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  1. both actually. and yea, I've had to do it myself but still, ugh lol and I've seen people start to dance and then decide they are gonna do a total make-over right then and there in the middle of a club, feet just a goin.
  2. Don't edit your appearance in public! :P It's like showing up to a dinner party and plucking your nose hairs at the table. Have some class. TP home, hit a sandbox, go to a freind's place, step around the corner.. anything but that funky arms out - legs flailing away pose that makes you look like a doofus. k thnx
  3. Belladona Viper wrote: Second Life for me is really a second one,I never mix anything from SL and RL,I don't mind when people do it,but for me it really breaks the magic when someone puts their RL picture on the profile and it's very different of what I thought.It annoys me also when people want to know more about my Real Life. What are you guys opinions about it? I'm pretty much with ya Belladonna. I don't think it's something that needs to be an integral part of a persons profile. Personally, I don't mind what a person's RL gender, age, race, sexual orientation is vs that of their avatar whatsoever, other than I do want to feel confident they are of legal age to enjoy the things SL has to offer. And I do agree it can often spoil the fantasy to see RL pics, along with things like voice - even where gender matches. I think mostly we can share our lives with each other without having it get into uncomfortable areas. I often mention my children for instance or talk about some job I had in the past, or just recal a humorous situation out of RL.. with people I've known a bit longer I mioght discuss serious health concerns and things of that nature or just spend time talkign and listening about personal issue. Basically friendship, ya know But it's not automatic just because we happen to be in the same virtual world. It takes time to grow. Myself, I'm more comfortyable with knowing more and revealing more as I get to know a person, so anything out of the gate makes me skeptical and nervous, and that includes having (or seeing in a stranger's profile) any RL pics, descriptions or anything that is getting too indepth about RL
  4. You think it's bad here, try the wow forums, lol And I know what you are saying. It's like trolling in reverse. Generally a post is made which is not entirely understood, or maybe it's innovative, or doesn't reflect a complete understanding of the subject they are adressing but still contains some good thought. Enter bass-ackward troll #1 who usually points out some error in the post or the idea behind it, not necessarily in a rude way. within 3 minutes 10 other bass-ackward trolls see this and pile on like a football team does after the guy has already been tackled. My 1st thought when I see this is 'what are all these people missing in the orginal post because there must be some reason the person took the time to type out their idea. granted there are trolls that post sily crap just to see the reaction but IMHO this is way less common than the ones that lurk waiting to eat OP's alive.
  5. Thank you both. *hugs. And Dilbert I had that dream last night I think. It may be why I am awake so early lol Waiting on breakfast now. I had to have a defibrillator put in.Quick procedure and prety much just feels like ai have a charley-horse. I should be on my way afer a couple tests this morn
  6. Wasn't sure where this belonged best, here or general. But like I'm in the hospital and kinda bored and can't really download the SL client on this borrowed lappy.(well, I could but it tends to get really hot if I run SL on it. I tried before. So anyhow, hi to all the regulars...and irregulars! Hope someone is awake cuz I'm bored!
  7. Senobia Xenga wrote: and you get this long winded, beligerent tirade about how there's no way in hell a girl can effectively serve two Masters.....*yawn* But hey - you can't blame the guys in those situation. The subs knew what they were getting into when they agreed to it. Yes I can. ROFL I can blame anyone in the world for being an egotistical jerkoff,,,if they're being an egotistical jerkoff. Doesn't make it ok just because they announced it upon arrival
  8. I'm not sure why you would want to support a place if it's as horrible as you say. You do realize that by even having your avatar on that sim or accepting any product from them that you might display to others visually in any capacity you are helping them? Also in so doing you are cosigning all the things you are accusing them of. Think about it. Nothing made of prims in this world is worth that level of compromise if you truly believe the things you claim about this business. Let your absence speak louder than words. Let them ban themself right out of business.
