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  1. I find it extremely odd that people question WHY Second Life is banned. I've always explained this game as an extremely creative canvas that a bunch of.. people.. keep jizzing all over. Every time I've played it was nigh impossible to find something other than a furry sex dungeon strip club or a dance party. The whole schedule thing was just covered in that **bleep**.. and you had to scour for SOMETHING interesting. The whole time you're standing in a club because some place advertised itself as something interesting and it turned out to be a club full of people spamming WOOOOO emotes.
  2. Gestures that go HOOOOOOOOOOO and spam lame ascii art. People with generic pretty faced skins. People who think their generic expensive skins make them better people. Clubs where people dance afk nonstop. Groups that sound interesting at first, but then teleport you to clubs where they dance afk nonstop. People who say your avatar is sexy or expect you to say their avatar is sexy. Going to a Titanic sim expecting to find some kind of instanced adventure about a sinking ship and finding a giant dance hall full of afk people dancing. The events list being full of sex related things maki
  3. Of course you're looking for dancers. Unfortunately there are so many clubs in SL that there are no more dancers available. Sorry.
  4. The idea of vampires is scary and interesting.. someone who is pretty much cursed and unable to walk into the sunlight.. who has to sustain his immortality by devouring the blood of the living. What it's become recently is pretty lame. Highschool looking vampires making stink faces at school girls so they can go play baseball and love each other. Going on a long rant about how you're a monster and you can't show the world what you really are.. only to be extremely anticlimatic by stepping into the sunlight and sparkling. In Second Life I feel like vampires are the second case. Lots
  5. I find so many posts on this forum to be so completely **bleep**ing silly. Anywhere else and you'd be mocked into oblivion.
  6. jwenting wrote: If all the existing ones were deleted I'd get together with a few friends and start one, make a killing :matte-motes-nerdy: Seriously, wth are you even asking this. Seems like what we have here is just another bunch of self righteous do-gooders who want to control what other people do and like. Have you ever spend some serious time there as an open minded person (I don't mean the seedy places like rape sims (yes, they exist, ended up in a few accidentally that were mislabeled)? Most sex/dance sims I've been to (tbh, not an awful lot of them, maybe I got lucky) have very
  7. Music in this game to me is like listening to the radio. I haven't listened to the radio for good music.. ever. Pandora, yes.. since i can choose everything and they're not going to end up playing Justin Bieber or the latest mainstream rap song about doing the dougie and supamanning that ho.
  8. It was just an analogy so you guys would tell me places or events you've gone to that don't involve VIRTUAL SEX or DANCING ON POSE BALLS.
  9. I've always admired what Second Life as a virtual world was capable of.. but at the same time I absolutely hate that it's basically boiled down to a way to quench your innate primal need for relationships and sex. I can't state how much I hate that side of it. Where would you go in Second Life if all the sex and dance clubs were deleted? Some of the more interesting places I've been: Karaoke bars where people are just trying to be funny or are actually musically talented. Classes on Mythology, Religion, Speaking English/Spanish/French. Learning to meditate. Hockey/Wrestling matches RP s
  10. I was randomly exploring in the game by teleporting to groups of people.. and this guy said something like "Are you that **bleep** from the forums?" to try and offend me. lol So I'd say it's pretty likely.
  11. Thanks for the rant.. but I was talking about ads in the classifieds. You'd have to be in the classifieds to see them.
  12. In game I don't get any options to set a price at all for the ad. Is there a minimum price? Might be because I'm using Niran's Viewer.
  13. I'm an artist (in RL) and I'd like to attempt to make money painting or drawing for people.. I'm not the best artist in the world, but I try. :P Maybe they place the pictures in their SL homes, or maybe they just upload them to Facebook. Maybe it's a portrait of them or their avatars.. maybe it's a drawing of a unicorn on a trampoline. Doesn't really matter to me. Some examples of recent sketches/studies.. I'm constantly practicing and improving. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-jfOZHhjhQ5A/T49CxfwVCpI/AAAAAAAAGXY/zXjlANn3SOM/s700/emiliaclarkeSL.jpg https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-GEdn
  14. I'm looking for any information on Mesh things in Second Life. Communities, locations, items, guides, videos.. etc. It all interests me because this is what I wanted to do in Second Life a couple years ago but couldn't. I was reading my favorite book Snow Crash again and got the urge to check out Second Life for a third time.. but I was deeply discouraged by the graphics from my past experiences. I was around when they started implementing sculpties.. and, as an artist, I was excited for it. Atleast, I was excited for it until I saw that sculpties were only capable of making fancy table
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