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  1. well IMO sending avatars to home is way harmless than banning
  2. sad. strange that banning is allowd, but sending home is not. very weird
  3. be sure you dont wear any alpha layers that might show your legs invisible or invisiprims
  4. estate managers can tp people home. can estate managers or land owner give that feature to someone who is not estate manager? its not ability in groups, you can give people powers to ban and kick people, but sadly it seems no tp home feature. it would be much better and less mess :) Just wondering is it somehow possible to give to selected people, so they can tp people home (helps with dealing griefers etc.)
  5. easiest way is to play with gausiian blur also you can make your pic with blue / greenscreen at first too, it makes it easyer to cut the avatar from the pic nowdays shadow can be enabled with viewer. Even if it doesnt do it perfectly its much easyer to fix than making a new one. and it also helps you to see, where the shadows should come.
  6. hey. Need some help. I want to make a wearable miniature art gallery. Its like juice package caps that you can unscrew and to see the art piece. to make themunscrewable I think i cant make them to fall down, that would be perfect, but then i cant go everywhere. (rezzing must be allowed) so maybe if person touches the cap it just disapear and if he touches it again it will come back. Also i need somehow to stop my avatar. Maybe theres a gallery sign somewhere that people can touch and it makes my avi to tak e a specific pose. and it stays so until I move my avatar. Does anyone have any ideas ho
  7. if we look things like that then SL is full of unoriginal material and if copyright hawks comes to SL everyone can start blame people from stealing. Car makers can be blamed, clothes makers can be blamed etc etc i guess i dont get the answer here. topic closed
  8. it sounded like because i bought that avatar i am criminal?
  9. i bought it. its anime type avatar. it looks like drawed in anime style
  10. but its just one specific avi that causes it.
  11. so its normal that it takes like 1h to render? and evn then not 100% sometimes yes textures takes time but never that long. I have asked around and nobody has any idea why it doesnt work on one specific avatar
  12. I have some very complex textured mesh avatars that renders very fast, but then i have some very simple ones ond it takes forever. to render them. what can be issue?
  13. hm would be cool to get finger anmimations too just saying
  14. is it possible to have animation on fingers?
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