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  1. Thanks for the heads-up, but I had the tool already downloaded from here http://www.f-secure.com/weblog/archives/00002346.html
  2. @ TammyTgurl UmagaNot really get the anger myself to be honest. I just point out the one thing that I had noticed was different on tow accounts I have. The one that was hacked used to be my main account. It is of course not anymore.As to why they hacked me, I used to be clubowner an had my paypal as payment on there, maybe that was the reason they hacked me, considering they made off with nearly 700 US $, real money the first time. As to the reason why they don't go for people with millions of lindens, well, since SL tracks randomly transactions over 100 US $, that would be difficult, cause it would be flagged. This is what someo @ all the other people assuming they know whats going on without the facts : I did not click on any phising link, I never even accept objects or notecards from people I do not know. I change my pasword about every month and make sure it's at least 10 digits ,numbers and letters. I've never given my password to anybody either, before some smartasses ask. Also for those that do wonder if it is my system and on what I work, well sorry to dissapoint, I'm using a mac, with the the Lion OS Version 10.7.3, updated and all nice. I have virus protection, firewall on the machine itself and another firewall on the router I use. I have no freeware except the SL viewer, all the software is nicely payed and licenced. I even use the build-in port scanner into mac just to make sure nothing fishy is going on. Cookies get deleted every time i close my internet browser and I don't accept third party cookies neither. My system is not set up to remember passwords either, before anyone claims so. I can nearly guarantee that there is no hack on my system, nor a keylogger, nor a trojan, nor a virus Also, some people shouldn't assume that others don't know what they're doing, or assume they go porn surfing, don't take your own habits for those of others. The only thing I can see that could be the cause of being hacked, are the client bridges, if this upsets people, well so be it, but the facts point that way. Ignore it if you want, but don't come crying later.
  3. I have an account that has been hacked for the 4th time within 2 months, thank god I took everything off after the second time and got reemboursed for all the real money they tried to steal. Thank you Linden Labs for that. Lindens did react quickly the first time and a bit amazed the second time. I was initially using a third party viewer, Firestorm, but I was not anymore since the first time I got hacked. Then I got hacked again and again, till someone pointed out one thing to me, even though I was using the official Second Life viewer 2, I didn't delete the bridges that the third party viewers create on SL on your account in your inventory. The bridges is the way used by the bastards, that utilize the third party viewers to hack accounts. I am now using a BRIDGE FREE account, which I created after the third hack attempt, but have left them on the old account, just to see if it would happen again, despite Linden Labs assurances that it wouldn't. Well boys and girls, it happened again not later than 4 hours ago. They hacked the old account again, so now I have the proof needed to point out that the third party viewers are a security issue. Everybody should use the second life viewer and delete all the bridges they can find in their inventory. Also, we should try to make Linden Labs aware of this issue, they seem to think that they have checked ALL the code for the Phoenix and Firestorm, but the backdoors are still there, nothing has changed since Emerald as it's still based on the same code.
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