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  1. Hi all ive been trying to find the Genus mesh head shop in world but doest show in search etc anyone got the LM please? thanks amethyst
  2. i do custom tattoos if you want to contact me in world feel free to do so Amethyst Damour (snowpaw)
  3. Hi everyone i'm looking for nice bridal mesh gowns/dresses preferably for a maitreya mesh body fit any suggestions as been looking around but struggling to find any thing suitable for a bride to wear thats not old style dresses thanks Amethyst
  4. HI All just wondering if anyone knows who makes the hair the girls wearing in this picture? https://gyazo.com/539696ec49c9b264394b3ca957da61c4 thanks Amethyst
  5. hi all just wondering if anyone knows who these two hairs are made by ? second one doesnt show the whole head but its like a kind of bob cut maybe? any help would be great thanks Amethyst
  6. Hi all hope this is posted in the right place i have a issue with marketplace every time i log in there the maturity setting is on general and when i putt it on general,moderate and adult setting and search something it keeps switching back to general setting? is this just a all round issue with MP at moment as its getting annoying i cant look at half the items on there when it keeps switching back to geeneral. Amethyst
  7. if its non mesh stuff your making the dev kits is free at the maitreya store to make appliers or you can get the omega applier system free on mp as for templates there loads on mp full perm ones where you can alter the design etc in photoshop just look in apparel clothing textures on market place
  8. The Maitreya blog has a list of clothes makers for the lara body check it out link below:- http://sl-maitreya.blogspot.co.uk/p/maitreya-mesh-body-developers.html
  9. i think textured clothing looks better on the mesh bodys than it does on the normal SL system body,plus if you have more curvier,fuller figured shape it can be hard to get mesh to fit properly even with fitmesh items . i tend to mix and match mesh and textured items, i guess its just a matter of each persons taste in style & fashion.
  10. Maitreya and Belleza both offer free Dev kits although i belive if you want appliers for mesh you have apply for them, you also have to apply online with SLink by there website. The omega dev kit is 50l if you join there group.
  11. Hi Everyone hope i'm posting this in the right section.... I recently purchased some boots from a shop in world that came with a colour change HUD. The problem is the HUD doesnt seem to work! ive tried all the usssual things i.e reattach the HUD try it in a low lag sim etc but it just doesnt work at all. i have sent the owner 2 note cards over the course of a week but not had any reply and feel this is really bad customer service :( any ideas what i can do now as i really dont want to just trash the boots cause they dont work!!!! Thanks Amethyst Damour
  12. i went to the studio theses nothing there just a empty building that i couldnt even get in lol
  13. Hi all i'm looking for someone who might be interested in making me some mesh skirt panels,i'm currently making some textured mini dreses for mesh bodies but a skirt panel tp cover like the crotch and butt area as the normal ones i have just dont look right. i would need these done in the 5 standard sizes i.e xs,s,m,l,xl and would need to be full perm. if anyone one would be interested in doing this for me and have an idea of a price it would cost please contact me in world to discuss this. thanks Amethyst Damour
  14. i have a mesh body,use Slink hands and feet (as i brought these before the mesh bodies came out) but the one thing i wont be investing in is a mesh head. ive tried several demos but i feel they look the same and you dont have the freedom to alter facial features like you do on system heads ,maybe this will change in time i mean its sl things are constantly changing! but i feel theyve taken the inviduality away from sl aviatrs and are over priced. i tend to have a more curvier shape with my mesh body so i dont look like the ive just brought it and put it on straight out the box.the mesh bodie
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