  9. I read some but not all of the 10 pages of posts so far... 1st thing is not everyone cares if the RL gender matches the avatar. But like a lot of things, the loud voice of a few can make it seem sometimes like everyone does. They don't all thankfully Of those that do, it's pretty apparent to me that they have anywhere from mild hopes to presumptuous expectations of hooking up with someone in RL to some degree, even if the RL connection is no more than voice or exchanging pictures. If that's a person's motivation, I can't change it. It's not my motivation though. Edit: btw Darius (and hi !) I don't belive everyone that is hoping the gender matches the avi is out to make those who vary from that out to be a liar. Sure, some do. It's the extreme, like you have the extreme in any situation. Many people are fine with someone having other than the same gender avi, they are simply honest that they really want to be with someone that matches that, but they aren't out to cause hurt by accusing others of trying to cause harm. I really think that's the crux of the problem with the type of people you described in your post. They can only see their hurt, their disapointment. It never dawns on them that maybe the other person had feelings invested too. Maybe the other person struggled, even agonized over wether it was ok to say...and these type of people's reaction was proof positive, 100% that it was not.
  10. Rosemaery Lorefield wrote: I dislike them because they are so unrealistic. the tummys are one thing, but the prim babies? Ugh. And to be honest, I have a huge problem with children and child RP inworld. I won't mistreat child avies or talk down to them, but I do absolutely refuse to play along. The next logical step from tummy to prim baby ends in child RP, so I guess that's the problem I have with them. Again, I would never be rude to a child avi or someone with a tummy or prim baby. I just simply ignore it completely and move on. Not my plan at all though I can see the logic in that train of thought. There won't be any adults RPing as my children in my house. My adult daughter is also in SL but is away taking care of her own one year old right now. My thought is to offer her to take the display name and carry on as the adult version of my daughter...since she is anyway and I wouldn't be comfortable with anyone else doing it. Not sure what I will do with baby if she says no, lol. but I guess, since I seem to not be aging past about 26 in SL, there's no reason baby has to ever grow up either. And baby is rather impressive looking though granted she don't do a lot. But neither did mine for a while. Then once they did I wished to hell they didn't. Appreciate the input. Rosemary, thanks!
  11. I like to mix it up myself. I wouldn't want to see the dance or strip culbs go because I work at 2 of them, lol. Unlike a lot of people I see (and actually unlike I used to be myself) I don't like spending all my time in those clubs. I like to get out and experience different things, do different activities, mostly non sexual, but I occasionally take a one nighter to Zindra and see who I meet if I'm unattached But other stuff.. I enjoy the drive in movies or even a regular theatre style movie. I prefer a date but it's enjoyable alone too. Amusement parks are fun and though they would get old to go every day or spend all your time there, they do have some return value. I like to go back to the ones I know of every now and then. I like horseback riding and driving (bikes, cars, race cars) The downside is sim crossings make it almost impossible to find areas to drive where your car doesn't get flung. Horses are marginally better but still glitchy at crossings. I have often gone map-click exploring. I have discovered litterally tons of places I wished were populated with their target crowds. Sadly, most were not and I had to settle for standing there alone enjoying the thought of how the place was when it opened or how it could be if whatever conditions were better for the owners (advertising, people trends, whatever) I hope you aren't offended Chimm when I say this. I see this topic sort of in the same light as several recent threads that have inquired about absolutely no sex situations. stuff like (paraphrasing here ) 'Is it ok to no not have sex?', 'Looking for a no sex relationship' etc. Myself, I don't want 'no sex' or 'no adult content'. I don't want 24/7 sex or anything close to it. I like it to happen 'sometimes'. I like to hang at a club 'sometimes'. I wish there were more people interested in getting out of the cracker box and experiencing some of the other things there are to do. Sometimes I wind up at the club just because that is where the people I know are at and that's better than standing alone at home feilding IM's. So, I guess if your big 'IF' bomb were to hit, I'd be one of the few still wandering around looking for interesting things to do. ...while I kept an eye open for the speakeasy
  12. I could be wrong as I don't watch a lot of TV or listen to a lot of radio (besides internet stations), but I don't think it's happened so far outside of SL. I've yet to see or hear a news story about someone who is known by their SL avatar name. To me, that would be famous. Grid wide I think some designers would be the most well known, and possibly some Lindens. But the influx of new members would probably shrink their known status by the second, no matter what. If someone already famous were to make an avatar then publicize some stuff, then maybe it would happen.
