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  1. Yea, I see what you guys mean about it appearing to be more about an MMORPG like wow or something similar. I'm an SL resident and I also have played wow for a number of years (I think I never want to see another noble garden egg after today! -at least till next year ) Just from the few questions I was able to view, I would have to answer differently depending on which virtual world I was answering about. I opted not to take the survey. I could only look at the 1st page since I didn't answer the questions. I wanted to view all questions to get a feel for what sort of info the survey was trying to process. It concerns me how this data may be reported being this link to it is posted on a forum for SL.. Ex: Please give your opinion about how you relate to your character one of the questions in this heading is... I would like to be more like my character 5 options to answer from stongly disagree to strongly agree Now in wow my characters are all killing machines, lol. The whole game is centered around war and combat and that is what you do there. Of course I don't want to be more like that. I never want to have to consider being like that, truthfuly. But in SL, I have a social life and a job a friends and it's a whole different scenario. I'd probably answer pretty close to strongly agree. So is there going to be a report out somewhere saying '75% of people that play these games wish to be more like their characters' with scenes of people chopping each other up with broadswords? lol and on the 1st page I really didn't see anything about love and not much at all that had to do with relationships. It looks more like a survey about what people's frames of mind are when playing certain types of games. I think mixing data from SL users with people playing Diablo would probably yeild some pretty inaccurate results, and could cause undue alarm because people would not actually be answering about what you're really asking about Personally, I'm in agreement with what some others have posted here. I don't consider SL a game. I never refer to myself as 'playing SL' or 'playing Eileen'.
  2. Griffin Ceawlin wrote @Eileen: Do they get to wear hats? No, but a lot of them were bald in true eagle fashion. lol As to my original post in the other thread, that struck a nerve with Pudgy evidently, the focus went to the subjective adjective 'huge' I used (perhaps a bit liberally - pun intended), but thinking on it, I really think my error in that statement was using the word 'percent'. Had I typed ''a huge part' instead, it would have probably come across a little better, making the same point. The issue with the other post was actually resolved right in the topic I think. It was sort of a flip-flopped sentence the person posted and it later became evident they were talking about the scientific theory that assets that genetics play some part in things. The other misuse (and abuse) of a word or phrase in that thread is when the OP of this thread came in with a flame post throwing around different variations on the word ignorant, all in bold. I believed it to be not only an attack on me personally but totally out of line and written in a spirit that wouldn't be taken as good natured debate in any arena (short of maybe klingon high counsil or something). And that's why I have that person muted on the forums and on the grid now.
  3. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Eileen Fellstein wrote: Well except for that one night Dad cross dressed for the eagles halloween party and seduced his best friend for 4 hours and got free drinks. I still lmao every time I think of that. I've only been to The Eagle (NYC edition) once. That was him?! :matte-motes-agape: :matte-motes-wink-tongue: Oh lord. That would mean he took the act on tour lol he did take the opportunity to vist FOE halls wherever he went (Fraternal order of Eagles for those that don't know. It's like the Loyal order of Water Buffalo, except they wore shoes)
  4. No idea why your not gay. I'm still trying to figure out why you're not blocked. lmao! I set that the other night in the thread you linked to. I did answer you btw. Had to go to dinner and by the time I was back you were busy arguing with 2 other people. You do have a sense of humor I'll admit. Probably nearly as twisted as my own, so, yea I'll try to hang onto that possitive till the forum catches up to my settings. Maybe I should clear the browser cache hrmm. More seriously, it doesn't matter why you aren't gay. You just arent. Griffin probably said it best. You might as well ask why you aren't left handed. Giving this the benefit of the doubt that this post is not an entirely sarcastic mudsling at the other thread and that you do have some genuine curiosity on it, it's nothing good or bad if you are or aren't. *shrug. I have plenty of straight friends and they arent just token straight friends either. And oh yea. My parents were straight! Well except for that one night Dad cross dressed for the eagles halloween party and seduced his best friend for 4 hours and got free drinks. I still lmao every time I think of that.
