recently, just wondering if anyone else using Firestorm has it... I teleport to a new site, and often within a short time of doing so the screen just freezes up for maybe 5 or 10 seconds. I'm running on fast ( 80mbps ) connection and nothing has changed on my computer from before this issue started.
  3. "Something I've always thought about was being able to access an online world without the need to download a client." You can ( or at least could ) do this with SL I distinctly remember my partner doing this a few years back. I am not sure if this functionality still exists, or was one of those viewer methods ultimately blocked by LL.
  4. I wish Linden Lab every success with the new virtual world. Ironically, the more realistic and impressive a virtual world is, the less likely it is to become ( as SL has tended to be ) just a glorified 3D dating agency. The more people are able to immerse themselves in a more realistic other world...the less likely they are to want to simply 'augment' this one. Perhaps the new SL will become what the concept was always supposed to be...with the 'Second' bit of SL having some genuine meaning.
  5. Because many of us are anonymous in SL, one doesn't necessarily even know if a SL friend has actually died in RL. People can just disappear, and though one might suspect the worst one never really knows for certain. There is also, sad to have to say, the recurring issue of fake 'deaths'. There are some well known cases, and I myself know of at least one case where a person has faked a RL death and even had a 'date of death' mentioned on a friend's profile...my suspicion being raised when their account was showing 'last online date' in groups as being after the date they 'died' ! On IMing and
  6. One of the great ironies of SL is that often the people who make a big do over whether a person is 'really' this or that sex don't seem to have any problem with their correctly sexed avatar looking not a day over 18 and being slim and attractive, well dressed, and muscular built with a full head of hair....whilst their proudly posted 'RL photo' shows a bald, obese, rather plain old person with no dress sense.
  7. "If your system is failing to either request, receive, or process the information guess where the problem is." I know exactly where the problem lies when SL is the ONLY application for which that occurs.
  8. I already have HTTP set to a maximum number of 10 simultaneous connections....so all this 40 connections stuff is irrelevant.
  9. Let me rephrase that.....are you telling me that a system that can download all of Bioshock's 15gb in 15 minutes can't handle downloading a freakin 15kb skirt properly ???
  10. "B) actively working to modify your software, network, or hardware to solve whatever issue you have. What would you like me to 'modify' on a completely fresh Windows install that only has SL running on it ? And all this HTTP being sent 40 times nonsense....whose 'fault' is that ? Do I get an option in it ? Am I to believe that a system that can download Bioshock Infinite ( 15gb ) off Steam in 15 minutes can't handle a few lousy textures ??
  11. "You haven't denied running wireless" I also haven't denied being a purple-green 15 tentacled blob from Beta Reticuli.
  12. "Some modems/routers choke on this many connections." Well...I'm running the BT Home Hub 5, which is designed for super-fast broadband and only came out a few months ago. So I'm not exactly running some archaic old router. What's more, 'change appearance' and save does sometimes fix the issue, though often it doesn't, which alone suggests it is not a problem at my end or it would be consistent. My definition of a problem NOT being at my end is if my system meets the minimum spec ( which it well exceeds ) and I've been given no information by the service provider that anything else within th
  13. You merely exemplify my point. You simply can't refrain from treating users condescendingly. That attitude is precisely why I ( and I suspect a lot of others ) simply don't bother posting here much.
  14. "There are not many threads on this topic because it appears most have just given up and live with the problem Yes the problem exists No it is not operating system sensitive" Yes, there are many people who have noticed the issue. And as you say, most have simply given up on anything ever being done about it....or getting anything other than a condescending ' it must be your computer ' type response from the self-proclaimed know-alls. The problem exists. It is real. It is not people's imaginations or creaky old computers. What is more, the textures clearly ARE being downloaded fully as th
  15. Frankly its utterly nauseating when one gets the usual trolls who come on to post that there can't possibly be anything wrong because they personally do not get ( or more likely, have not noticed ) a particular issue.
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