  13. * laughing at the rubbing I seem to recal pointing out in another topic that rubbing daddy there is what brings about an enchore performance. Maybe we should just pay him? Something just occured to me looking over the comments in this topic. It's been a while since I was actually around a tummy talker, in public or otherwise. What I'm wondering goes to the writing of the talker vs how it's being read... anything that uses a scripted emote is going to post OBJECT NAME <emote text> in chat, or something similar Like if I had a tail on and Maddy clicked it, it might say... Eileen's black fluffy tail tickles Madelaine's nose In the world of emotes, that's an action. The tail isn't talking. It did something.(I know. It didn't really DO anything except put some text in chat but that's what the colored or italicized text means if it's not NAME: text. ex. Eileen: Hello) Are the tummies really written as fetus is talking, or is it doing something? And yea, still, even if it's not actually 'talking' it's pressuming to give everyone a look where they can't really see, so I still can understand a bit of creep factor there. I highly agree with Naughty above that for everyone's sake they should be written to be more private. Incidently I haven't bought one. I did adopt a one yr. old prim baby a few days ago. Very cute but basic functions. Change clothes, makes a few noises, plays with toys. And so far yea, it's been quite nice. I really like how homey my SL home feels with baby playing on the floor and cartoons on the TV while I work on things around the place. I've not taken her out anywhere, but she goes to my friend's who is my sitter. Yups, I pay her for that, if she likes it or not, lol.
  14. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: My issue with teh tummy talkers is, it forces me into their RP. kinda like the bad vamps that offer people bites in full daylight at a crowded mall.. i deal with them the same way. /me draws his enchanted dagger and offers to remove the demonic fetus from your womb. DId i fail to mention i usually RP as a Demon? If their fetus is talking, its demonic. I offered a woman 500L once for her prim baby.. We needed an innocent soul for a ritual. Mind you, she was in a BDSM mall.. and the kid was screaming. Seriously, that much realism i dont need in SL. I have kids in RL, i come to SL to get some escape. Ha! This brings back a funny memory. I was hosting this club and this guy that was a regular came in one night and he had on a tummy talker (yes, a guy!) and was joyfully -or mornfully, not sure which- expecting a little demon baby. Naturally all the emotes were totally evil stuff and all that. I never did get to see the baby though
  15. I just want a stick of margarine/butter that don't get my fingers greasy when I unwrap it. oh, and a quiet vaccuum cleaner
  16. There was some item called friendship bracelet that would send everyone around the wearer copies of itself. I'm not sure if it's still around but sounds like it could be something along those lines.
  17. Perrie Juran wrote: Eileen Fellstein wrote: Anyway, I'm really interested into the why's behind the negative press on this stuff. I mean if you think they are creepy, you do. That's your opinion, but why? lol. Really, genuinelly trying to get some understanding on this. Thanks and play nice <3 No doubt that some folks think it's weird or possibly creepy but I have no objection to it. The only thing is what others have said before me, the chat spam. There's nothing so wonderful as having a romantic dance with your partner when suddenly you see on your screen, "Baby kicks Mommy in the kidney because Mommy ate broccoli for dinner and now I have gas and I'm going to make Mommy pay for it." The emotes are just plain annoying and many of the comments are just plain inane. Yes and at best, like anything else that emotes, there's never so many options that they all don't grow old within about 2 hours. And really if it's going to be that graphic, maybe it ought to incorporate remote scripting that immediately teleports mommy to the clinic, lol But I have had far worse on dates! ...like having a romatic dance with someone and having some bozo land and pass both of us RL pics of their genitals. Was priceless though when my dance partner who happened to be TG turned to him and said "I bet mine is bigger than yours!"
  18. Ha! can't help where the water breaks...or when! My son was at an Iron Maiden concert inutero (hey, I wasn't missing that!) Now, he's a hell of a musician of his own right.