  5. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Eileen Fellstein wrote: So yes, until enough are out in the open visually so their true number can be beheld by the bare eye, my statement is absolutelty true. 'We don't see nearly enough of them' How do you know? Are all LGBT avs supposed to wear a special Tee-shirt? or a rainbow triangle tatt on their forehead? Also.. considering how many female avs are supposedly males in RL..... some people are having alternate sex without even knowing it. Hi Drake. Well 1st of all I would sure hope we never advocate tagging any race, creed religion of people as you you described above for any reason. And lol, I certainly wouldn't throw a tickertape parade upon discovering that a male couple were out. I'd just feel glad that they've made the dcision to be recognized as such. Now that wouldn't rule out the posibility of them turning out to be pompous a-holes. I've known a few people like that from many walks of life. That seems to be a very indescriminate affliction, lol. How do I know they are under represented in public? Because many have been part of my personal life since I was young. I have seen the struggles and the fear they face of a potentially hostile public knowing their secret. I've sat with several as they cried and agonized over what to do, how to handle it Should they tell loved ones, their employers, their church? I have had more than one person very close to me that died of aids. One I was a helper to as she traveled around giving presentations to schools and other community organizations. I've been to organizational meetings for the same where I was amazed to see their number in a town I'd lived in for years, never really benifiting from the presence of most of them 1st hand. I know they are there because they have been and are a part of my life. Not just 'token gays' like 'oh I have this one gay friend' etc. I mean friends, family relative spouse. And lol, yes there are rainbow triangle T-shirts and other swag. I've never heard of anyone being compelled to wear it though. But come to think of it, it's would be damn fun to watch Rush Limbaugh be forced to wear one Maybe we could hire that one wressler guy. what was his name? From the WWF and Hulk Hogan era? Now something like that, I'd pay to see.
  6. I had an interesting thought. Sveva wrote this... " I logged with an alt, and I saw my avatar going around.." Going around to where? walking around your parcel or you could see them on the map w/ permissions? If the later, could teleport history be checked? Perhaps they were after some things Sveva owned. I mean they could have gone to their own parcel and placed any number of things.
  7. Descarado wrote: And people should just accept that some people expressed in a different way and with typos and inconsistent grammar. expressing this in the most generic way as possible and none intended to point at someone particular. I do I'm the typo queen of the century sometimes and have to take time to reread my posts over a couple times and a lot of times stuff still gets through, lol. But I thought I kinda understood what you meant and was going to try to help. The link I had if anyone cares is this old letter from standford that basically says there is a combination of genetics and environment. http://news.stanford.edu/pr/95/950310Arc5328.html It's an old article but I trust it more than much of what comes up in search right now as the lot of it is heavy with political agenda even where it claims to be unbias. Not saying there isn't something around that is acurate and unbias. I just didn't come up with anything at 5 in the morning when I've been awake all night, lol. What motivated me to post at all was I remembered learning in grade school that we all have various amounts of male/female chromosomes and that when a child is born they might not have the same ratio as a sibling by the same parents or the next door neighbor's baby. We are just all unique that way. I also remembered a book on human sexuality that delved into how common it was for people to have traits and fantasies of other sexual orientation but much of that can be effected by environment.
  8. Descarado wrote: I'll make it simple for you. Tissues anomaly exist in every single living and breathing life in this world. Depending on environment, hormonal balance and precipitating factor that will influence the host of these tissues, it may stay benign or become malignant. We sometimes, will call this as Cancer. Take that as an example and read this: When you were concieved, you were created complete with an whole set of chromosomes. Which means to say that you were created genderless. But it will developed in your mother's womb depending on a whole lot of factors. As a result, You could turn into a heterosexual male or female fetus... or, you could turn into a male or female fetus that has a partial or impartial developed sexual orientation. Does this mean to say that you, as a gay person, were born with a genetic imperfection? This is the controversial part. How can you call it imperfection when you started with a genderless cell in the first place? Could you say the initial and core design of a basic living thing, was flawed? Who do we blame? Why such stigma? Who started it? for more scientific but easy enough to understand by a layman (like you).. you could read it here; http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/exchange/node/1925 I was just about to try to offer something along those lines. I noticed Descarado there were some places in your initial post that were unclear just because of the wording and sentance structure and typos. I think the most important 3 words out of what I just quoted from you are these... "Why such stigma?" Why must we scientifically explain what a gay person is? Or any type of person for that matter? Why can't we not only accept people for what they are but also celebrate it?
