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  1. What is the criteria base for having an event appear in the featured section on the search hompage? I know the results are "random" but some sims randomly appear with regularity and many more are consistently excluded. Anyone have any idea?
  2. Fiona, No doubt the undertaking of converting to 250+ items to direct delivery is a chore, however future inventory management will be a breeze. Ever had to update an LM in all of those boxes becuase you moved your store location? The old process of rez, copy in the LM, take box back to inventory, delete previous box, copy to magic box, snyc magic box etc... was frankly a royal a pain. If i had a Linden$ for ever MP delivery that has an outdated LM in it I could rent a full sim for a year. Once you convert to diect delivery, you'll like it and your customers will like it. ~ Sassy
  3. Killie, I think you're already off to a great start on your marketing. I have a ton of tips and things to consider in my marketing blog (instead of posting them all here): http://secondmarketing.wordpress.com As for groups, try Fabulously Free in SL (FabFree). If you have loss leader item (freebie, dollarbie, under 10L) you can promote the item in thier group notices if you have a Fab Desginer tag. The group is over 20K in size. Contact the group officers for merchant details and rules. Hope this helps. Sassy
  4. bumping -- still looking for clues on event listings
  5. My guess for STEAM, having looked at the stats and top 100 titles: 1/8 of 1% per total active STEAM users at any given moment, or roughly 500 users. Without knowing how many hours per day the average user spends per title on Steam and how many days per week they play, I'll take a stab at: 6,000 unique users per day from STEAM. I'd guess less that 7% will become premium members. I think that because they are "gamers" they will be more likely to purchase Linden Dollars to have a better Avatar, and that, at the end of the day will be good for the community.
  6. I've been doing a substantial amount of testing with the event system over the past month for my Marketing Blog. As expected, its not a simple plug and play promotional tool and there is very little data on how to do more than list and event and hope for the best. Perhaps a few of you might know the specifics to questions I could not find the answers to. IN THE SL VIEWER Having your event appear on the Search Hompage: There seems to be no definitive criteria for having your event appear in the display area of the Seach homepage. In the evenings (7pm SLT or later) all featured events appea
  7. /me dances with Dora. After hours and hours of wrestling with that it worked! TY! llSetVehicleRotationParam( VEHICLE_REFERENCE_FRAME, <0.00002, 0.68182, 0.0, -0.73152> ); Fixed everything. Had the sit targets. NOTE to anyone else using it,,, the sit target gives "<-0.18048, -0.01340, -0.36460>, <0.00002, 0.68182, 0.00001, -0.73152>" Only use the second set. Done. Working. Happy! Sending one your way Dora as soon as I finsh the rest of my textures TY! TY! TY!
  8. I've been struggling with trying to use a basic boat script in a sculpted object. As soon as my watercraft moves it tilts to the default postion of the sculpt -- not the rotated position that looks correct. I changed the values in llSetVehicleRotationParam - which postion the boat properly, but screws up direction the boat heads with the directional keys. Anyone have a simple boat script (no sounds or bells and whisltes needed) just one that can be used in a basic sculpt that gets from a to b wihout trying to drown the rider? :)
  9. I've checked it both Safari and Firefox on Mac. Same issues. Thanks for confirming the issue cross platform and for the input. /me shouts "YAY" @ Sassy R!
  10. The ratings stars on a number of my products have disappear -- including those on my top selling product. It's an adult store (warning) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/39105 The stars appear empty and never were before -- and 2 reviews that show stars in the review are not even showing/averaging. Anyone else notice the disappearance or glitch?
  11. Those look good. Hands might be a bit small... proportionately, the hand should be about the size of your face.
  12. I'm sure it bothers me more than most but I spent too many hours in figure drawing classes having proper proportions beat into my head. If you look around SL, soooo many avatars suffer from short arm syndrome -- which is silly becuase it's the easiest proportion to get right: "Your wrist should be even with the bottom of your crotch." There. All done. Always perfect. Now a lot of your aminations will suddenly look better and your hands won't disappear in your hips. Men -- it's the same proportionately for you.
  13. I ran into a few products like this where I assumed the creator was victim of copy-botting. In one case the creator had sold full perm rights to another marketer, in the other the creator was marketing the same product under a differnt brand at a cheaper price -- as a market price study. My suggestion, contact who you think the original owner is and let them sort it out before making a public accusation. If it is thier product being copied, they will take the steps to have it dealt with.
  14. How do Classified Ads work? Are they worth it? Classifieds can be pricey for the number of visitors they generate. Events are the way to go if you are willing create an event that is enticing enough to draw a visitor (see events reply below). Second how does the Search Function work? Is there a way to make it so people can "Search" for our Group/Land and Teleport there? When it comes to the search, think in terms of SEO (search engine optimization) for your parcel/land. The search catalogs more than the parcel description and includes items on the land. Most builders ignore naming al
  15. It seems to me that LL could resolve this easily by getting ASCAP/BMI municipal licences that covers all broadcast use within the "community".
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