  19. So far I'm in agreement with most of what has been expressed, though I do see one thing I think could be challenged maybe just a little. A fetus doesn't talk. Correct. a baby doesn't actually speak intelligable words untill after a year old normally (there are many claims of babies talking earlier, and hey, who I am I to argue with what happened with someone else's baby?) The possible counterpoint to that is they (fetus) are effected by the stimuli the mother receives and do seem to react directly. And some studies show that babies may be crying in the womb(silently -there's no air in there) as early as 28 weeks in response to things mommy does. That don't mean they are broadcasting across the room though. Any communication is going on between mother and child on a physical level and mom's body language would convey that to others. That makes me wonder if the scripting is taking the wrong angle for something like this...something as sacred to many as the birth of a new new life. It might be an improvement if any emotes were focused on mom and what she is feeling rather than someone writing emotes for the fetus. Just a thought. Chat spam. Yes this adds to that becoming unruly especially in places where people are asked not to gesture or spam things. Really goes to the next thing which is question of appropriateness. Most of the places I have run across people having their tummies talking in local chat were clubs, the like of whch I would never take a baby to (newborn or unborn) in real life. Also in general my experience in RL is that it's not real common for parents to be talking to the baby in the tummy out in public. Might happen some but not a lot. Attention seeking? I have to agree though a pregnant woman seeking attention is hardly unheard of either, lol Too much money? lol, whatever makes a person happy. These dollies are expensive but I can appreciate the work involved and I like feeling like I am contributing to the SL world via the purchase of products and services I enjoy. People spend money on huds that let them squat and crap a steaming pile of doo on the floor. That's a big waste IMO (pun intended) but I guess that sh!t makes them happy too. I really haven't seen the type of comments in the thread like I have seen from others inworld. You know, the 'eww creepy' ones with no reason attached. Everything here so far has been reasonable. I do remember being a bit taken back by the 1st prim baby I saw in SL back in 08. It really looked like someone painted a face on a sack of taters. I can understand some ewwing over something like that. Maddy, I think I saw one of your kids a while back down near Joe Louis Arena. Poor kid was layin out in the middle of the ice. He didn't appear to be moving article on fetus crying here http://www.medpagetoday.com/OBGYN/Pregnancy/1719
  20. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Yep. It's the chat spam I don't like. Imagine if someone with IBS had a "talking colon." lmao I actually did see someone post a rather vulgar emote in local chat concerning their colon. I was also the one in charge of the venue at the time so I got the wonderful priveldge of ejecting them straightforward. I was careful not to touch them in that sensative location though.
  21. Though my main avi (this one) doesn't resemble the person at the keyboard physically, it is me through and through and I always come back to it after any time spent on alts. Most of the alts were some form of creative endevour as I really don't like altering too much from the basic look I have on this one. Even if I change to mermaid or giant scorpion or what have you, I am careful to maintain some recognizeable features of my basic look. The 1st alt I made probably saved my life truthfully, as I was an SL work-a-holic and had just suffered a near fatal heart attack. Most of my work is the on call or help when available kind so I couldn't be logged into this avi without feeling like I should be helping when it was needed. The alt gave me some peace and quiet time to just hang out and enjoy. I've made a couple for testing purposes. I would probably have one to build also if there was a way to transfer the creative credit to this avi without having items show 'unknown' as creator. That makes people nervous. I don't spend a lot of time on alts anymore. I have discovered that after not too much time, life happens. Which is to say the avatar starts to make it's own circle of friends and have interactions with others unique to that avi which in turn effect emotion and shape the personality every bit as much as it would for any person in the tangable world. They also become a part of other peoples world in SL.
  22. Congrats JeanneAnne I wish I could help but I have never got that far as having a partner that was interested in having that kind of experience. lol @ the cheating part hehe. I adopted a little girl (welcome one yr old Colleen!) the other day. One of my friends is my sitter and being as excited as I was, wanted to take her over night and take her shopping, She wasn't gone two hours and I was missing her so I wound up using the other copy to put her to bed before I logged,lol
  23. Venus Petrov wrote: RL fetuses do not emote so when I 'hear' one in local chat, it is a distraction akin to couples emoting sex in local chat. Take it to a room, folks. Seeing someone with a preggo shape on does not bother me. It is their SL and they can experience it the way they choose. No, my only issue is with local emoters. Hi Venus Hehe you actually coupled my most comon comeback to 'those noisy tummies' along with the criticism itself. "when I 'hear' one in local chat, it is a distraction akin to couples emoting sex in local chat."
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