  9. Wow this topic has taken some interesting turns. I'm not sure I have followed all of them. A few things went like 'woosh' over my head. Xpi, I hope you can salvage enough for your paper despite most of our reluctance to cooperate and provide photos, lol But ya know, I wonder how this topic might have gone if the questions was 'How much does your avatar represent you?' rather than asking about physical looks. Just guessing but I think you'd have a got an overwhelming amount of responses affirming that the avatar is indeed representative of the spirit of the user I've actually found that life in here developes seperately from RL, though simultaniously and with some shared memories, feelings etc. Perhaps it's like a branch off of reality sometimes and how sharply the turn is depends on everything from avatar appearance to the unique experiences and exchanges we share with other residents. Much the same theory as that in RL that the makup of an indivual is shaped by their experience and what they see and hear from others about themselves and things around them. I'm not sure where to look it up, but I seem to recal a section of the tos/user agreement at one point which stated something along the lines that an avatar should represent the user. Maybe someone can help point to that because I believe that part was changed or removed? But I think some people figure that spoke to gender and physical characteristics, taking it very litteraly and others were quite comfortable going with 'their inner female' or 'my ji is a cat' or any other justification for a variance. Other's just completely said pfft and tossed the whole notion out the window.
  10. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Nyll Bergbahn wrote: Any other good landing point disasters out there? I've had many such mishaps, but one stands head and shoulders above the rest. A friend of mine had just completed a significant build of an information and referral center for battered women. It was a heartfelt endeavor and very well done, welcoming, informative and peaceful. She did not want to have her effort marred by the sorts of issues that plague us in SL. She had built the display on a different sim and moved it and was interested in viewer related differences, server lag and traffic handling. So she invited many of her friends to critique the build, expose issues and report general impressions. She tp'ed us all to a gathering space where she explained the purpose of her display and the kind of feedback she wanted from us. There were perhaps 30 of us in attendence. After her prep talk, she dropped notecards on us en-masse, containing a welcoming message and the LM to her display. This was the prototype for notecards to be given by a greeting kiosk that would installed at her group's general welcome area. Now, I should tell you that I get a perverse pleasure out of standing at the edge of skyboxes and tp'ing friends to me, so I might watch them fall, arms flailing, to their death. Anticipating that they might try to return the favor, I have my viewer set to "Fly on TP". I've never been one to actually read welcome notecards, so immediately upon receiving mine, I took the LM. I found myself hovering in the middle of an endless expanse of cloudless blue. Realizing that I was the first, and would not be the last, I moved forward a bit, then turned to view my arrival point. Over the next minute or so, I watched a good many of those 30 friends appear out of the blue and plummet into the abyss. The joy I felt is indescribable. Eventually one of the hapless victims IM'ed my friend to tell her of the error, bringing my near religious experience to an end. After being individually teleported to the correct destination, everyone dusted themselves off and perused her work. As the evening drew to a close with glowing approval from all, I revealed that I'd been the first to the erroneous destination and had watched at least a dozen women fall to their death, and that the irony of this happening on the eve of the debut of her battered women's resource center was so delicious I just had to savor it again by retelling. Nyll, thanks for giving me the opportunity to share that experience. It is one of the high points of my four years in SL. It sounds to me like your friend set up her sim correctly. Being a center for battered women, any LM easily accessable in a public display should be no more than a decoy and the actual people recieving her help would recieve dircect teleports to private areas with much higher levels of security. I'd guess the note probably contained a contact name that would lead people needing her service to the right place.
  11. lol, my 1st thought was a big sign inside there saying please rez before proceeding with another right beside it saying please move off the landing point and a 3rd that gives a list of rules as long a short romance novel requiring the avi to agree before being released from the box! Yea I've landed in all the classic oddball places like enderwater, in the air, inside a rock etc. The worst was a place where ownership had changed and the new owner had turned off public. It caused a richocet bounce effect with a neighbors security orb and bounced me around for 5 minutes until SL crashed lol. Fortunately my avi is pretty resilliant.
  12. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: & @ Amethyst, obviously. I simply mean it is a non-issue for discussion here purely because "As to whether it is constitutional, this will be up to courts to decide" (my underlining). It may or may not interest you to know that I have been unemployed and homeless almost ever since I refused to work for IBM. I do not receive any benefits (welfate in the USA). My point here is that we shouldn't derail the thread talking about evil employers when the subject is SL's profiles, whether they are any good and, I suspect (see http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/my-secondlife-com-and-Second-Life/m-p/1469663/message-uid/1469663#U1469663) whether an increasing number of people think the web profiles 'are' SL. I'm sorry about your career situation. I empathise with that a lot. I'm also a person who never hesitates to take a walk in the face of malarky by some employer, regardless of consequences. And that has applied to SL as well as RL. Hell not just employers, lol. I've walked out of hospitals 3 times over 'terms and conditions' issues as you put it. If anyone derailed the thread it was likely me,lol, but to me it's not so much a derail as a 'lets ride this train and see what kind of dark tunnels it's taking us down'. And yea, pretty dark stuff ahead I'm afraid friends if we keep chuggin' along the direction this is headed. If we're just talking about the web based profile specifically, yes you were correct in your post a page back or so. Just lock down all the privacy settings and no one sees the info..hopefully. But yea, the left turn was when I pointed out the lack of privacy with what people see on their dashboard. Really if someone has me as a contact, they could be somewhere in the peruvian alps with a mobile pager and see that I am in world and send messages. That can be nice occasionally but even from someone that's a friend it fast goes beyond the point of being moderately annoying.
  13. Cinnamon Mistwood wrote: I am laughing about many of the stereotypes I already read in this thread. Keep it up. Wise Indian build small fire, sit close, stay warm Stupid white man build big bonfire, stand way back, freeze to death. and if they were together on the afore mentioned sailboat, he probably drowned too!
  14. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Sorry but I can't agree to it being a non-issue. The article I read had this information and more. It cited a number of examples of local employers doing this. Granted a few states are considering laws to prohibit it, but there is no guarantee that they will be passed. The article addressed this too and gave examples under consideration and the bottom line was that there were a lot of 'exceptions' that will allow companies to continue to do this, so many that even if passed, the legislation will only curb the practice for some jobs. As to whether it is constitutional, this will be up to courts to decide and then only if someone sues over it. It could be years before any ruling is made and years more before the appeals process is exhausted an it is firmly established as unconstitutional. With unemployment so high and the current job market being so competitive, people feel compelled into agreeing to this to avoid horrendous consequences if they refuse. It may very well mean that unemployment payments will cease, leaving them with zero income and ineligibility for even welfare in states where welfare is temporary and is tied to the ability an willingness to work, such as the state I live in. It is all very well to say that you would never agree and wouldn't put up with it, but when your are facing homelessness and the inability to feed your children, you may not have the choice. Applause what are doing in say 2016 dear? lol
  15. SveVa, actually even with a no trans item, the merchant still retains a full mod copy (for them only). The no trans part applies to 'next owner' (you in this case). You can't give it back but they still have it too and could pass out as many as they wanted if they chose. That's why I said they have the opportunity to do the right thing if they find your position believable. Their side is why should they have to hand back money from sales every time someone yells 'hacker' or woops I bought the wrong thing' or 'my dog ate it'? Problem is they, and not even you are privy to what the Linden's found out on an IP check. They customarily never give a report on their findings to the complainer. Probably if they can link it to some pattern involving that IP, they could arrive at a conclusion as to who it most likely is. It would still actually prove zero because nothing short of a RL eye witness puts that person at the keyboard. There could be several people at that location with SL accounts and/or internet access. So ultimately it would be up to LL to make the judgement call on it.
  16. Hmm. 6 skins and a shape that total 8450 -ish? That's 1200 L$ skins likely. I don't know how many upstart skinners are selling for that price but I would think not many. Established places get enough business as almost every person who plans to hang around more than a few days buys a decent skin at some point. There's no motivation for a reputable merchant making good profit to risk their account by stealing an avatar to launder a few dollars worth of linden. Whoever did it though knew exactly where and how to waste your money in a very short amount of time. And they knew SL well enough to know how no transfer stuff works and that a refund would be unlikely. They also know how to hack. My 1st thought is who do you know that don't like you? My 2nd is who is disgruntled enough with that merchant to try to pin something like this on them? I'd still be inclined to believe you might wish to check your own back yard for possible offenders before asserting that it was this merchant. Moreover it sounds like greif aimed at you specifically more than any ongoing phishing like described in OP's post, though they may have used similar methods to do the hacking. As far as your money goes, this skin designer has the opportunity to do what I consider to be 'the right thing' if they can verify you were indeed hacked somehow, and could possibly win a loyal customer in so doing. I can understand their skepticism hower.
  17. I don't know about blaming per se' but if the person has an unemployment insurance payment on the line, turning down work could disqualify them and they could really have to pay hell to get it back. Either way, it would put them in the very uncomfortable possition of having to decide to turn down a job or comprimise themself morrally.
  18. It wasn't hard to google and since The article is LA times, it's likely been published in many major US papers I would guess. Anyway here. Scary schtuff... http://articles.latimes.com/2012/mar/28/opinion/la-ed-facebook-passwords-legislation-20120328
  19. OO, I'd love to see that article Amethyst. I noticed you said local paper. I wouldn't ask you to pinpoint yourself by linking it though. I can oogle my own google and see what I find on it. You said 'worldwide' so I guess it would depend on country how far they are overstepping bounds if they are requiring that info from people. I'm sure law enforcement/gov would have little trouble accessing that type of stuff anyhow where someone is a suspect in a crime. Amazing that so many people would make a hobby of stacking up evidence against themself. The law doing it is uncomfortable enough but employers? 'I'm sorry buddy. you can shove your job' lol Closer to home..here in SL, I dialed down those privacy settings the minute it went live. But there are still elements that leave uncomfortable doors open. What people can see from the dashboard mainly and the fact they can access it and even the grid from a mobile device with the right app. This door was always open somewhat as long as I have been here. Simply searching a profile gives an online indicator as long as the avatar is searchable. People can also check any mutual groups usually unless group owner sets the general membership to invisible. Most of this stuff works independantly of the little checkbox blocking a person from seeing you. And...since there's a limit to how many you can check at once, that renders that privacy feature practically worthless.
  20. Web profiles to me were not a good move whatsoever. I know it's handy in some situations but It's not that awful to have to log in to see someone's info IMO. You can actually have a web browser and SL open at the same time. Privacy is my big thing and I don't believe it's being safeguarded enough with things like web profiles and dashboard information. I said this before in other topics. When it comes to privacy issues, SL works in backwards fashion. It gives every advantage to people who want to snoop on others and zero to people to protect themselves from that.
  21. lol That's like Steve Martin in The Jerk "You mean I gotta stay this color?' lmfao
  22. 16 wrote: about locking people up. linden used to do that by sending offenders to the Cornfield. not anymore. became a badge of honor to get sent there for some people that did. is still on the grid tho and sometimes is opened up to the public. usual at Halloween. Cornfield went south about the same time as the linden Police Blotter I knew it! Lindens = Buck N Roy N Pickin N"a Grinnin!
  23. Ceka Cianci wrote: you would think after 40 years old they would realize there is no easter bunny hehehehe I guess I can stop leaving piles of carrots on the porch? Wonder who been eatin em *sctratches head. My 1st go at SL, about a year before I made this avi, was not without incident at orientation island... I was doing the linden hair tutorial and a girl comes up and starts spamming friend invites to me, naturally interfering with the instruction drop downs because they were in the same place on the screen. After choosing no 3 times I finally turned and told her to stop it at which point she tried to shove me off the balcony. It was like "BE MY FREIND DAMMIT..OR I KEEL U!!' lol, anyway I sidestepped her next lunge and she plumetted over the railing. I finished the tutorials and explored for about half an hour, deciding I didn't much care for SL. About a year later I tried again and stuck around. I'm not sure why they don't just put a time limit on the beginner stuff.
  24. Mayalily wrote: Venus Petrov wrote: I visit welcome centers 2 - 3 times each month to help new residents. Yes, there are regulars who hang out and help and others who are less helpful. I do wonder how many new residents might be turned off by the latter type of 'welcome' but it is what it is. I agree, however, if you see something that is AR-able, that you do that. It is very kind of you to want to help new residents. AR-ing is pretty useless in SL. For some people, hurting others is their hobby. LL should build like a trap into the AR mechanisim, and then the avatar would be trapped for at least 15 minutes. How about spinning their avatar around like crazy once inside the trap? If I were to build a game like this, that is what I would do. Or you build a looney bin sim and they have to go there and take meds, or they go to jail and are stuck there for a specific period of time until their griefing is investigated and stopped. LL won't do anything because it's money to them and not much more. lol, I like how you think. Actually most of that is doable on a private sim at least with the use of RLV traps and various modable game components that can be bought on the marketplace in conjunction with whatever other modable objectsyou choose. I have some padded cells but I haven't tried spinning them, lol.
  25. LOL@ PP's alpha male theory Same notion has had me boggling for years about those movies where 2 or more apparently straight guys pleasure a woman. How do they keep them in the same room long enough without killing each other? Sometimes their stuff is almost...touching. My guess is they appease them with tickets to football games.
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